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Sunday, 20 November

Sunday, 20th November

QUARTER MOON @ 29°28′ (exact Monday Nov 21, 08:34 am UT)

This reading comes with an ADVANCE WARNING, so mind:

With the MOON entering proud, attention-seeking Leo, the drama could get intensely fierce during the SUN’s last couple of days of Scorpio. At some point, the third-quarter Moon will precisely carve up the up-coming Jupiter/Pluto square, forming a uniquely tense alignment.

What does this look like in real life?

In any games where supreme one-upmanship between the big-shot controllers and those one-trick-ponies is being played out, anyone exhibiting wily tactics to advance their cause stands to be unceremoniously halted in their tracks. Maybe they’re only teasing, but there’s those who play some some pretty nasty games to exact a mean win.

Yet, these are different times now and, frankly, many are just sick of any display of contrived, ambitious, but underneath jsut pretentiously hollow activity.

Things are getting mighty real, and we’re heading for a super-no-nonsense month ahead.

Could be terminally difficult, even mortally wounding to those struggling to preserve (or promote) their phoney egos. It’s time though: Those on a hellbent mission to advance their self-serving or pernicious agendas will be found out and their efforts will be thwarted.

Yeah, thwarted.
Stopped in their tracks. In some cases, prevented from accomplishing their mean intent by having gratuitous violence visited upon their smarmy asses.

No, this is not your usual fare, but… all’s fair in love’n’war, right?
…come Monday, energies are at their most intense (this month), and do be warned – ‘knives’ could be out.
[btw, this is not a fear-loaded message. Just a matter for our careful, non-partisan observation] On the other hand, those acting out of pure creative genius will accomplish phenomenal things – hopefully many of you angels resonate strongly with this vibe.

NB: If you’re the meek and gentle type, don’t have much to prove, just stay inside the Bus and read your book. All others: Act with integrity, or be mischievously devious at your peril…

….struggling with your false ego? check this @https://angstoic.com/…/action-plan-flushing-phoney-inner-do…/

Saturday, 19 November

MERCURY (09°15′) square NEPTUNE/NODE


Was it but the mere shadow of my light,
the gushing slip that ran out of my stream
another apparition in the night
that as I wake up now appears all but a dream?

Was it all just a fantasy?
Where is she now?
A pure insipid little whisper of a sound
heard faintly echoing from a scarred and pitiful time
now fading further from the memory of mind
ah… riddance to the shallow sentiment of her recollection.

….full story@https://angstoic.com/2016/04/11449/


Friday, 18 November

□ ♃ □ ♇ □ ♅

Through force of habit,
we get ardently excited,
we indulge… go way too far in our pathetic little ways.
Out of control, we may incite repressed frustration in an other,
a sadly spiteful angry spat, and a seething jealous little rage
that fumes among the killjoys and those callous wetsmith blanketeers
who desperately make effort to control us, but they can’t
because there is no madness really left to fear now
no guilt nor blame could ever shame or bind us
so tension builds up to a weird
and strangely loaded way
and pretty soon,
she’s gonna

[which way will she go?]

NEPTUNE now stationed on SOUTH NODE:15138346_971375876299909_6845920570861926260_oWow, what a cloudfuck!
Seems everyone now has a uniquely abstract view, or alternative vision that is somewhat slightly misaligned to our own understanding of ‘spirit’. Tendencies to invade each other’s psychic boundaries, express unreasonable views or pass awkward or confusing judgements upon others, only highlights our unfortunately chaotic entanglements.


Aries/Aries Rising
Feeling like an alien far from home on a foggy night when you cannot see the stars? Consider it a forced incarceration here on this little planet. Only work, in humble servitude will set you free.

Taurus/Taurus Rising
Seems like depending on your buddies has finally had its final laugh on you. Who can you trust and who is the fool? Well… you oughta know by now, buddy.

Gemini/Gemini Rising
Everybody is probably agog at how you’ve managed to turn the unimaginable into the inevitable. Now pull your head out here and show us how to deal with it.

Cancer/Cancer Rising
Having a clouded mind does not suit taking a blind faith approach. Just focus only on what’s before you, arm’s reach, and do not believe a thing unless you can feel it with own, hot, little hands.

Leo/Leo Rising
Is it possible you might already be dead but your spirit is still hovering about, living this life at the expense of someone else’s bank account? Only way to know for sure is to start paying your own way.

