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Friday, 2 December

Friday, 2 December

MOON in CAPRICORN, conjuncting PLUTO @15°59′
(Next 24 hours)

Awwww…. awww…
Now, who can more convincing than dowdy ol’ Skeeter to chime in a little end-of-the-world gloom for us?

Give it up for Ms Davis.👏👏👏

Thursday, 1 December

A S T R O L O G Y . O F . N O W

15202568_986156288155201_706177634869094814_nThe downer you may have been experiencing is like coming-down off a intense sugar-hit, brought to you by Venus’ conjunction to Pluto last Friday. Being in Capricorn it may feel like a bit of a paternal slap across the face, just to clear you up a little.

The recently New Sadge Moon, now forming a midpoint to Saturn from the Sun, is really bringing home that we actually “form our own fate” sometimes.

Many times…

If things are sobering, cooling down (or off) for you, then it’s probably time to take stock of how vulnerable you can be to form extreme affections based on ideas around you – especially through the most subtle impressions and mystical observations. What’s going on for you at the moment? If things have been intense, how are you dealing with the coming back to the surface for a ‘reality check’.

Look around.
See what you create?
What you’re observing is merely reinforced evidence that everything you think–> feel–> believe, even in your wildest dreams, has the power to become true***.


*Even if it is from fear or apprehension
**Even from anger, jealousy, spite.
***Especially if it’s from <3

…..read your full scope on this energy here https://angstoic.com/2016/11/horoscopes-sun-sagittarius-nov-21-dec-21/



Sunday, 27 November

VENUS, this week: □♃, ☌♇, □♅

15220195_981148308655999_8858332993435509862_nRelations have been tremendously intense this week. By tugging very extremely at our heartstrings, they have dragged us deep into ourselves and pressed us to confront some of our most unconscious behavioural traits. Sometimes, what came up was not pretty. Seems that in the name of love we can, at times, engage in emotionally destructive exchanges which retch up deeply profound but disturbing stuff to deal with.

Still, these powerful energies & their accompanying dramas (complete with their extreme imagery) have provided us with a wonderful opportunity to examine our often ‘righteous’ views and to gain a greater understanding of how our relationships are evolving, both with ourselves and with our changing world.

It can be quite a cathartic process.

In some cases and with Venus conjunct Pluto it is not unlikely, we have become attracted to very intense people who may have an irrevocable effect upon us. Due to the involvement of Uranus, the pace of how quickly these affairs will play out will be astronomically fast (in linear terms).

Remember always, from this point forth: We have already entered a dimension of consciousness which embraces nothing but absolute freedom. At this stage it may seem compulsively delicious, intensely experimental, yet strangely unnerving to get into old-school ties based on emotional manipulation. However, you will find that, in essence, any relationship that does not consciously create a free space for you to navigate your spirit of self-discovery, to openly explore and share all shades of vulnerable, beautiful yourself without expectations, judgements, jealousies and possessiveness, will only detach itself from you as quickly you attached yourself to it.

We are purging crap. Don’t be precious about that. Just rid the tox.

…..RECAP November report now (available to all) https://angstoic.com/2016/11/month-ahead-november-astrological-synopsis/

[pic: Elizaveta Porodina]


Friday, 25 November


Being ‘Right’ is of a particular concern to the planet JUPITER. Those who have this energy prominent in their chart-mix (by natal or by trans/prog) are often characterised by an force whose frequency is high in its attempt to influence others to their point of view. Often it leans towards the ‘right’, or being ‘righteous’.

Yes, their approach to life is expansive, on whatever level Jupiter operates (see sign/house). The desire is to get a good grip on how the world works, using a system of education/ theory/philosophy (school of thought) or via mastery of a craft.

Once they acquire a certain level of ‘wisdom’ on a subject, they usually try to ‘educate’ others through it.

The ease and fervour of how they convey their wisdom to others is subject to Jupiter’s relationship to other planets (see aspects). Often, they are capable of sharing very sophisticated learnings to all those going through life’s little worldly challenges. Also common in ‘Jupiter people’, is that once they adopt a theory or ‘school of thought’, they tend to ignore all evidence that doesn’t fit into their precious little system. They will defend it at any cost, because ‘Being Right’ leaves little room for being anything else. Hence the arrogance and the repugnant bad taste left in our mouths, particularly when fed too much of anything. (in the case of ♃, too much sugar is sickly sweet). Whilst funny to watch, Jupiter folks are particularly excessive and generally leave us little room to breathe, or believe what we want to believe. We generally refer to those who are heavily Jupiterian as ‘ässhølęs’.

