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Gemini/Gemini Rising – SUPERMOON in TAURUS Horoscopes

[artwork by Stephanie Pui-Mun Law]
[artwork by Stephanie Pui-Mun Law]

One way that you can overcome some of the uncertainty and apprehension that you’re feeling in your life at the moment is by being a little more discerning of the quality of interaction you make with the people you choose to associate yourself. Adjusting yourself to suit the standards of others is a really poor measure of your worth and a complete waste of your precious time and resources.

It’s true though – sometimes we wish to be accepted and validated of our own worth so much that we don’t even realise how dependent we become upon the approval of others. And how does it matter anyway? Do you actually qualify others to be a better judge of your abilities and your entire potential than you know yourself to be?

Such is the exchange that is occuring on this Full Moon, and if you have a very vague, or poor idea of your own worth then this may becoame a crisis for you unless you come very quickly to the centre of your soul and understand.

You can improve your life considerably if you just learn to take strength and power from your deepest sense of self – become truly independent of the assurance and approval of others by being more attentive of your greatest asset, your exemplary skill to understand yourself at the most deepest level, accept yourself and know that you are ok, under any circumstance. You are fine – perfect as you are, and proudly so.

Perhaps you might also extend this certainty of self to all those special people around you too. Just one simple attitude shift can turn your entire world around.

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