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The Week Ahead: October 24-31


At the end of the Sun’s phenomenal run through Libra, the first of the next 6 ‘social’ signs, much light was cast upon the political imbalances in our relationship world. In the past month we have made considerable progress in assessing any inequities and improprieties that seemed to hamper or disturb our desired state of peace and equilibrium. Through much argument and debate we have sized up what we deem as acceptable and what is clearly askew in our world and made some careful judgement as to how we wish to deal with it, if we indeed wish to relate with it.

As the Sun dips into Scorpio now, we enter the next phase of our relationship process – one where we seal any agreements and execute necessary changes. Here, the political ins & outs of our world, made evident in Libra, become a matter of pressing urgency and we commit to either forging a deeper, fixed commitment to those things that satisfy us, or simply eliminate that which no longer has any place in our world. The Sun in Scorpio is not interested in casual or indifferent relationships. Strong feelings precipitate into a strong inner force that guides us to take action – to make much needed changes our lives in order to feel satisfied with absolute certainty…

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