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Thursday, 3 November

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How shall I soothe your aching heart?
I know it hurts…
It stings for someone…
I know it yearns for something that in truth, only ever hurt, or failed somehow to satisfy your need for a deep, and sacred partnership.

I know your pain, angel.
I know that pain.

You see – the things that hurt you most, those emotions that bite hardest, cut deepest are also the most absurd.
Your longing for something out there that simply was not possible, precisely because it was never possible; a sentimentality for something that never was; a longing for what might have been; regret over someone not being something else; disdain for the way the world finally turned out for you…

I know how that hurts.

Here, come to this moment.
Stand here with me, inside this blessed instant.
See now that all of those half-grey renderings of your soul’s consciousness only create a painful, bitter landscape in your tender heart… a mere eternal sunset of everything you are.

It is your dreamful mind that exaggerates the stinging that arises in that aching heart. And this is why the pain you feel for love is only intensified by the absence of love.

Take hope.
A newfound, spiritual and profoundly deep love awaits you here.
Whenever you’re ready to come,
and face this moment,
truthfully, sacredly,

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NEW MOON afterparty….Monday, 31st October.

It’s a strange time indeed. Fastrology, ang stoic, mars in capricorn, anger in astrology,or all the Scorpio energy packed into this New Moon, it seems like the usual lusty passions that once would animate us – the ones that quickly would ignite and just as quickly extinguish, but whose aftereffects and dramas would sometimes entangle us into the fixations and crazes of lifetimes, and through dynasties are simply just not there this time…

It’s not like the idea of this fervour isn’t there. But it’s highly intellectualised, and that’s not quite the same. Mars in Capricorn – as much as he’s driven crazy after that conjunction to Pluto (Oct 19) was stopped short ten days later by a shockingly rude wake-up zap from Uranus. And besides, Capricorn is not exactly the most romantic of positions for Mars. As for Venus in Sadge, that conjunction Saturn’s made her about as alluring as a Victorian nun in a full body chastity suit…

Not very sexually conductive times…

Not helped either that in just about every social background (local or global) there are flaming debates going on about the nature of our objectification of sex, gender and sexuality, and scandals and levers are conveniently used for political gain or libel, as well as the division being caused between the masses that is increasingly grim but interesting fun to observe in the 3D world. It’s not funny. Especially if you choose to enter that drama yourself.

Much as I had to delineate this effect, I advise you don’t. Just observe.

It’s part of the meltdown…
Ultimately it’s all for our own evolutionary benefit.

Last month it was all about being PC (Libra). This month it gets deadly serious and set to get more nasty (huh!) and then…
…geez, where to start… (We sure live in interesting times).

– Must continue this next time.
Your observations welcome… please.

recap on the NEW MOON@https://angstoic.com/2016/10/new-moon-0744-scorpio-october-30-2016-1739-utc/

Sunday, 30th October


Don’t worry if the love you seek out there is not forthcoming at the moment.
Slight realignment.
We talk a lot about loving our self – valuing yourself in terms that others will come to appreciate and love. Sometimes the outside world just cools it with the hugs and kisses and asks you to back off just to repose. It may just be a good time to pull yourself aside and really make an honest self-appraisal.

Try not to be too hard upon yourself.
Often, the means and measures of how lovable you are
are sadly taken and formed out of external judgements.
In truth, nobody has a clue just how
truly precious you are but you.

On this New Moon, make a sacred space available
to welcome and to host your darling, inner self.
It’s not an intellectual space – no cynic mind can enter here
nor is it some wonderful story to be told.
It’s not a bunch of fancy facts that you can share with others,
nor an attempt to be all hip and cool before your friends…
It is a space you hold that asks for you to honour
a simple silence for the presence of this moment that unfolds.
And ask yourself how best you can observe now
that there’s no lack in you, no victim nor denial
no wound nor secret, there’s no lie or imperfection
It is a space that welcomes you to step inside
just as you are
to be accepted for the preciousness and wonder,
and to be loved like no one else from the within
can ever know your inner beauty, grace and splendour
come as you are, and let the cosmic dance begin.

Blessings, and have an amazing New Moon x

[pic: alexander yakovlev]
[pic: alexander yakovlev]

Friday, 28th October


Omg Omg….

