The Month Ahead: November – an astrological synopsis

[art: Cameron Sandercock
[art: Cameron Sandercock]
As promised by the stars in October, you will get to exercise your great power in November.
However, unless you are fully present, stay mindfully conscious and centred there is a great danger that
you will most likely abuse this power by trying to trying to sap someone else’s, or become used up and tossed out by the ‘powers that be’. So great warnings (like never before) for the month, and times ahead… if we are to remain on this ‘baggage-free’ ride upon our ‘Cosmic Bus’.
With the Sun continuing through Scorpio and later, into Sagittarius, the auspices of darkness and unconscious behaviour are magnified intensely and grossly exaggerated this month, especially since Jupiter and Mercury are also in this fixed/water sign. Our moods will experience more dramatic swings as heightened emotional sensitivity reaches fever pitch this month. 
These magnifications of the corrupt manipulation of power are an essential part of our evolutionary shift. They become the critical episodes, pivotal in these revolutionary months leading up to the outright separation of humanity from the lower, densely physical desires of 3D consciousness into the higher resonating states of the 4th and 5th dimensional fields.
Mind yourself, and stay centred. Things to watch:
  1. If you have a pervasive distrust of others you may become increasingly more suspicious of their behaviour, trying to find excuses to validate your fears and to vindicate paranoid activity towards others.
  2. If at all you are the detached, aloof kind who is prone to bouts introspection, hocus pocus and fantasies then you may gradually withdraw your emotions from others around you, acting as if they no longer exist for you.
  3. If you’re the obsessive-compulsive kind, or suffer from stress, anxiety or depression, you will most likely cluster up with others just like you, or drive others to similar states of despair.
  4. If you possess a flagrant disregard for society’s rules or other peoples’ feelings, then mind your aggression – this could be a recklessly dangerous period for you.
  5. If you value yourself poorly or have low levels of self-esteem, any amount of criticism could launch you into wild, unstable behaviour, overtly dramatic meltdowns and possibly even self-harm.
  6. If you feel your immense sense of self-importance is not being adequately admired, perhaps even belittled or ignored, I would hate to be the person on the receiving end of one of your destructive rages. You are important. But this is not about you.
  7. If you are the kind of person who cannot do a thing (even make a decision) without depending on someone else, then you may wake up to be left alone for a bit longer than you ever imagined.
  8. If you are trying to control your world by attending to its every little detail, then be prepared for an exasperating match against the wilful randomness or sloppiness from others.
Just noting, that with mindful intent, none of these emotional triggers need to play out within you. It is entirely your choice whether you will allow yourself to behave in ways which seem less centred. This is your power.
More importantly, let’s hope that you don’t have to encounter these in your social dealings. As the month progresses, one thing looks certain – these social agitations just become more and more exaggerated and more difficult to reign in once they become exposed. So much so that they have a tendency to get out of control and cause irrevocable damage to the existing order.
If you do become caught up in the great Shakespearean drama, or in some way become negatively affected, then take heart. It is a sign that something very positive is happening to you. These symptoms are merely an emotional or sociological by-product of an extraordinary spiritual awakening that is happening on this planet – the neo-cosmic consciousness shift that we have been talking about for years now. The essence of it is that we a shifting out of limited structures and into higher vibrational states, free from the individual and collective problems of our existing society, which in many ways have made us less loving and quite out of order, both within ourselves and among those around us.
As we said last month, thinking that we are broken and need to be fixed, or that we can fix others is an immediate admission into the perpetuation of increasingly toxic and destructive world of control dramas. These dramas will become so amplified this month that their sheer power will collectively cause enormous shifts in the geological and geopolitical landscape.
We are evolving beyond a state where fear, judgement, struggle for power and forced separation have existed and thrived on our human misery. It is important to stay mindful that we are moving into a higher understanding, where kindness, compassion, forgiveness, acceptance and co-operation can obliterate many of our current limitations imposed by fear. As much as this collective evolutionary process is welcomed, the ‘growing pains’ of its transition may seem a little unsettling and uncomfortable to many – especially by those trapped in the old stories and stuck in the old ways of dealing with the exterior world.
It is best to practice meditation and mindful techniques to stay clear and centred to avoid any dramas this month. Just remember, that a deep transmutation process is occurring on every level, every scale, from the atomic, cellular, organic, individual and collective, to the cosmic.
Remain centred, and enjoy the Cosmic ride…
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