Virgo/Virgo Rising
Part of the feeling of sparseness and emptiness in your life is because you’ve given so much to others. As terrifying as this may sound, you must come into your own power, carve out your own destiny – without anyone else involved.

Libra/Libra Rising
Feeling a tad touchy? Weak? Hey look… your aura’s leaking. Letting the pain of others make you sick. Remember, you’re here to clear any karmic baggage before you go anywhere… check your back door, could be letting in spirit vagrants.

Scorpio/Scorpio Rising
Wondering why your dream lovers disappear when you wake up? You need to wake up to yourself and your need to be totally in control, make some room for someone else to be really here for you.

Sagittarius/Sagittarius Rising
Trying to hide out at home, indulging yourself by self-medicating or dreaming life away may have its fuzzy moments, but it certainly is doing nothing for your soul. Try getting out there, really doing something with yourself.

Capricorn/Capricorn Rising
Strong karmic lessons through relatives (like brothers & sisters) will remind you that your best bet is to stay away from family drama if you fancy a psychic-junk, static-free life right now.

Aquarius/Aquarius Rising
You’ve probably worked out that attaching yourself to matter, money and material really shouldn’t matter, and where so, it’s better to focus on the ‘giving’ rather than the ‘getting’… Let it go to let it flow (kindness is the best currency).

Pisces/Pisces Rising
Chaos and confusion abounds, and emotional interferences and disturbances are so frequent and strong lately that you probably should get away from yourself for a bit. You seriously need to ground your vague self-centredness by paying more attention to others.

….read full article on ♆/☋ here@https://angstoic.com/2016/04/11449/

[art: JT Drysdale]

Wednesday, 16 November

MERCURY (06°17′) Sesqui-square URANUS (21°17’Rx)

How can anyone follow anything right now?

There is a blanketing feeling of stunning disbelief that creeps over the entire landscape, like a lightning storm, slowly flashing over every aspect of everyday life and you can only catch yourself in the act of still going through the motions of mundane reality.

You and everyone around you. All doing what we’re supposed to be doing but in actual fact… inside… our mind’s not there at all…

It shifted onto another dimension.

The storms are happening upon our inner landscape, lightning bolts zapping upon the nervous system, exposing that there is only one thing more shocking than the totally unexpected – that’s the expected for which we have abjectly refused to prepare.

Watch this space…

…full transits here@https://angstoic.com/2016/11/week-ahead-november-14-21/


A S T R O L O G Y . O F . N O W – Cosmic Energy Update

It’s hard to imagine, at this point, which will seem more like the dystopia. The before or after?

Every culture has programmed its members to think and act a certain way. Most people would just go along, like nice little robots. For many folks, it’s not hard to learn a script, establish a pattern of thought that works and stick with it.

But in essence, our consciousness operates on many different levels. The human spirit could not be constricted to just one way of thinking for ever, and for a long time this has terrified our leaders.

On some level, they too must have realised that we cannot be controlled indefinitely. And now, they… and those who are embedded in the system to maintain the status quo, are fearing that no matter what they do, those who are ready to exercise their power, their free will, are going to cause trouble for them.

In any case, the enemy of the state is not going to be the revolting masses, or the marauding mobs. Nor is it the rebellious individual. The real troublemaker is the human nervous system, now uploaded with the last 3-4 years of cosmic upgrades. We are each now set to shift away from all these early programming scripts, liable at any moment to unleash 14,000 years of tension into some phenomenal outward manifestation.

The real revolution is taking place in inner space.

Yeah, watch this space.

…full transits here@https://angstoic.com/2016/11/week-ahead-november-14-21/


ddfc8df269d0785a4a52f3db246fed3bDefying the pull of the emotional body to get sucked into depression over some recent trigger of rejection/judgement/disappointment from OUT THERE is is easy.

It’s as simple as MIND OVER MATTER. But you must know a couple of things.

1) Very little of what happens out there is actually YOUR business
2) All ‘judgements’ come from WITHIN, regardless who you choose from OUT THERE to reinforce these for you. You can still navigate through those relationships if you begin to ‘like’ yourself, despite your ‘imperfections’ against others.

