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The Week Ahead: November 7-13

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[art: stefano mozzon]
Following on from last week’s potent, yet highly sensitising Neptune/South North conjunction, where even the slightest little nuance in the ethers was picked up as negative or abrasive, sending us into retreat from others (when we really could do with their counsel or advice); where we would rather avoid others
than deal with them directly; where we would rather indulge in confused or fantasised versions of others rather than seeing them for what they are; where we would make all sorts of excuses for all kinds of undermining behaviour…. and of course, dealing with the residual madness of that quite fierce Mars/Pluto energy, still finding ways to unleash its unstoppably grunting force through the indefatigable masculine.

Yeah, following on from that….

  Monday Nov 07 05:11 am Mercury 21°37′ Quincunx Uranus 21°37’Rx
  Monday Nov 07 08:21 am Sun 15°21′ Sextile Pluto 15°21′
  Ce Monday Nov 07 01:57 pm Venus 24°28′ Trine Ceres 24°28’Rx
Monday Nov 07 07:52 pm Moon 15°50′ Square Sun 15°50′
  in Wednesday Nov 09 05:52 am Mars 00°00′  
  Wednesday Nov 09 03:55 pm Mars 00°18′ Semisquare Saturn 15°18′
  Friday Nov 11 11:49 am Mercury 28°16′ Semisquare Jupiter 13°16′
  in Saturday Nov 12 04:55 am Venus 00°00′  
  in Saturday Nov 12 02:40 pm Mercury 00°00′
  Ch Saturday Nov 12 07:05 pm Sun 20°50′ Trine Chiron 20° 50’Rx
  Saturday Nov 12 10:06 pm Mercury 00°29′ Semisquare Pluto 15°29′
  Sunday Nov 13 08:38 am Sun 21°24′ Quincunx Uranus 21°24’Rx

All the inner planets (☿,♀, ♂) change sign this week, which instantly shifts personal relations into a broader, more socially outgoing mode, but it is Mars’ shift into Aquarius (early Wednesday, UT) that will quake things hardest this week. This personal fighting drive charges us all to join ranks with those in our respective ideological clusters, polarising the already hyper-sensitised socio-political airwaves with an atmosphere of contradiction, and fuss, particularly since it immediately forms a tense semi-square to Saturn.

Saturn becomes the focal point of this week’s energies, since it is activated by several key midpoints:

Sun/Pluto: Frustrations and disappointments in attaining t desired power/fame/prestige that one feels they deserve; blockages to fanatical, maniacal or corrupt behaviour; disintegration of egos through hard-hitting or painful incidents; feeling oppressed or diminished by feelings of worthlessness because of too much focus on superficial values.
Chiron/Nodes: Feelings of being unsupported by others or frustrated in trying to pass off our stories, especially those that beckon for healing or compassion.
Chiron/Neptune: Realisation that the reason why you feel afraid or depressed is due to the soul’s hyper-vigilance or sensitivity to outside negativity, and instead turning inwards to your inner guidance system.
Sun/Jupiter: Having to learn about life’s harsher realities the hard way; the coming down from a big high after making over-exuberant expectations.

The planet Saturn governs over our personal anxieties and doubts over whether we have the necessary resources with which to succeed in our both our earthly endeavours and our physical relationships. On November 19, Saturn will leave the  zone (16°24′) which he entered back on 19 December 2015. This period then has been a stomping ground for all sorts of massive reality checks – especially for those with mutable planets between 09°47′ & 16°24′, but, as it happens… our ‘ reality’ is all but dissolved, and the entire world has become somehow affected due to the flow-on effect of the Saturn/Neptune squares.

In the lead up to this crucial, final two weeks in the retro-shadow, we can see that we have endured months and months of the eroding forces of Neptune undermining away at our established structure, while squares from Jupiter have thrown every question of morality, faith and law against any establishment. We can feasibly argue that over the last 11 months the old guard has been withered & lambasted sorely – an ordeal Saturn himself usually likes to put us through.

Something has shifted. It is a shift that began some years ago with the Uranus/Pluto squares (2012-15), and as linear time progressed this year, less and less of the established world that we have grown to rely upon seems to make any coherent sense. One would argue, after a whole year of contradictions and paradoxical ‘truths’ that it’s hard to know what to believe any more.

