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The Week Ahead: Oct 31 – Nov 6

[art: "perhaps the dreams are of soulmates", cameron gray]
[art: “perhaps the dreams are of soulmates”, cameron gray]
The big influence this week is Neptune’s exact pass over the South Node (the dragon’s tail), a point that has been subtly affecting us for several weeks with a slow, gradual, collective introduction into the beautiful realms of 5th dimensional consciousness. Yet this has been made punishingly challenging by the square from Saturn, whose harsh judgement and demands to ‘be real’ has only abrased and forced us to separate ourselves and seek isolation in order to protect our precious sensitivities (see full article on this here).

The week ahead is an epic lead-up to a snap awakening to a new reality, one which many of us have been sensing, if only in brief instances and sudden grabs where we have managed, even momentarily, to step out of the old even just for a slight glimpse…

Here are the key transits for this week:

  Tuesday Nov 01 08:17 am Sun 09°20′ Trine Neptune 09° 20’Rx
  Tuesday Nov 01 10:32 am Sun 09°26′ Sextile Node 09°26′
  ♆/ Tuesday Nov 01 01:11 pm Mars 24°25′ Semisquare Nep/Node 09° 20’Rx
  Thursday Nov 03 05:08 am Mercury 15°17′ Sextile Pluto 15°17′
  Thursday Nov 03 02:59 pm Neptune 09° 19’Rx Opposition Node 09°19′
  Ch Friday Nov 04 04:39 pm Venus 21°00′ Square Chiron 21° 00’Rx
  Saturday Nov 05 06:24 am Venus 21°41′ Trine Uranus 21°41’Rx
Jn  in Sunday Nov 06 09:44 am Juno 00°00′  
  Ch Sunday Nov 06 07:01 pm Mercury 20°57′ Trine Chiron 20° 57’Rx

The Scorpio’s Sun’s effect is to increase our desire to renovate and overhaul everything and everyone who garners our attention, which may be seen as threatening to those who are sensitive, fragile or feeling insecure about themselves (Monday-Tuesday).

The Mars semisquare to the Neptune/Node (Tuesday) creates a frantic struggle to untangle ourselves from any sticky messes (anything from a knitting yarn to serious business dealings). As things become more confusing, anger increases too, and we come to realise just how enmeshed our mess is with all those around us. It is because we fight to assert our position. A position that is disintegrating under our feet. In fact the fight is bigger than we can imagine and if we’re sensing any disharmony or inability to adapt to others, it’s best we do not engage into the lower levels of blame and abuse, and just pull ourselves away. If we insist, things could quickly get unpleasant.

By midweek the Scorpio Sun begins to teach us to give others the space to enjoy the freedom to grow at their own pace (Wednesday). By staying deeply sensitive to the plight of those less privileged, even the downtrodden, we are inspired to come up with lasting solutions that may make life easier for them. In this, we plan ahead by planting seeds that will one day yield fruit for us from those we helped to make self-sufficient (Thursday-Sunday). This about your efforts as a valued investment into the higher universal currencies of kindness and grace.

[art: cameron gray]
[art: cameron gray]
It is important to note that the phenomenon sweeping across the entire planet is the growing awareness that deep within each of us our higher self is becoming less capable of entertaining our own personal fantasies, cover-ups and denials – particularly where it makes our external life just excruciating to deal with. Over the past few weeks (perhaps months), you would have noticed a growing retreat away from the friendship, advice, or counsel of others and into a more private universe, where you are getting increasingly closer to becoming the key holder of a very exclusive membership.

Give yourself the opportunity to be by yourself whenever necessary; to be free from the ties and obligations that others try to create for you; to give yourself the time and space to be with yourself away from the influences of others; where you can draw upon the power of your own inner guidance system. Know, or come to know that you must learn to hold sacred communion with your inner self, and try as they may, nobody has the advice necessary for you now to make the kind of decision that will become transformative and critical to not just your own evolution, but one that aligns with the entire planet’s evolutionary shift.

[art: cameron gray]
[art: cameron gray]
The dream is a shared dream, waiting to unfold for every entity on this planet.
It is not exclusive to you, or to some of you.
Let us not become confused that the dream is ours, or one that we can share with just a select few. It is this misconception that creates all the separation, the heartache, the discomfort, the suspicion and the vile anger that leads us into war now. Learn to allow those who wish to ‘play along’ this lower vibration ‘stageshow’ to play it out at their own level. Consciously ‘choose’ not to partake in the banal ‘drama’ that is filled with lies, secrets, cover-ups and repudiations. Identify those acting out in this way as those stuck in the Shakespearean production that is the 3D world.

One deep, conscious breath is enough to step you out of that lower ‘reality’ and back onto the ‘Cosmic Bus’ of pure, non-reactive observation.
You may need to make an insistent demand this week to stay away from those ‘role-players’, to maintain a sacred space for yourself to retreat into when sensing angry reactions, either from within yourself towards others or from others who make unreasonable demands upon your time or space.

Do this, and have an amazing week.
Blessings xx

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