How to beat any depression in the NOW:

1. SWITCH OFF the media that sucks you in (TV/radio/streams/tweets/fb… whatever) to negativity about you self-image, social position etc. By now, you will have suspected that these are all fatally flawed (can’t be trusted).
2. Go away (briefly) from those who bug you, everyone. Take a few sweet BREATHs. Ask yourself…. am I taking care of me? Focus on your breathing. Every breath that you observe consciously is a re-minder that you are in your presence.
3. EAT well. Put good, clean, healthy choices into your organism.
4. EXERCISE. Do this for you. Not to ‘look fit’ or ‘sexy’ for others.
5. Get plenty of SUNLIGHT. Contrary to all misconceptions, the Sun is still our closest creator god. Let him anoint your face with his blessing.
6. Practice saying “I LIKE myself” often. Be genuine and true. Then extend that to those around you. Mean it. “I like you”. “I appreciate you”.
7. Get plenty of REST. Whenever you need to. Don’t be stooged into being busy as some ‘noble justification of worthiness’. Being ‘busy’ is nothing to do with being ‘effective’. Sometimes rest, meditation, self-care, self-respect can do wonders for your self-esteem.

Tuesday, 15 November

VESTA (04°49′) opposition MARS, trine MERCURY

Dear fellow travellers,

[pic:Jake Chamseddine]
We are all one on this great cosmic journey.
The beauty within you is shared by all.
Your chosen life path blesses everyone.
Know this and learn to travel light.
Work with the light.
Become light.
You need not feel any dilemma about the dedication and sacrifice that you are making. Nor must you feel burdened, nor burden others on their sacred path.The expression of one’s dedication to bring light neither originates within a single person, nor does it belong to one person, nor remains within their personal boundary.When you become truly devoted to your mission, you immediately lighten your load. A sensible person knows that it’s the only way to make this cosmic journey pleasurable. Your baggage will merely crowd and cause discomfort to your fellow travellers.If you must carry your excruciating pain, do not project it or inflict it upon others. Your baggage is not welcome on this journey. Only your light is welcome, and as such, belongs to all, reaches all, and blesses all.Blessings to all on this cosmic ride xx….tickets here@https://angstoic.com/subscriptions/

NEPTUNE STATIONS to go DIRECT (Sat, Nov 19, 09°14′)

15025138_969370419833788_6788251275033844907_oBy the time this brown acid wears off completely, you might feel slightly nauseous; run down; your mind dazed & contused; in a purple haze about time and location; looking shagged, dehydrated, touched-up by perverts and dishevelled, no trusty friends in sight; feeling completely alone; crushed and stranded in the main moshpit of a rock show whose exact decade now eludes you…

Didn’t this all just start out as a high-spirited, celebrative, convivial festive occasion? How did it become such a lonely, shameful, and paranoiac fare?

Too much ill-loosion.

Seriously though, one could safely argue that we needed this delusion… apparently… because, as it turns out, we really have lost one another.

Things are gonna look weird Saturday.

[NEPTUNE has been Rx since June 13, entering its trippy shadow Feb 28, 2016]



TAURUS SUPERMOON – a reflection.

15002301_969055309865299_3731565536628674213_oThe intensely probing Scorpio Sun has managed to dive down below into the murky bowels of his existence, bringing up some of his deeply buried sludge to the surface.

As he rises, he meets the sturdy, steadfast Taurus Moon, entreating him to lay his redeemed dirt down upon the stolid feet of her mild, earthy temperament.

It is thick, black, rich with nutrient.

She receives his bile graciously, impassively, scattering it evenly upon the surface of her earth. She knows too well the value of her soil. It is the great connector of lives, the source and destination of all. It is the healer and restorer and resurrector, by which disease passes into health, age into youth, death into life.

She tills her earth tenderly for she knows best that without proper regeneration and fertilising care for her top soil there can be no community; without acceptance, gratitude and re-integration of the murky bile that lies beneath that we cannot hope to sustain a rich, abundant life.

Gratitude for all things.

….full moon ‘scopes@https://angstoic.com/2016/11/supermoon-taurus-november-14-28/

Sunday, 13 November

A S T R O L O G Y . O F . N O W – E-motional Energy Shift

“SUPERMOON” (now in )
– Quincunx Mercury (now in )
– Trine Venus (now in )
– Square Mars (now in )
– Sesquisquare Saturn(15°40′)

Time to come back down to earth a little.

