NEW MOON at 07°59′ Capricorn, Dec 29, 06:55 UTC

This month’s Capricorn New Moon comes to punctuate this year in much the way that a full stop sometimes ends a very troubling, confusing sometimes entirely incongruent sentence – one which many will be very glad to see coming to an end.

Those few who managed to see this as a year of triumph did so because they chose from the beginning to claim back their power and almost exclusively focus their responsibility upon only their own interests and needs, limiting their interaction away from those who seemingly make either little sense or whose business did not concern them.

More publicly, the astrological year would continue to lock into protracted planetary squares, first between Jupiter/Saturn (Mar-May) – ethics/morality; and Saturn/Neptune (Jun-Sep) – fantasy/reality. We shall always remember 2016 to be the year where two worlds (of consciousness) literally divided apart – so obtusely, that by its later stages (especially now) there is little or no question to many about who is capable of taking real responsibility for themselves and who is simply a little off the plane.

And so, we now come to look to the constellation of Capricorn, where the New Moon is about to form at 07°♑59′.

Capricorn. Serious, dependable, practical, prudent, careful, do-anything-for-you, ambitiously earnest, hard-working, pessimistic, miserable Capricorn… And when it’s time to step up, the tough step forward and the weak ship out.

New Moon is a time for a fresh start, clean slate, brand new beginnings. It’s time of gather our thoughts, plan our campaign, get ready to announce it all during the Crescent Moon (in a couple of days).

It is important then to know that on this moon we are forming the underlying principles that will serve as the foundations of the new structure that we live by over the next 12 months.

Mercury in retrograde is also involved here by conjunction (01°S12′), meaning that we may be particularly thoughtful, or carefully contemplative about how we communicate our intentions.

A sextile from Mars/Neptune, now conjunct in Pisces, means that we are increasingly aware of the higher, more intangible elements and wider effects about what we’re doing in our world. The objective is to be clearer with our intent, know the benefits/consequences our efforts may have upon the greater whole so that there may be less confusion and greater long-ranging effectiveness in any endeavour that we wish to assert ourselves.

It is important now to act with spiritual responsibility rather from a blind sense of ego-related obligation. This is the fundamental difference between the two distinct levels of consciousness. Those tuned into the higher state will immediately detect any discrepancy between the heart and the mind. They will responsibly make efforts to lead the way with tangible, practical efforts. These will be the leaders in the groundedness necessary to take the next important steps on this new journey.

Taking the initiative to help others will only strengthen the refinement of how we come to act. When we assert our intentions, we must be mindful to do so in subtle, loving ways. Our propensity to engage in psychic warfare or in low or perfunctory magic practices is not the conduct which will produce the miracles needed to inspire others. It is only the steps that leave lasting, loving footprints that help to guide others toward places never before travelled. Capricorn does this with steady, earthy strides. This is why we respect them so much. This is why we are happy to follow in their wake.

By taking a stance to proceed with caution and prudence, we can psychically tune out of conflicts where our actions may have become confused or impractical. It is not too late now, even after this extremely challenging year, where taking a risk has been difficult for those still set in their comfortable, yet highly co-dependent lifestyles. It is not too late to take a tougher stance – in fact, with the right level of kindness and compassion, it is easier to extricate ourselves from positions that have now been long untenable and move forward.

This is also a chance to elevate and refine our sensual/sexual energy by tuning into the soul of our partner using the more delicate faculties of intuition and imagination. Lovemaking now has the potential to slip into the streams of the divine by merging true soul connectedness (Pisces) with the appreciation of the body (Capricorn).

An incredibly inspiring moment in our personal affairs, which can be put to use in both constructive and destructive ways, depending on the level of awareness and precision of our intent, with respect to its effects on our environment.

The Sun will conjunct Pluto nine days after this lunation, bringing to the surface the more repressed, grotesquely hidden elements around what drives our collective fate and the shared aspirations we share with everyone else on this planet. We will also see more clearly those who act in unscrupulous ways to manipulate and govern over us for their own selfish ends. These will become pressingly dark and suffocating to the point where great transformation may occur thanks to the crises created.

As the old year ends and a new one about to begin, we enter the journey from an individual to a collective consciousness. The steps we take on this Capricorn Moon are the steps towards reaching the higher rewards of being tuned into a greater, broader understanding. Through our meditation and purposeful action, we can begin to radiate love, compassion, peace, harmony and tranquility and substantiate our worthy contribution towards the greater evolution of our species. Our planet is the grounding agent of this lunation’s energies. Our Earth becomes highly reflective of our entire species’ collective consciousness by reacting to the frequencies and energies that we submit.

We are already determining our planet’s overall health but only a small percentage of our population is actually aware of it. The more of us that become involved in mind, body & spirit, the greater our chance to heighten our group awareness and make this a physically healthier planet. Through subtle, but increased assertiveness of our thoughts and ideas, especially via our Internet communication, humanity is developing a collective nervous system. This becomes the training wheels for a new form of collective telepathic empathy developing within our species, especially among the children.

Where previously we were more like a collection of individuals who communicated by social diffusion, with the advent of a now, almost universally accessible network, it is almost like we are operating via a collective nervous system. It becomes a hugely impactful tool whose efficiency and effectiveness in how we reshape global economies, politics, law and belief systems becomes the critical stepping stone in how to work in a collective, co-operative structure over the next year.

Which area of your life is most affected by this New Moon? [click here to access your special message, with New Moon intention].

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