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The Week Ahead: Nov 28 – Dec 4

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Yes, the intense mix of energies playing out in our personal affairs over this last week has been very conflicting. The Venus activation of the Jupiter/Uranus/Pluto T-square creates an excess flow of desire, emotion or knowledge – the basic currencies of human behaviour. When the flow of these start to spill over, matters between us can seem a bit too much to handle. They grow (♃)  into an extreme point of pressure(♇), and then, as if by some bolt out of the blue, they suddenly release (♅). Since this is happening in a T-square, the pressure is set to unleash somewhere in several areas our relationship lives.

As we know matters have to get pretty intense before we move to make a significant change. This is because we are essentially creatures of habit. We generally resist change, even when it is obvious that the entire world is changing all around us. This week, matters of pressing responsibility (♇♑) are grinding against our accustomed dependances (♃♎) and in case we don’t get it we may be in for a revolting shock (♅♈). What’s more significant is that this is only a prelude for the weeks/months ahead. And what is most noticeable is that we will either  accept what is going on as a global phenomenon or continue to argue our way into a full scale rejection.

Many are feeling the pinch of the dramatic changes that are mounting in the world at the moment. Jupiter’s alignment into the Uranus/Pluto square is giving us rare glimpse into how our political world operates. In the aftermath of the Saturn/Neptune disillusionment crisis, where various stages of grief are now being digested en masse, much of the remaining inconsistencies and incongruities of our local infrastructure are being unearthed. As these rise to the surface, like intriguing ancient artifacts from a current archeological dig, they continue to make us feel uneasy about who or what to trust.

We will argue and blame, even on the most personal level. Few will be able to avoid becoming engaged into events that draw us into forming opinions. Opinions that seem ever more extreme. Opinions that this week will cause a fundamental split in ideologies and persuasions.

It’s incredible how judgemental everyone is liable to become now. Instantly. Vehemently. And how sensitive and cynical they have become to those who propagate strong, almost absolute views. Observe how your mind is currently judging these words, right here, on this page. Observe how you are compelled to have a strong opinion where you may very well agree with things you read here profusely, or categorically condemn the ideas (even the author) of this page. Observe how much this is happening in the course of your day. Check out what’s happening on facebook… how you are becoming diametrically polarised by the incessant political deluge, presented with ever-so-fierce outrage and didactic gusto by your ‘friends’. Check out your other media – even the most mainstream. See how opinionated and biased it looks…

What is going on? Do you see things leading somewhere??

This is the Jupiter/Pluto/Uranus effect…. set to intensify over the next few months. It is a special time because it really needs to close the deal on the proceedings of the last 3-4 years. These years (like in the mid sixties when Uranus /Pluto joined) are the revolutionary years. The heads up, and to cut it short, is that we need to think for ourselves. And nature’s energies, sent to us angels by these special ‘gods’ are just stirring things up now.

[pic: elizaveta porodina]
[pic: elizaveta porodina]
This is no longer something that can be controlled. All that remains of society’s 3D structure is its silly scaffolding and its middling bureaucrats. The old leaders – those proponents of fear and domination are either exiting or are slowly withering and dying away. In their place are moving in the true revolutionaries. Those who are going in a completely radical way. They are getting into position to resist and defy us all. Is it good or bad? Irrelevant. Only fear will bring us to judge what is going on this way. The reality is that you have somehow allowed all this to occur, and either you will rise up and own it, or you will go the other way and try to disown it.

By the time Jupiter is ready to make its first (of 3) oppositions to Uranus (Dec 26), things will build to either an incredible sense of excitement or mortifying nervousness. When excitement/nervousness builds, as is the case with planets locked into these extremely ‘hard’ energetic harmonics, they can manifest as total imbalances where one can overspent, overcommitted, overestimates, overpowered and over-invested resources that they could not afford.

Observe this week how this is playing out for you on a personal level. Venus will square Uranus by late Tuesday (20:20 UT). Something about your overall views on how you relate to others, your most intense ‘philosophical’ attitude on things is about to shift, possibly by force. You may accept new possibilities as either grave, heavily ominous or reject them as absurdly out on a radical tangent. The reality is, whatever changes are coming, we are likely to be put out, because as much as we see them as necessary, we are also a little afraid of letting go of our old, familiar ways.

Which, brings us to the Sagde New Moon (Tuesday). This launches a new 12-month journey into a discovering of personal truth and authenticity. It is an interesting journey ahead, since the Sun/Moon is squared by the Nodal axis, currently aligned with Neptune, ruler of alternative realms, dreams and illusions. I will go into this deeper with my New Moon article (with affirmations), but just for reference, check out last year’s Sagittarius New Moon article, forecasting the road ahead to this point.


Tuesday Nov 29 12:19 pm Moon 07°43′ Conjunction Sun 07°43
The beginning of a brand new yearly cycle centered on personal spiritual growth and worldly expansion. Time to set an intent around this.
  Ch Tuesday Nov 29 03:14 pm Venus 20°40′ Sextile Chiron 20° 40′

Serious, tough-loving support is here to be shared on choices made towards the healing journey. Keys to unlock pain or grief (especially around relationships) are made available.

Jn  Tuesday Nov 29 05:34 pm Sun.Juno 07°56′ Square Node 07°56′

Principles of marriage become passionately laid out, feminist causes are argued, the struggle to implement balance between the genders, all an integral theme for many who are in significant partnerships currently. Finding spiritual purpose in marriage may mean the termination of ties with those who do not align with our higher values, meet our higher selves.

  Tuesday Nov 29 08:20 pm Venus 20°55′ Square Uranus 20°55′

Intensely nervous or restless feelings will now cause dissatisfaction, leading to breaks or breakthroughs in the name of asserting self-worth and respectability. Detachment or indifference for the old, making way for the new. Catalysts or ‘accidents’ may occur that break up stale, expired love-affairs.

  Thursday Dec 01 01:17 am Sun 09°17′ Square Neptune 09° 17′

Delusions or confusion about who we are, our powers and abilities. Who are those around us? Exaggerating our knowledge or authority on a subject or conversely playing that down, acting out victim-like behaviours with another who we allow to easily step in to save us. If totally ego-driven, this could translate to perversion of truth for exploitation or deceptive purposes, then discarding those who become used.

Ch  SD Thursday Dec 01 07:56 am Chiron 20° 40′ Stationary Direct

Chiron has been retrograde June 28, a time which has made us (often painfully) search deeper within ourselves for the key that may unlock the secrets to our story around our wounding. Often, it is our association with pain, and our attachment to our wounds is what stagnates our ability to accept that we are capable of soothing or healing. This is a time to overcome self-pity and to alchemically turn our identification with our weaknesses into strengths by simply changing our attitude. It is time to guide others.

  Friday Dec 02 03:47 am Mars 17°01′ Trine Jupiter 17°01′

Much action or anger in response to legal judgements, fervent protest or litigious conduct. Can be personal (or relationship) energies but mostly applied in socio-political themes or matters where there is much strength, courage and timely action taken in competition or sport.

  in Friday Dec 02 09:18 pm Mercury in Capricorn

Mental processes shift from the conceptual to the practical. Concentration of the mind into steady, methodical, responsible thinking that takes matters seriously, works through them thoroughly and aims to complete them, Could develop into pessimism or melancholia.

  Saturday Dec 03 12:16 pm Mars 18°02′ Sextile Saturn 18°02′

On a much greater level, some changes are made in the structure of law or military enforcement that curtails its power or limits its capacity to rule or dominate.

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