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VENUS sextile JUPITER – Wednesday Oct 26, 03:20 UTC

VENUS 10°05′ Sextile JUPITER 10°05′ (mutual reception)

[pic: paolo raeli]
What to believe?
Who to trust, to cherish… who to love now?

Such a question…. especially when you seen it all, know all, right?

Well, half of the time, your intuition’s trying to warn you about certain people that come into our life. Other half of the time, it’s screaming at you, telling you that sick feeling you get in a situation is not the other person’s crap at all but rather, it’s your own toxic baggage.

Think about this – a life filled with bias, fear, hatred, judgment, insecurity, delusion and self-righteousness can easily cloud the spirit of anyone you meet. Your business is never to assume – instead it is to listen, communicate, ask questions, & if you don’t understand something then ask more, keep asking… until you know for sure the true depth of someone’s spirit.

Anyway…. you’re going to believe whatever you wanna believe.
Just know this – there is only ever one truth.
That is the place where there can be no further question.

Ever been there with someone?

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