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The Month Ahead: December 2016

[image: joel sossa]
[image: joel sossa]

It’s December, and we are already sensing the bigger picture excitement that our view of the world and our adopted philosophy around it may never be the same again. The Sagittarius Sun moves intensely through the middle and late degrees, fueling our spirit to see what is true and what is just hype, to make a trusted call on what is ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ for us, and to enthusiastically begin to put those ideas into words that we will live by. As the Sun moves into Capricorn (Dec 21), we will put those ideas into place and take responsibility for what ‘must be done’.

The massive highlight, not just for the month, but the entire year, will be the Capricorn New Moon (Dec 29), which packs a massive punch of energies into one neat little bowl, and serves it up in time for the New Year. It is a fitting end to the spectacle that will become 2016:


Where November’s changes only affirmed our belief that it’s ‘probably all over, as we have known it’, the initial reaction was one of disbelief, denial, protest, even outright rejection. Most significantly, the US election result was the shocking harbinger that our world consciousness wa truly about to shift. But really… What else was it going to be in a year full of disruptions, eruptions and shockers? As the world still struggles to transition from outright disbelief into a growing acceptance that there are going to be inevitable changes, we make way for the next phase: creating a space where new possibilities, and an exciting fresh approach to what the future could hold. Whilst for some, this may be an interesting prospect, for many, the changes will not be as easy to accept or adopt.

The transition may not an easy one. The conversion away from old root beliefs is not usually the smooth, easy-going process many might come to think. Throughout civilisation’s history of religious reformations and all kinds of cultural invasions, the switch from one mode of thinking to another has been a disturbing and uncomfortable process and seldom without the pain of separation. So, Saturn squaring Chiron (Dec 28) warns us that this may indeed be difficult, even wounding work. Especially for those who are still grafted firmly onto the old system. Hearts are broken in every meaningful separation. This is usually accompanied with separation guilt… shame, which can be deeply wounding to those who have to experience changes in their entire way of life.
Yet, without wounding there can also be no saving… right? Without suffering there can be no redemption. One doesn’t just go from one source of supply to another without dramatic interruptions.
The process is like grafting.
Grafting requires cuttings.
In this there become those who are cut, and those who are cutters.
And severe cutting always leaves wounds.
And with wounds there become the wounded. And so there also become the healers.
Yet it is also through the wounds that we graft the new cuttings in.
Heart to heart.
Tied together.
Real tight, so the new flow doesn’t bleed.

We are entering the brave frontiers of the possibility of life with greater meaning. To facilitate this, we have all but dispelled the meaninglessness and worthlessness of elements that no longer make any sense to us. Jupiter’s square to Pluto (Nov 24) sees to that. During this transit we made a strong transition away from extremely righteous views that served only to oppress and suppress us from the truth we are perceive with all our senses. Hopefully we have been able to process these, make peace with the remnant elements of our reptilian past and move forward into a new, ‘floral consciousness’

[image: robert cornelius]
[image: robert cornelius]

By the time the Jupiter/Uranus opposition arrives (December 26) we will be totally primed to switching up to a higher dimension of experience and understanding, one which by now will have accepted the cutting element of surprise, shock, upset, renovation and sudden renewal of our entire value system and the way we choose to relate to all the elements in the world before us. Whilst some of these visions for tomorrow might be founded in truth, others may prove unrealistic or too pie-in-the-sky. Yet, the process of change is so rapid, that all phony, self-motivated matter comes to quickly comes to fall away as egotistical and insipid.

For many, this next month will bring a strong alignment to our instinctive, intuitive, hunch-based nature. For some it will just be solemn affirmation that they were on the right track all along. But for a great number, who are still in denial because all their prised investments are stuck in a world that failed to secure them, there is only one prediction come the end of this month: Prepare for the greatest disruption to your sense of order that you have ever seen.

Such is the magnitude of intellectual restlessness right now that there is a veritable media frenzy that will reach fever pitch by the end of month. Ultimately, all information will be shared, and as the Sagittarius Sun treks past Saturn (Dec 10) you may see a last ditch effort from the established world of Saturn to hold the now battered and frayed pieces of the 3D prism together.

But it is too late.
The goose is out.
She is free already. Free to fly wherever she chooses.
The funny thing is, from the goose’s perspective, she now realises that she was always free.
The goose was never IN the bottle.
That bottle was only a mere figment of the goose’s fear-conditioned mind.
And now that the goose is aware of this, there is no fear of her ever being bottled up again.
So Saturn has lost grip of anyone who is wise to his devices of limitation.

We have learned a lot about letting go of stuff that only ever made sense so long as you played along with certain stories and lies. Jupiter and Uranus are themselves at odds, but they work well together through Saturn. by the month’s end. Both Jupiter (sextile) and Uranus (trine) are there to assist Saturn through the changes. Saturn’s 3D medieval instruments of psychological chastisement (fear, judgement, limitation, denial, derision, marginalisation, exclusion, frustration) have become rusted and blunted thanks to 12 months of constant submersion (square) in Neptune’s briny, otherworldly waters.