Mind that big mouth, ‘fore it starts flapping.
Healthy scepticism is constructive, especially when dealing with situations that we have never seen before.

The things you’d like to love can only come through earnest effort.
Superficial grabs will bring you nothing but deficiencies.
Dissatisfaction means your efforts must be remedied later.

Certainly not going to win any friends by overreacting radically.
Time to relax now with the angry and rebellious vibes
We might have got a little overexcited there.15002413_967454416692055_2893717270225421387_o

And for what? More upsets.

All that we suffer, that we endure, patiently, earnestly,
is character strengthening,
heart cleansing,
soul expanding,
makes us more tender and more kind,
more worthy…

All that is happening now is just an opportunity for you to learn how to become more disciplined with your self.

…..more on this@https://angstoic.com/2016/11/mastering-your-domain/


SUN 20°50′ trine CHIRON 20°50’℞

In our pain, anguish and suffering we are given the key to exit chronological time, to step back into this moment and see the source of our burden.
Suffering is a great teacher because it takes our experience away from the mundane world of the ego and points it towards the spirit, which knows no time.
Suffering deepens us by bringing us into this moment, presenting us with options to transmute the wounds of our existential journey.14963257_966958006741696_2657892747334285882_n

If you look deep enough, you may observe that on some level most of your suffering is actually created by you. Somewhere there has been a self-deception coupled with a denial to see the true reality of your situation. You have chosen to misinterpret things, then resist to accept them as they are – even when time has shown you that your interpretation was untrue. Your egotistical mind has deluded you, and now you are in pain.
You feel hurt and wounded, yet refuse to see why.

Only through suffering can you come to a point of realisation where your spirit can choose not to suffer any more. This is a deeply profound experience. Only when you reach the point where you can say “i’m not going to stand this any more” can you truly accept that it’s time to end the grief and finally allow the healing to come in.

This point is like a death.
It is the final decision to stop dragging along an impurity, or a delusion that lies buried deep within you… one that burdens your body and your mind.

Only when you can let go of the toxic, untrue story that you keep repeating can you ever truly cease to mentally argue with the reality of what is.

Observe how, for the most part, you inflict suffering upon yourself by refusing to see what is. In this, you needlessly inflict pain upon others. The two go hand in hand.

Take a breath.
See the full story of your pain.
It is a story that your ego carries.
On some level it is false. It was never true.
Come to this moment. Let go of the story.
Accept and embrace your suffering as the key to your healing.
Use it to unlock the door to your present self.
Step through the door, into a new way of being.

….full Chiron@https://angstoic.com/…/chiron-goes-direct-23rd-november-13p…/


Friday, 11 November

SUN conjunct LILITH 19°24′ (quincunx URANUS/ERIS)

Sometimes, you have to pull out the ugly stick to get things done.
Still… don’t expect it’s going to go down without some degree of backlash…


Thursday, 10 Novemeber

A S T R O L O G Y . O F . N O W

The votes were cast, counted and verified – the winner has been announced.

The truth has been announced. Not only did nobody believe it, but they continue to disbelieve it when it is presented right there before them. What’s worst of all, (just like with Brexit), they will continue to deny, protest, hope for an annulment, get sore and upset, and refuse to accept it.

Until they realise.
That all this had to happen.
It was always on the cards.
Because that’s the way linear time works.
Until it doesn’t.

15000877_964510213653142_2615264393310069658_oThe great shift has occurred. We are waking up to a brand new day. The 3D world of structures, establishments, institutions and constitutions is now moments from becoming relegated to the minor league. The disruptive but rousingly refreshing world of 4D consciousness – one of innovation, true awareness, non-judgemental observation, heightened responsiveness, detachment from fancies and prevarications is about to stake its full reign upon our planet. This is the consciousness of ‘present time’ – of letting go of our sentimental attachments, of emotional baggage, of toxic infatuations with “past was.., therefore future will…” paradigms.

Much will remain the same. Just, that we will do things because we want to. Because we choose to.

‘Time’ is rapidly becoming N O W.

Take a breath, and catch up. Come to this moment and release stress, fear and anxiety about the future.

From late December to early March 2017, and most miraculously at end of next September, JUPITER in LIBRA will be opposite URANUS in ARIES. Amongst many things, this brings an accelerated urge to integrate new insights into the social domain for the sake of law and order.
A RED ALERT to every padded-up ‘politician’ on every hill, in every capital, on this planet. The cold hand of Justice is about to find you and “liberate” you from your post. Justice will be served.

