FULL MOON at 22°26′ Gemini, Tuesday December 14, 00:06 UT


The lunation of the Full Moon is always a marker for a truly major turning point in our lives. At such times, our most intimate matters become reflected in our interpersonal affairs as KEY ISSUES TO ADDRESS, to understand and either resolve or (if we choose to deny or ignore the key themes) face the full brunt of confrontation somewhere in our lives.

This Full Moon falls in mutable/air sign Gemini, setting the mood as a vibrant, intellectual atmosphere where thoughts, ideas, discussions will either work with or challenge the broad, philosophical, psychological and theosophical views and opinions held by the opposing Sagittarian Sun.

The Sun’s conjunction to Saturn (3°S09′) imbues anyone acting from a place of authority with a stern sense of austerity, sobriety and seriousness. As such, we may experience opinions or beliefs imposed as unyielding, inflexible, anachronistic or frustratingly harsh in today’s exceedingly progressive and revolutionary threads of discussion.

An exact semi-square to Venus, somewhat opens the Sun to an amiability and a charmingly acceptable approach, which may somewhat sweeten some bitter to swallow measures and ideologies that are been meted out in this pre-holiday preamble.

mysticThe real magic of this Full Moon, however, occurs when the applying opposition from Jupiter to Uranus in Aries (1°A47′) creates a rare 6th harmonic syndrome with the Moon/Sun axis. Known as a ‘mystic rectangle‘, this is a special configuration links two normally conflicting oppositions in a harmonious flow of a sextile and trine, allowing considerable complementarity in two otherwise tense situations. Where Jupiter/Uranus has the potential to create sudden revolts and uprisings often sparked by sudden resistance to unforeseen events, these may be much easier integrated and understood in ways which can create a level of cohesiveness. Situations where due process, legal or bureaucratic red tape, crippling political correctness or fence-sitting, or perhaps even stonewalling are ushered along and sped through in ways which allow the necessary jolts to become much more easily accepted.  With Ju opp Ur (Dec-Mar) , there will be shocks to our greater social system. In this Full Moon, we may see a considerable opening up of discourse and rallying to actually achieve things that may in the past have been thought impossible, or even unspeakable.

This Full Moon’s square to Chiron (2°S10′) calls us to cease prizing our self-worth on exterior or superficial criteria and through our relationships come to recognise our importance as spiritual beings who are in some way here to assist this world to change. Whatever our beliefs or mundane views, it is important to realise that we are essentially here to facilitate the spiritual progress of others around us, as they do the same for us. How much we struggle to this end is entirely a matter of our choosing. We can either accept the underlying purpose of our journey together, or we can continue to quarrel and fight amongst each other.

Just know, the moment of true change has already arrived. We are now merely engaging in its implementation. This can be a pleasant, cooperative effort or it could be a damned nightmare.

In the coming months changes on all levels will seem to arise very unexpectedly, even erratically. Powerfully influential individuals may incite groups to go to enormous extremes, exhibiting a reckless exuberance and storming furore to the effort of bringing in a new social order. New, very radical public figures will also rise out, seemingly out of nowhere who will express an extreme uniqueness and urgency in how they wish pursue law and balance.

Let us insist now that the deepest meaning of all things emerges only when we learn to listen with intent and with love – not by imposing our own ego projections upon others. It is in this way that true healing occurs, when we leave all our righteous claims or pitiful tales of martyrdom behind and step into this present moment as the warriors of the now.

Have an amazing Full Moon xx

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