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The Week Ahead – November 21-28

[art: Aliza Razell]
The Sun enters Sagittarius this week, and for the next month proceeds to highlight areas in our lives, (our world – both externally and deep within) where we need to either show more faith or where we need to ask more questions, at least until we learn the truth or we can annihilate any disbelief. Whilst the biggest dramas with the Sadge Sun don’t really fire up until next month, this week kicks off with a mighty dramatic bang as the Sun crosses midway into the Jupiter/Pluto square – a grand aspect which holds the red-hot ticket for this week’s energy forecast.

Monday Nov 21 08:34 am Moon 29°28′ Square Sun 29°28′
  in Monday Nov 21 09:23 pm Sun 00°00′
  Tuesday Nov 22 03:58 am Sun 00°17′ Semisquare Jupiter 15°17′
  Tuesday Nov 22 02:18 pm Sun 00°43′ Semisquare Pluto 15°43′
  Tuesday Nov 22 06:20 pm Mercury 15°23′ Sextile Jupiter 15°23′
  Wednesday Nov 23 06:44 pm Mercury 16°54′ Conjunction Saturn 16°54′
  Thursday Nov 24 10:32 pm Jupiter 15°46′ Square Pluto 15°46′
  Friday Nov 25 11:47 am Venus 15°47′ Conjunction Pluto 15°47′
  Friday Nov 25 01:46 pm Venus 15°53′ Square Jupiter 15°53′
  Ch Saturday Nov 26 08:22 am Mercury 20°41′ Square Chiron 20° 41′
  Saturday Nov 26 01:38 pm Mercury 21°00′ Trine Uranus 21°00′
  sqq Sunday Nov 27 07:03 pm Sun 05°58′ Sesquiquadrate Uranus 20°58′


Jupiter rules Sagittarius, so its planetary energy blesses us with its larger-than-life benefic force. In Libra, it’s all about justice, chatting knowledgeably on just about anything, being easy-going and charming, sweet and making awesome deals with others that sees a win-win all round. All nice, sweet stuff. Some might say a bit too much sugar in that coffee…

However, just like the story of ‘Little Red Riding Hood’, this week is not going to be a casual stroll through the woods for this lackadaisical Jupiter in Libra

[pic: eugenio recuenco]
[pic: eugenio recuenco]
Just around the corner lurks a dark force, a hidden, ruthless, uncontrollable monster who bears the urge to coerce and manipulate things into a position of its own sinister design. Let’s look at Pluto in Capricorn as the ‘Big Bad Wolf’ dressed in a slick italian business suit. He is dark, cynical, unyielding in his compulsion to exert the influence of his obscenely well-connected power and authority to satiate his salacious desires for sweeties means that he is ready to pounce dangerously onto any opportunity for personal gain.

I’m not deliberately trying to be scary or dramatic here btw… I’m actually just as sorry to have to write this stuff as you may be to read it. But in this, I am genuinely warning readers of the dangerous dark forces that have the power to change the course of our lives this week. So watch it. Be mindful that these are possessive and pernicious energies.

Anyway, welcome to the vibe for next week. The two planets are about to square, and squares… well they aren’t usually pretty. Whether it’s in your personal, social or political spectrum, this combination of planetary energies brings out the fiercest, most intense desire to achieve a result ever. “Success at all costs” is the motto here, and one must not be surprised to come across instances where there is such an overwhelming mania for someone to have their way that they are liable to chew you up and spit you out after heartlessly stepping over your dead grandmother to get to you. And it makes zero difference how sweet and innocent you are. In fact the sweeter and more amiable you try to play it, the more delicious you become to the ferocious forces waiting to corrupt, overpower or destroy.

In this, we might struggle not to take any moral stance in the way that we choose to observe the ‘nature’ of what is occurring around us.

The good-natured, truth-seeking Sagittarius Sun’s involvement here, (by semi-square on Tuesday) has the opportunity to employ some exemplary skills in determining what is really going on in any current or past instances where an accumulation of power and influence has used and discarded people and collateral resources. On some level, some authority will be able to stand in the middle of this and attempt to diffuse any abusive or compulsive behaviour.

However, it is more than likely, given the Leo quarter-Moon’s involvement here (Monday) that insecure egos (as if there’s any other kind) and stubborn pride may turn to arrogance, greed and a need to be right (or righteous). Once those puffed-up egos become flared, the entire experience drops down to a lower frequency/chakra deal, and the drama begins.

It is possible then that we might see just how easily those in authority become tempted to get embroiled in the quest for power, prestige and notoriety here, especially since the socially awkward but still alluring Venus in Capricorn becomes conjunct with Pluto (Friday). In the classic tale of Little Red Riding Hood, it is akin to the rescuing woodsman doing away with the corrupt wolf, only then to jump into bed with young ‘Little Red’ herself…

By the end of the week, Mercury trines Uranus (sudden newsflash), which in sesquisquare to the Sadge Sun exposing the whole damned thing, creating scandalous headlines and turning this whole twisted story into quite the tragedy of corruption, lust and immorality.

If this sort of thing is likely to occur in your neck of the woods, try and stay out of it.

Blessings, and have an amazing week x

 Ang Stoic is an astrologer and writer based in Byron Bay, Australia

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