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🐠 Pisces/Pisces Rising

Being ‘you’ at this moment in history is like being the ordained wise-guy who accepts the challenge to take on the strict, old-fashioned ‘parent’ – he who claims to have a handle on everything and whose words are dished out as ‘L.A.W.’, but whose truth seems all so twisted and in some sense failing to align with the higher, more transcendent truths. You may well choose not to be made to feel guilty or ashamed by the opinions and judgements of family members (or anyone, for that matter).

Woe to anyone who comes to press you with high expectations, or negatively or unfairly judges your wild, seemingly rambunctious behaviour. Not only may they become dismissed, invalidated as an authority, but they may be outright questioned on the legitimacy of their ‘so-called’ truth in any debatable situation where you suspect (or even know) that their version of the truth is either manufactured or grossly exaggerated.

Because you strive to find meaning in any situation and have an uncanny ability to intuit the ultimate truth in any case, you may yourself feel compelled to pass the final judgement on those who wish to play that game with you. Whichever way that judgement swings, be most certain to include oodles of love, forgiveness, compassion and kindness to those who in your eyes have ‘got it wrong’…hey? (like only you can).

🐠 Live and let love.

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