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It’s Sadge New Moon time – a time for new beginnings in the annual cycle of growth and expansion through expressing one’s truth and authenticity. Naturally, we don’t quite know the truth unless we experience it ourselves, or at least read about it somewhere. Faith is really about what you believe. This is not necessarily a mental process, but rather a matter for the spirit to determine. It’s what sits well with us at the end of the day that we settle upon as being true for us. But as we see, our 2016 journey has shown us that so much which purports to be the truth one day, becomes the next day’s living disappointment and despair. And to think… it could all be avoided if we just don’t get excited about things we don’t quite understand or trust.

What to do?

To develop trust and faith, we must keep our hearts and minds open. This truth-seeking New Moon sets the road to which journey we will walk towards our truth over the next 12 months of wonderful self-discovery. Yet it is not without its challenges.

A square from Neptune/Nodes means we will be constantly tempted to connect to people with whom we feel an enormous psychic affinity along the way. These people are strongly prevalent in our lives at the moment. Similarly, we are moving away from contacts who over the past year have been somewhat confusing or misleading our senses. It’s gotten to the point where many have felt so deceived or misled that they just don’t know what to believe any more. Of course, the really clever folks have tuned-out altogether, opting to listen only to their own inner voice and little else. Special groups of people are choosing to communicate only through that voice. It is the voice of the higher e-motion, and though not clearly visible it matters more than words and ideas with regard to guiding us to our truth.

For many of us, it is not unusual now to feel vulnerable and highly exposed to the subtle influences coming from all around us, and though we seem to share common ideals with certain folks, we are none-the-less wary of each other’s intent due to the still very prevalent essences of fear, judgement and tendency to create separation. Whilst these negative tendencies are becoming increasingly harder to hide from one another, they are somehow prone to affecting our general well-being, vitality and spirits.

The skill will be to become more masterful at measuring the effect of others on our overall energetic system. Those who are still not operating at the higher, more intuitive frequencies of understanding will manifest in our lives as ‘drainers of energy’. If we are acutely honest and tuned in we will vividly see this going on, either within our own energy reserves or happening to others. It takes courage to ask and see whether we are being robbed of our energy reserves, and who is doing it.

Ideally, we seek to be energized and to re-energise others by forming positive spiritual connections.

With the inclusion of Uranus (semi-square) we launch into a consciousness which feels many things, an ability to intuitively tap into the emotions of other people as well as the emotions of all humanity as a whole. Needless to say richness and subtlety of feeling is wonderfully cosmic, and if we are practiced in maintaining our truth, we stand only to develop our amazing ability to bring hidden truths and wonderful new realities to light.

Over this next year, our goal towards finding our true faith is to find and stay  upon our own, unique path, exploring the qualities of higher-dimensional, non-divisive consciousness as the only guide. In becoming more sceptical and intrepidly curious we develop a unique ability to intuitive tap into others and to sense the hidden but true bonds between us and them. This new tool only replenishes our sense of faith in our purpose here, and ultimately aids to further the evolution of humanity.

Blessings, and have an amazing New Moon xx

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