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Horoscopes for SUPERMOON in TAURUS – November 14

[art: Kasia Derwinska]

The Moon is full once again. A time of reflection where culmination, harvest, and for our most significant interests now it may just mean a time of endings.

It is a Taurus Moon, so in a way, it is a time to assess whether important matters have attained the level of grounded sturdiness that we want from them or whether they must undergo a deep, transformative change. Taurus is typically looking for a simple, straight-up approach – nothing too complicated, predictable, physically comfortable, pleasurable, preferably conventional and blandly mild.

Is that likely to be a reality for you in this seriously stormy world of changes? Or do you see things maybe wavering a little from the ‘bland’ familiar channel?

This Full ‘Super’ Moon warns us (perhaps for last time) that our pursuit of happiness and fulfilment in the material universe is divinely flawed. We are drawing water out of a very conditionally limited well. The supply is nearly dry. It is true, as we are discovering with all these limitations that some/many/all of us, will eventually miss out to some extent. And then nothing will matter.

All that we suffer, all that we endure… patiently, earnestly,
is actually character strengthening,
heart cleansing,
soul expanding,
every experience of pain and limitation makes us more tender and more kind,
more worthy…

All that is happening now is just an opportunity for you to learn how to become more disciplined with your self.

Time to try the unconditional well. The infinite supply..

If an end has to be drawn, let it be that whatever we have been pursuing in our attempt to secure physical, financial or psychological sturdiness in our world, needs to change dramatically. Any dependence on old-world comforts and values will ultimately fail to meet our needs for emotional stability must be attributed to our wholesale failure to choose a satisfactory value system that nurtures our spiritual as well as our physical needs. These needs cannot be mutually exclusive. In fact, those who have reached true satisfaction have done so by finding a healthy balance between.

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