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The Week Ahead – November 14-21

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As a new, unremitting reality dawns upon us this week, many of us start to discover that there are consequences for over-stretching the truth in order to get by. We awaken to a reality where either we have gotten too enmeshed in affairs that did not suit us in the first place, got too involved with those whom we perhaps did not quite trust, promised more than we had to deliver, started things we could not hope to finish, borrowed more than we could repay, believed in more than was feasibly possible…

The harsh reality is that we have had an incredibly difficult 12 months and to offset a lot of the negativity many of us have pinned our hopes on the most far-fetched promises and hosts of dreams as a sweet but desperate panacea for all our ills. The Saturn/Neptune squares of the last 12 months have not been easy. We knew our world was not well, and though many things were clearly amiss we tried desperately to cling onto the withering notion of a dream, held together by an impossible lie just to avoid certain realities. However, when Jupiter in Virgo joined ♄/♆ in a grand cross with the Gemini New Moon (June 6) we took on a certain faith that we would use to see us through.
Virgo’s way of dealing with things is to tidy up. It does this by shrewd process of discernment and discrimination, and as such sets out to ‘clean up the filth’ – a very thorough process that has all sorts of obvious benefits by purging or sterilising any elements which it sees as contaminating, unhelpful, or risky to our well being. Unfortunately, being an earth sign, it fails to see the practical value of things like faith and forgiveness – things that do not equate well into the lower mental process of arithmetic and mass.
Next week when Jupiter (now in Libra) finally squares up to Pluto, problems arise when those things which were discarded, eliminated, ignored and dismissed over the last year’s process of discernment are seen have thrown the bigger picture out of balance by not being treated with the appropriate sense of value of respect. This is especially so if the process was handled in an arrogant, bullying or overbearing fashion. On some level, justice must be served against forces that are revealed to have acted corruptly or have manipulated the law or politics.
More on that next week (or check out The Month Ahead: November – an astrological synopsis).
Here’s this week’s transits in full: 
  Jn Monday Nov 14 09:00 am Mercury 02°43′ Conjunction Juno 02°42′
Monday Nov 14 01:53 pm Moon 22°38′ Opposition Sun 22°38′
  Tuesday Nov 15 05:23 pm Mercury 04°46′ Sextile Mars 04°46′
  sqq Wednesday Nov 16 05:19 pm Mercury 06°17′ Sesquiquadrate Uranus 21°17’Rx
  Ch Thursday Nov 17 01:41 am Mars 05°46′ Semisquare Chiron 20° 46’Rx
  Friday Nov 18 05:02 am Mercury 08°33′ Square Node 08°33′
  Friday Nov 18 04:04 pm Mercury 09°15′ Square Neptune 09° 15’Rx
  Saturday Nov 19 07:49 am Venus 08°29′ Trine Node 08°29′
  Saturday Nov 19 11:04 pm Venus 09°14′ Sextile Neptune 09° 14’Rx
  SD Saturday Nov 19 00:13 am Neptune 09° 14′ SD

Monday Nov 14,

09:00 UT: Mercury conjunct Juno (02°42′)
This institutions of relationship (in all its forms), its ins & outs, rules, regulations, expectations and trappings becomes the primary discussion in our broadly-minded thought patterns. Our beliefs in what is of importance within marriage becomes a key issue, and to those most strongly affected, is a distinct time when they will define the legal grounds or game-play of their connubial bonds.
13:53 UT: Full ‘Super’ Moon (22°38′)
An end must be drawn. Whatever we have been pursuing in our attempt to secure physical, financial or psychological sturdiness in our world, needs to change dramatically. We come to realise that any dependence on old-world comforts and values will ultimately fail to meet our needs for emotional stability. This can only be attributed to our wholesale failure to choose a satisfactory value system that nurtures our spiritual as well as our physical needs. These needs cannot be mutually exclusive. Those who seek to reach true satisfaction must do so only by finding a healthy balance between the inner and outer worlds. Check out full article and Horoscopes for SUPERMOON in TAURUS – November 14

Tuesday Nov 15

 17:23 UT: Mercury (04°♐46′) Sextile Mars (04°♒46′)
Big ideas that spawn from deep thinking become accelerated into forward motion. Discussion becomes heated, flaring into wild, progressive new forms through group movements and activism. Co-operation is necessary to get things done constructively.

Wednesday Nov 16

17:19 UT: Mercury (06°♐17′) Sesquiquadrate Uranus (21°♈17’Rx)

Rebellious outbursts which startle people and potentially generate harm or nervous tension. Shock news, or noxious gossip which has far-ranging effects; insensitivity or offensiveness to other cultures/religions can agitate or incite backlash. Propensity to suddenly switch thinking.

Thursday Nov 17

1:41 UT: Mars (05°♒46′) Semisquare Chiron (20°♓ 46’Rx)

Grinding interests between egotistical needs to storm into social revolt versus aligning with the unique path to healing essential wounds. Activism or political busy-ness used a avoidance of self-awareness, hiding behind ideologies or resistance groups to avert emphasis on spiritual development. Any fear of facing up to issues around masculinity need to be confronted – their resolution can provide a key to wounds for others.

Friday Nov 18

05:02 – 16:04 UT: Mercury 08°♐33′ Square Neptune/Nodes 08°♍33′
Phenomenal thoughts that contradict or undermine the essence of universal oneness because they are focused more on a mere misconception or an immensely skewed ideology, or perhaps because they are communicated in such impersonal ways that they defy any sense of compassion or sensitivity to the feelings of the collective.

Saturday Nov 19, 07:49

Venus 08°♑29′ Trine Node 08°♍29′, Sextile Neptune 09°♓ 14’Rx
Sometimes it’s easier to slip away and lose oneself in a peaceful, pleasurable pursuit, pamper yourself with treats, indulge your all personal retreats with comfortable, tasteful surroundings, with music, song, dance, art…
♆ SD 00:13 am Neptune 09°♓ 14′ SD
Neptune has been RETROGRADE from June 13 – Nov 19. When retrograde, we are more psychically attuned at picking up illusory sensations and messages, easier confused, deluded, and misunderstood. When Neptune turns direct we are able to see where we have fallen prey to our own misconceptions. Neptune entered the Rx shadow on Feb 28 and things that confounded us will eventually clear up by March 2017. Most intense was the period between June 20-Sep 12, when Rx Neptune was square to Saturn.
Many blessings, and have and amazing week x
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