[image: Sylvain Marcelle]
[image: Sylvain Marcelle]

Through this attitude-shifting dance, we become wise that neither fear nor a late or posthumous promise of a prize or reward can force the soul to go through change. These may change our appearance, perhaps even our conduct, but ultimately neither fear nor self-interest can ever become the object of one’s supreme desire. In the end, we realise that fear is only a motive which constrains the slave. And greed just controls and manipulates the selfish and uneducated by tempting them, using their own lust and avarice. We are fast learning, most spectacularly, that neither fear nor self-interest is impeccable, nor do they have any place in truly converting our beliefs… of redeeming our spirit. Only compassion and kindness can convert the soul, bring it to resonate at a higher frequency, and thus help to liberate us from insipid or unworthy motives.

Last Christmas I predicted that this would effectively be just that. The ‘last’ Christmas. Whether as a religious holiday, a consumer frenzy, a family gathering occasion, an opportunity for all business to cease trade… it is the spirit of the holiday which, in light of all the goings-on, would be rendered meaningless by the end of this year. Religion, consumer confidence, desire to associate ourselves with toxic family dramas, agreement for a ‘stop-work’ of the corporate machine will all seem quite unsatisfying reasons for a holiday whose true essence has been lost entirely. If celebrating ‘Jesus’ was about reconnecting to the spirit of the ‘christed light’ – showing kindness and compassion with the whole world, then how are we indeed honouring that in the western world. Or in the essence of other religions and world philosophies. Just look at what we had become by December 2015. Absolute, bare-faced hypocrites who would step over their dead grandmother to get to that cute little cardigan on sale at Walley’s. If we are to recollect, regather and regroup our sentiments, we may come to re-discover the spirit of community. However, things will seem highly agitated at the moment.

This year we are waking up, en masse, to a new faith. A new truth is driving us. When Mars in Aquarius trines Jupiter (Dec 2), sextiles Saturn (Dec 3), then sextiles Uranus (Dec 7) we will see the rise of the socially-driven warrior in many of us priming up for the full-scale revolution, building to its spectacular climax later in the month. Increased social irritation, in the first week of December builds to massive protests against out-dated or unjustified regulations, laws and conservative traditions, bringing ever-weakening governing powers to a point of standoff. Whilst impatience builds with and against the radicals, who insist upon their new ways, matters develop into struggles which are harder to contain politically.

This is happening all around the world. Individual forces begin to rise and gather into a collective, creating a movement which enact change upon those who try to show loyalty to traditional methods. The whole us/them attrition escalates all through December, precipitating into quite an ideological fight, where traditional politics becomes shattered by new and unexpected events. Aside from this, earth-shattering intelligence comes to light. New information, and drastic decisions in progressive government threatens to rock and to dismantle any order previously kept demure in the political struggle between conservatives and liberals. The contrast moves into the extreme – a struggle between those of old-world entitlements versus impatient and iconoclastic free radicals.

This is just the transits for the last 10 days of this year:

  Wednesday Dec 21 11:45 am Mars 01° 35′ Semisquare Pluto 16°35′
  Saturday Dec 24 00:17 am Saturn 20°34′ Trine Uranus 20°34′
  Sunday Dec 25 01:23 pm Venus 20°25′ Trine Jupiter 20°25′
  Sunday Dec 25 04:36 pm Venus 20°34′ Sextile Uranus 20°34′
  Sunday Dec 25 06:33 pm Venus 20°39′ Sextile Saturn 20°39′
  sqq Monday Dec 26 05:59 pm Mars 05° 33′ Sesquiquadrate Jupiter 20°33′
  Monday Dec 26 06:04 pm Mars 05° 34′ Semisquare Uranus 20°34′
  Monday Dec 26 06:35 pm Jupiter 20°34′ Opposition Uranus 20°34′
  Tuesday Dec 27 04:19 am Mercury 09°38′ Sextile Neptune 09° 38′
  Tuesday Dec 27 08:08 am Sun 06°00′ Sextile Mars 06° 00′
  Tuesday Dec 27 06:40 pm Sun 06°27′ Trine Node 06°27′
  Tuesday Dec 27 10:06 pm Mars 06° 27′ Opposition Node 06°27′
Pa  in Tuesday Dec 27 00:20 am Pallas 00° 00′ Conjunction Midheaven
  Wednesday Dec 28 04:09 am Mercury 08°18′ Semisquare Venus 23°18′
  Wednesday Dec 28 06:48 pm Mercury 07°29′ Conjunction Sun 07°29′
  Ch Wednesday Dec 28 10:56 pm Saturn 21°01′ Square Chiron 21° 01′
  Wednesday Dec 28 11:06 pm Mercury 07°14′ Sextile Mars 07° 14′
Thursday Dec 29 06:55 am Moon 07°59′ Conjunction Sun 07°59′
  SD Thursday Dec 29 07:08 am Uranus 20°33′ SD Neptune

To sum up, this is an extremely exciting month ahead – one that is packed with complex astrological signposts and highlights. Naturally, we will be exploring the energies in full detail as we go, here on the weekly and daily posts, as well as intensive reports (tribe membership) on how the energies will be affecting you personally.

I do wish you all a wonderful, and safe transition on this phenomenal cosmic journey. Remembering, our best approach to proceed now it to stay mindful that our baggage (emotional attachment, fears) will only burden us with suffering. It is no longer a question of the wise-guys going about to convert others to their faith, but of each of us being ready to listen to one another and so, grow together in mutual understanding. To avoid pain we must avoid engaging into the drama of disparagement and disagreement. This is best done from a place of non-judgemental observation and a centred approach towards making choices that are intuitive rather than forced.

Blessings, and have an amazing month xx

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