Anyway… Jupiter is currently going through a crisis.

Since April 2014 (Cardinal Grand Cross ♂/♃/♅/♇), through to June 2016 (Mutable Grand Cross ☉,☽/♃/ ♄/♆), and now, thanks to his upcoming retrograding period, Jupiter is heading into an extensive challenge against long-feuding outer-planetary gods Uranus and Pluto (again cardinal).

As we have seen over the past 3-4 years, the learned ‘masters’ of the legal, educational, religious and political admin universe, as well as all established media have been undergoing a period of being… well… ‘not-so-Right’. It is a time when the stench of righteousness and stinking bravado starts to get on everyone’s nose, eating into their nervous system and into the heart of wonder and disbelief.

Who do you trust any more? (right??)
[Notice how we have started to put the phrase “I know right?” at the end of many of our questions].

Jupiter is currently at war (square) with Pluto , the Lord of power and corruption. Pluto only wants one thing – complete control. He is prepared to destroy you for it. Hence, Pluto’s association with ‘transformation’. Once you die, you are remade.

‘Righteous’ Jupiter will swipe past Pluto and Uranus (both extraterrestrial forces) several times over the next 12 months, with some critical shifts due upon us here on planet earth.This will affect everyone, but particularly those who lean farthest to the ‘Right’. See their systems get wiped out and remade. New & unearthed material will all but disintegrate Jupiter’s precious little toolbox of age-old sophistries and witticisms.

Watch now…

See Jupiter be proven Stupiter…

COSMIC REMINDER: Play smart, and observe without judgement (do not engage in the drama).

More (much more) on this as we play here, on our 4D Cosmic Journey.

…full tips on how to deal Jupiter in Libra here@

Jupiter in Libra – Guidelines for growth through finding balance

Wednesday, 23 November


#KanyeWest #FeelingsMatter

kanye west astrology, kanye west star sign, kanye west breakdown, 12 house issues,My deepest sympathies to brother Kanye, who is currently suffering a massive crisis as transiting Saturn is now entering his 6th house of Work & Anxiety, triggering several natal planets in his very tight 8th harmonic syndrome.

Kanye’s chart reveals a highly emotional, brilliantly creative person whose ‘homey’ Cancer Rising is ruled by a hypersensitive Pisces Moon in the truth-seeking 9th, challenged by a square to imaginative Neptune in the playfully industrious 5th (near 6th cusp). Kanye’s exuberantly loud, outspoken Gemini Sun/Jupiter conjunction is also aligned against these planets from the highly mediumystically attuned and phantasmagorical 12th. The 12th is also our blind spot and leaves us indiscriminately exposed to things we cannot control, just have to suffer through. Sometimes, especially during crisis, we need to check into an institution or retreat to work through our ‘stuff’.

Yesterday Kanye was forcibly admitted to hospital on grounds of stress exhaustion & sleep deprivation. The night before, in front of his own concert audience he was reported to have gone on a lengthy rant against the ‘system’, lashing out at several colleagues who he ‘respects but resents’ for playing into the establishment. This quote:

“Jay Z (a rival rapper), I know you got killas. Please don’t send them at my head. Just call me — talk to me like I man,” he said.
After telling the audience he is “just a man … the same as everybody here,” West added: “This is the future. This is the way of thinking to make America great again.”
This was met by boos, but West wasn’t bothered: “You don’t like that. Guess what? Y’all need the vibes. I was hurt. Feelings matter, bro. The way motherf****** put money up so high. Popularity. Radio spins. Feelings matter, bro.
“It’s a new world, Hillary Clinton. It’s a new world. Feelings matter. Because guess what? Everybody in Middle America felt a way, and they showed you how they felt … It’s a new world Barack. It’s a new world Jay Z.”
West added: “If you keep following old models, your a** is going to get Hillary Clinton’d.
“I ain’t here to massage you with the fake truth, telling you that Hillary going to win over and over and over. Then you wake up and you still can’t believe it. You know why? Because you was lied to by Google. You was lied to by Mark Zuckerberg.”

