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The frustration you’re experiencing is unbelievably annoying.

But sometimes, that’s just the way it is. Those in authority have MORE than you. And you… doesn’t matter what… you feel like you ain’t got it.

And you probably don’t.

In fact… nah… you DEFINITELY don’t.

You don’t: NOT because you chose to enter a race where you were clearly out of your league; NOT because your best possible efforts were not even close; NOT because when you stacked up yours next to theirs, yours looked like crap; NOT because they were more solid, more clever, more nasty, more bullying, more wealthy, more popular, etc….


You DON’T got it because you – in all your wisdom – decided to enter that race in the first place. And there is no contest. No comparison. Those in authority, those ruling that race, are only there because they are experts in passing judgement, pressing everyone with doubts and fears about their competence, their self-worth, their intelligence etc…

You can’t win against the establishment. They CREATED and continue to PERPETUATE that world of comparisons…

All you can do now is go within, check what constitutes your own ‘establishment’, fine tune your own ‘constitution’, make necessary ‘amendments’ and become an authority all unto yourself.

Cease comparing yourself to anything.

Get it right within, before trying to take on the entire world without…


Originally published 5th May 2016

© All rights reserved, Ang Stoic 2016

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