Yet, believe it or not, this shift, this transitioning away from Saturn’s hold over physically defined, three-dimensional reality, was actually designed by a very sophisticated, very advanced form of intelligence. There are many here among us who trust and have complete faith that this ‘higher level’ of intelligence will guide us through this phenomenal transition with a minimum of turbulence. Perhaps you already align with this higher consciousness yourself (no, you do not have to be an alien life-form to see through the eyes of pure observation).

If you are able to witness your world without engaging in its bitchiness and drama, then you at least have an early glimpse of what we are trekking toward here, on our cosmic journey.

To the average person however, to those stuck in the pretense and spectacle of the scaffolded Hollywood prop that has been presented as the ‘real world’, the changes that we are unfolding now will seem incresingly awkward and uncomfortable. To the average human being, caught up in the world of expectation; of repetitive stories; of karma; of thinking inside the box and following and established order of things – to those prefects and analysts and mechanics of the three-dimensional form, much would be striking them with a rising sense of horror, apprehension, nervousness and grief.

A nervous anxiety about why little of the old order is making ‘sense’ in the conventional sense of the word, the incomprehensiveness of all the chaos that seems to be going on between us, is making ordinary life more and more prone to insecurity, uncertainty, doubt, anger, rage and confusion.

These concerns of the lower consciousness realm continue to be generated from Saturn-based fear. They have been conditioned into our basic operating system by those master-programmers of the structured world over eons.

However, since 2012, when the beginning of a series of major upgrades to the human operating system, any of the negative, self-defeating ‘fear-based’ scripts to our basic programming have ceased to be included. The word fear, the word judgement, the word guilt or shame or anger – words like these will have a greater impact on many of us here by the end of this year. Much will become so painfully polarised in the 3D world until we get to see that these need to fall away. They will be replaced by true response-ability, which comes by removing all limitations and allowing the individual to freely move into their preferred world through conscious choice into authenticity rather than feelings of pressure or obligation or political correctness.

Essentially all fear dilemmas stem from ignorance, and the only way to absolve these is to inform ourselves with an appropriate amount of ‘higher’ education. By this, we are not necessarily speaking about a college degree. It means learning to become informed by a higher power – one that we all have access to, 24/7. A source of information that is available to many if they can tune themselves out of linear time and into present-tense observation.

Anyway… as the ordinary, everyday world now hangs on tenterhooks, I would wish that many of you here are sitting cool, respectfully observing the great swirls and tides that are happening, ever-closer to your front door, knowing that the world (as you remember it to be in its neat, ‘status-quo’ package) is soon never going to be the same. And it’s not like I’m making out like the US presidential election isn’t happening this week. The truth is, regardless of who wins (and many of my clients have already heard my apolitical predictions on this, and many other relevant effects upon their lives)…regardless on who gets to smoke up the cigars mid-week, one thing is certain: The performance has been spectacular in the sense that it has brought nearly everyone to the point where we have lost utter faith in a system so defunct, so useless and outdated, that it has without question sickened many into to a state where, moving forward, we are going to be entering a reality where intervention, restoration and damage control on the most exquisitely divine levels of humanistic reform are set to play out to see that this kind of process is never repeated again in the name of ‘democracy’.

albertoThis, btw, is clearly not just an American issue. This ultimately affects the entire globe of humans, and its inevitably shocking outcome will be enough to jolt our planet into a rude awakening out of its fear-ridden ignorance and into various degrees of reformist activity and protest at the current system and its antiquated structures.

By this we are not looking for a revolution – as much as an active, conscious evolution. It is futile to try and change things by railing against the existing reality. True change only happens when we reach inside and fearlessly come up with a workable new model that allows the existing model to fall away entirely.

Let’s get busy…

…and have an amazing week. Blessings x

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  1. It’s very comforting to know that none of us are going through this alone.
    This is a global awakening, a paradigm shift
    that is there to bolster and enrich
    our inevitable switch into higher
    dimensions of neuron fire
    that transcend the dichotomous
    so we might reach that holy
    multiplicitous androgyne,
    shining the cosmic light on
    all that remains unseen.
    The time has come.
    We have always been
    the ones we were
    waiting for.


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