So let me sum up the month ahead as best i can, without labouring too much into the astrology. Yes, yes… the Sun will go from Libra to Scorpio, so relationship focus intensifies; tense contacts to Pluto and Uranus from both Sun/Mars; some crazy shit happens with the Moon, Venus and Lilith in Scorpio (later nexweek), with most critical dates this month around 4-8, 13-16, 19-20. [Those who follow my page will get more details as we go, but]… in a nutshell, it looks like this:

1. For all your efforts, you will get tired of trying to fix others, because you realise that you can’t, and fixing others was never really the point anyway.
2. (if you have not already…) either you w

ill accept them as they are, or fucking leave off.
3. You will then (finally) turn to try to fix yourself.
4. You will soon work out that you cannot be fixed either.
5. (if you have not already…) either you will accept yourself as you are (perfectly imperfect), realising that you are not and never have been broken, or go into some self-destructive rampage trying to prove that you are broken (but fail, possibly making yourself miserable or ill)
6. You will eventually discover that you are powerful beyond measure.
7. [Spoiler] You will exercise that power in November.

HINT: You can fast track steps 1-6 by coming into peace with yourself (and the world) now, & through exercising mindfulness, begin on step 7.

Either way, have an amazing month ahead x.

[pic: Adrian McDonald]
[pic: Adrian McDonald]
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