Kanye is clearly railing against the forces of his society. It is a frustrated attempt to release built-up pressure, limitations and frustrations that have been crystallising in him over the past 2-3 years, as Saturn has been transiting his 5th house of Creative Expression and wanting to feel loved.
As Saturn now enters his 6th, it is conjunct his Neptune in Sadge (self-absorbed, convoluted preoccupation with one’s own world); squaring his Pisces Moon (low, confused feelings of inferiority), opposing Sun/Jupiter in Gemini (negative criticism and judgement leading to massive identity crisis).
His 10th house Venus/Mars/Chiron in Taurus is also being triggered here, stirring wounds around his relationships, particularly those he feels have a power to affect his public image/reputation. The spiritual stress his health is undergoing (♄ 6th) is enough to press him to be behaving in ways which can be seen as publicly and legally self-defeating, forcing institutionalisation and the cancellation of his entire tour (☽ 9th, ☉/♃ 12th).

Saturn is harsh, and Kanye is quite squishy. Whilst in his own creative wonderland he displays the erratic, oft-misunderstood gifted Mozart-lke genius, he has often betrayed himself as someone who appears to be removed from consensus ‘reality’. His inability to show restraint or filter his musings has been the bane and delight of the sensationalist media. His life, like Donald’s, is bigger and more bizarre than any reality TV show.

However, these individuals, who put their naked feelings on the line for all to see and share, are really just the conduits for our most repressed, most vulnerable inner selves. We relate to their sentiments because we are ready to relate to these. And though they may divide us in opinion, polarise us against one another and within ourselves, they force us to confront a value system which is currently more and more conflicted between glibly rehearsed public personas that are almost robotically politically correct and a true more brash and unapologetic display of authenticity. These are the forces of nature, as being played out through ♃ ♄ ♅ ♆.

What is the trade-off that we must make here?

What is your integrity worth? Is the ego simply fighting a losing battle? Is humiliation a necessary step to suffer on the path to our humility? Do you feel for Kanye?

Here is Kanye’s Rising horoscope, from my recent “Mastering Your Domain – Guidelines for Turning your Frustrations into Motivations’ @https://angstoic.com/2016/11/mastering-your-domain/


As sloppy or disorganised as your personal routines might be they give you the space and freedom to get about your day as you please. However, you might find that you’re getting a lot of pressure from someone – possibly circumstances around you in general – to become more organised and disciplined in the key practical areas of your life, particularly health, work practices, and general day-to-day living.

Understand, this is not about you becoming more busy. This is rather about learning to become more effective, better organised and overall more efficient with how and what you do. This may mean taking a much harder line with what you’re trying to achieve through your day, but also in the bigger picture, learning to discriminate between what important and what’s slightly off the planet.

Of course don’t let this overemphasised faculty of discrimination get the better of you to the point where you’re going into excessive self-criticism. That might be a bit depressing and instead lead to psychosomatic problems.

Focusing on true health problems, work with yourself, allow the body to expel any impurities during this time, shuffling in some healthy exercise routines and methods to organise your often cluttered and disorderly world. Most of all, learn to be most honest in the way you deal address your day-to- day activities, focusing purely on those things that are absolutely your own business only.

…..to see your reading click here https://angstoic.com/2016/11/mastering-your-domain/


Wednesday, 23 November

15193607_976501039120726_4064144992276802680_nIt may be hard to imagine that in some new, not-too-distant future, feelings (as is currently with ideas) will matter more than money.

In fact, money will cease to matter at all. No attachment could possibly survive in the new world. After all hang-ups over ‘things’ are gone, our feelings is all we will have left to trade.

Emotions will eventually become the only global currency.


Tuesday, 22 November

QUICK SURVEY: (Brought to you by this Friday’s ♃ □ ♀/♇)

[choose] <3 – All those who will make an extra effort to get fairness & justice, talk things through till they strike a deal, prefer to play it nice and easy, politically correct, preach about being kind and considerate to one another.

aliza-razell[choose] >:( – All those who are going to have it their way anyway, maintain total control in their affairs, take their desires to the limit, take no hostages in the name of love, won’t take ‘no’ for an answer…

[choose] (y) – All those not playing into any of this control drama

[choose] 😥 – “Omg… I think it’s too late to get out”.

……full forecast@https://angstoic.com/2016/11/week-ahead-november-21-28/

15079076_975039522600211_4286531970641391800_n☉ – ♃ / ♇

Lots of things may tempt you, challenge how effectively you exercise control, but the greatest expression of power is how well you can restrain your primal urges.

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