….more here https://angstoic.com/…/jupiter-libra-sept-9-2016-oct-10-2017/


Sunday, 6 November  ~  WEEKEND ALERT: #2: (update)


How to avoid being ‘hurt’ in this moment:

1. Realise that the pain being projected from others is more about them than you, actually.
2. Try to see what appears ‘hurtful’ to you from someone else’s point of view.
3. Rather than accepting negativity into your body, find some constructive way to manage the energies being directed towards you (or gently change the subject).
4. Adopt a different attitude than the one which sees you as the victim or recipient of pain.
5. Understand, there may have to be some sacrifices made to any strongly-held, over-inflated ego defenses. Best start from your end.
6. Accept that you are perfectly imperfect, and that, in itself is a fine state in which to walk away.
7. Remember, you hold the key to walking away from something with a sense of empowerment and integrity. Choose not to give that away.

….full guide@https://angstoic.com/2016/10/marspluto-superpower/

[art: cameron gray]
[art: cameron gray]

Saturday, 5 November  ~  WEEKEND ALERT:

MOON on MARS/PLUTO at 21°21′

As the Moon coasts over the separating Mars/Pluto conjunction (Oct 19), we are forced to go over the ruins of desecrated land. There, in the events of past few weeks, is the scorched earth of our recent traumatic experiences.mapl

It has not been nice, and naturally our system of self-preservation seems to have gone into some sort of permanent alert mode, as if the danger might return at any moment. Many are understandably cautious and on edge. Let’s face it, we don’t know who to trust, and the reactions are sometimes wildly out of proportion and weirdly inappropriate

Our physiological agitation is heightened. It remains aroused, in a strange state of hyperarousal – a sympathetic response which is the first cardinal symptom of post-traumatic stress disorder.

Anyone who has been disturbed or traumatised by the events of the past few weeks may be easily startled, on edge, reacting very irritably to relatively minor provocations, sleeping poorly, or not at all, even if they are taking special care. These are tense times for many.

In any sense, those affected have developed a hyper-vigilance for the return of danger, nightmares and possible psychosomatic issues are a typical side-effect of a nervous system which has been pushed to its extreme.

Let’s stay mindful that any irritability could, like a Jack-in-the-Box, spring out into raging, explosively aggressive behavior (particularly in the traumatised masculine) seen as a ‘fight or flight’ response to overwhelming threats or dangers.

Be especially tender this weekend. With URANUS also on this point, things could snap hard… (exact around Saturday 21:21 UT)

….horoscopes on Mars/Pluto here@ https://angstoic.com/2016/10/marspluto-superpower/




Friday, November 414938376_958852144218949_4116718970621238497_n



How can anyone HELP you??
You can’t HELP it…
Why… you cannot HELP yourself at all!
Now look at you – lying there, flat. You let the circumstances get the better of you.
And then you wonder why you’re left there, feeling HELPLESS and small.

HELPLESSNESS – the inability to help, is a most disabling feeling. It’s like a disease. Can’t move forward. Feel powerless to do anything.

: Feeling like this?
Why not just take a walk…



VENUS 21°00′ square CHIRON 21° 00’Rx

venus chiron aspects, venus astrology, chiron astrology, chiron healer, chiron healing, venus chiron aspectsHere’s one of those situations now where you may struggle to figure out whether what is being presented to you is a blessing or a curse.

You must look at it carefully, from every angle before you can decide whether to accept it or to let it go. You may reject it altogether based on how upsetting, or grotesque it looks but if you rush to make assumptions, chances are you may misjudge an opportunity to truly grow or heal.

As ghastly as it seems, the current situation has a point to make.

Truth be told, unless you come to accept things for what they truly are you cannot ever hope to let them go. Unless you can forgive yourself, forgive the other, forgive the entire situation – unless you can accept that the whole situation is well and truly over – that nothing about it triggers you emotionally any more, you will never be able to move on.

Venus, in this instance presents herself as one of those women whose features may look a little battered, torn, far from perfect, who in her mournful woundedness may not seem pretty, but who, inspired by the blood of her seditious candour, delivers something almost supernaturally beautiful.

Sometimes the most liberating gifts come wrapped in such awfully beaten packages.


[pic: Scarlett]


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