If this is about power, then it’s surmounting… to the point of being fully overwhelming. (MY RIGHT IS MORE RIGHT)

If this is about lies, then it’s become so obscenely beyond belief, it’s all completely ludicrous. (MY TRUTH IS TRUER)

If it’s about secrets, it has become so toxically dark, so morbid and abysmal it’s thoroughly asphyxiating. (MY SANCTITY IS MOST SACRED)

If this is about denial, then matters are beyond reason. (MY WORD IS FINAL)



Settle down a little there big guy.
Find a way to get over yourself.
Why not come up here, to the surface and take a breath.
Try to come clean. Please. Holding any of that crap in is not healthy for you. It might actually spell your untimely end.
It does not need to be that way.
And besides, there’s no fooling anyone anyway any more.
The big gig is over. And everybody but you knows it was just for show…

It’s nearly curtain time now.
A compelling performance.
And the crowd is braying for you.
If you’re going to go out, do it with dignity and grace (and a smile).

How’s it going to be?
It’s your choice.

SUN/MERCURY conjunction in Scorpio

Yes, yes… great story!

Loved it.

…That you did something you thought you weren’t supposed to do (TABOO),
then you kept it from mother, father and the boys at school (SECRET),
when they asked you where you were, you told them you went to see a movie (LIES),
then at confession you made like it never happened (DENIAL).

Awesome. You really cooked up a real stinker there.

Now you’ve held this story of guilt/shame for how many years. I bet you got a few of those ones. Hope you realise how, on some level, it shapes your every action (PSYCHOLOGICAL PROGRAMMING).
That toxicity is gonna take a lot of light to blast it up to the surface for clearing. Question is, do you want to?

Are you ready to do the clearing?
Are you ready to come clear?

……come as you are@


Thursday, 27th October

MERCURY conjunct SUN at 04° Scorpio 40′

Identifying what you WANT (asund getting it)

1. Have a specific INTENT
2. CLEAR the road ahead
3. Follow through with appropriate ACTION
4. Remain clear till you get your desired RESULT

Works every time…


astrology, ang stoic, mars in capricorn, anger in astrology,

Tuesday, 25nd October

Soliloquy in MARS (on the ♅/ ♇ midpoint):

yeah you’re angry
I get that
you’ve been told
since the day you was born that
you’re not old enough
you’re not tall enough
you’re not white enough
you’re not male enough
you’re not smart enough
we don’t have that kind of money
you can’t go out dressed like that
you can’t say that in public
you can’t play with those kids
you can’t have that car, that house, that kind of education
you can’t travel there
you can’t date that kind of woman
you don’t qualify for that job, that position, that lifestyle
that group of people won’t accept you
be serious
be mature
behave yourself
work harder
longer hours
eat this, don’t eat that
buy this, buy that
vote this way, support this team
music, dance, song, poetry is for losers and bums
aspire to be rich, famous, have a respectable career
you don’t have the experience, the necessary skills
you’re too old for that…

you’re angry because every day of your life
you get a hundred reminders
that you’re NOT ENOUGH
and you repeat this
to yourself
and out loud
and to others
and at some point
you have come to accept
and to believe
that some (if not all of the above) is true about you

I get that
I understand you’re angry
but hey…
these “ideas”
were never yours to begin with
you just chose to accept them
and now, these ideas form the basis of your entire belief system
and what you believe
ultimately becomes your reality
so be angry
angry with yourself
angry in your mind
with your own mind
for choosing ideas
that made you believe
most erroneously
that you are NOT ENOUGH

in truth, you were always enough
enough to be you

believe that
(and don’t be angry)

…..find out more@https://angstoic.com/2016/10/week-ahead-october-24-31/

Saturday, 22nd October

MOOD ALERT (Next 24 hours): ☽ – / ♇

As the CANCER MOON coasts slowly into opposition to the MARS/PLUTO conjunction the domestic scene is set for a maplfully impassioned (if not hostile) explosion.

Fiercely authoritative powers, laced with undertones of darkness now threaten to unfurl in ways which are difficult to control once they get out of hand. One might have to work with superhuman strength to fend off the extremely harsh and most punishing forces. Be mindful, and it may already be too late (the original post went out Tuesday), not to let actions get out of control. With / ♇ there is often not much we can do to stop the rot from spreading once it comes out of Pandora’s little box.

Sometimes it best to burn everything and start afresh…

….full story and HOROSCOPES for this transit here@

[pic: marta bevacqua]

Wednesday, 19th October

Venus enters Sagittarius

You are free to love, no matter what rules surround you. If you find them tolerable, then tolerate them; if you find them loving, then love them; if you find them too obnoxious, then break them.

You are free to love because you know that only you alone are morally responsible for everything you choose in your life.


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  1. Another lesson learned when its always been right in front you the whole time. Thanks Ang.

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