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The Body Zodiac – Signs & their Rulerships


Deep inside of you, at the deepest core level is the smallest empirical particle of you. Scientists call it your DNA.
It not only holds the basic blueprint of YOU, but holds every engram – every trace of kinesthetic, emotional, affective and collective memory – every archetypal pattern that went into making you from your immediate ancestors to your atavistic roots, all the way back to the beginning of all creation.
Yeah, all that is in you. At the most minute level. And on some level, you know this. On the most basic level, you are burning to keep that alive, not only to pass it on, but to evolve that into the next, best possible version of you. It’s part of the survival process.
You keep this potential ‘you’ stored up in your loins.
Observe how those loins start burning up whenever there’s a possibility that you may get a chance to exhibit your personal power. Down there, in your groin, is your own personal power station. It draws its fuel from countless generations of ‘you’ to inflame your passion to re-create your self.
Arousing isn’t it?
Kinda sexy…
Scorpio rules those organs that produce and recreate the all important sperm/egg cells; the highly-prized equipment that we employ when we engage in the act of re-production. These organs are quite sacred, and of course, they are instruments and vessels of all life. They are intimately reserved only for that ‘special’ someone.
No wonder we keep them all covered up.



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Most people are born with two kidneys, organs that play a major role in maintaining our general health and wellbeing and are synonymous with ‘good nature and temperament’. Just like the Libran, the kidneys perform a very complex process by measuring the general flow of things in our body environment and keep our general well-being and harmony in perfect balance. They do this by filtering out the offensive and toxic crap by choosing to keep only the goodness.

Our kidneys keep the body environment friendly and nice by sorting out non-recyclable waste from recyclable waste. They are busy at this 24-hours a day, seven days a week, whilst also cleaning your blood flow – the main currency of goodness and nutrients.

Most of us think that sorting out the unpleasant from the pleasant is a real tedious, superficially nuisance of a chore, but the kidneys (like Librans) live for this role. You see, they are intently focused on finding the most suitable, most agreeable state of equilibrium to keep our soul happy.

We all have this process going on in some area of our lives – on a social level it’s how we derive to meet our ‘soulmate’ – someone else who will ultimately serve to nourish and satisfy our soul.



As the Sun transits through the constellation of Virgo it activates the parts of ourselves – the digestive tract, the nervous system and the spleen – organs important in the sorting of matter between the useful and waste, serving to purify our blood and replenish it with nutrients, as well as sending vital signals from the brain to the limbs so to co-ordinate electric impulses into practical activity.

In the most conscious sense, the Virgo Sun serves to awaken the soul in de-programming the body from the impurities of the pre-conditioned mind. We learn to unlearn all things foul and repugnant by atoning our rituals of purification. It is the part of the Sol journey that is about the clearing away of stray and vagrant pollutants from others.

It has been a time to detox. Not only from things like junkfoods, alcohol, sex and drugs, but from the needy leeches who try to swab us with their diseased sores.

Detoxify yourself from the ego’s needy lust and lechery for carnal desires. Find the center of your wound and disinfect it. Undo original sin, the source of all your sickness…

Learn to replace dis-ease – the want, the hurt, the anxieties and sorrow, the shame, discomfort and disgrace with fulfilment, healing, wisdom, gratitude, and grace…



The best way to connect to your creative centre is to focus on your physical heart. Close your eyes for a moment, take a deep breath, and place all attention down, inside your body, to your chest.

Sense your heart sitting there, just inside your ribcage, behind and a little to the left side of your sternum. Find the part of the heart where you sense a special feeling, and this will become a sanctuary.

All throughout time, mystics and healers have always known that the heart holds true power – it is the nucleus and only authority over all awakening – not the cerebrum or brain. Their wisdom and teachings have all pointed to one thing – that the path to healing and God is the way of the heart.

No matter what turmoil, what pain we may experience on this 3D plane, so long as people have a heart, they will somehow find a way to access its magnificent power to heal and to grow.

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  1. Hi Ang.
    Is there a reason why all the zodiac signs aren’t listed here?

    • Hi Durelle,
      This is a project Ang has been working on in spare time, I’m sure he’ll complete all 12 when time allows.
      Kind regards, Ariel for angstoic.com

      • Thank you Ariel.
        I thought perhaps these were the major one’s we need think about. That’s the only reason I asked.
        Have a great day. 🙂

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