In all the tempestuous excitement of this Full Moon, all becomes exposed – and anyone resonating with any intelligence becomes confronted by the noxious low-energy fields of the infidel – the idolater of society and all its norms. Either you sense this within you or without, but certainly it becomes apparent through our significant relationship to others. For those who sit with me and watch the ignorant blindly worship those things that appear only phoney and superstitious, come sit.

See how these gods now appear to rise before us as uncontrollable demons, soon to possess the world with unyielding fury and rage. Those who have foolishly praised their idols, raised them to a throne, placed gem-encrusted crowns upon their heads, given them sceptres to wave about over us at their whimsical command… behold how hideously they shall govern over this domain now.

Hey!… See how these “gods” only come to occupy themselves with the work they love best – making promises to bond us. Through agreements, laws and marriages. And many continue to buy into them. Subscribe to their system, Continue to campaign with and support them through their right to ‘vote’. Watch them marry the young to the old, the weak and imbecilic to the strong and dominant. Watch how they feed the purposeless, the lost, the hopeless and the dead to those few who are truly ‘living’.

Observe, without judgement all the hatred – that mean and secret hatred, that contempt for justice and that pure disgust – unspoken disgust, ruthless treachery, family and domestic treachery. Observe how their currency system is vice itself – a deep, deadly, domestic vice.

See how over the generations of your worship to these gods and their dominions how children only grow neglected and unloving from the parents who themselves have never truly been loved; how sacred infants have been nursed and weaned only on lies, misconceptions and deceptions from their very moment that they take their first breath into this world; how they are raised into an atmosphere corrupt with punitive lies and self-fulfilling means. See how your worship to these gods has only hastened and encouraged the decay and death of our society.

See that. Look straight through that facade now. This is the world whose worship to a god who rules with only one intention – for the degeneration and decay of our beautiful world. Decide whether you wish to continue to pray to him; to sponsor him by purchasing his products; to subscribe or be taxed by him; to vote for him and exalt his reign over you through his systems and religions… Just know one thing: The mask he wears is that of Death.

Your have the power to decide.
Your only power is your choice.

Now here’s your horoscopes:

Aries/Aries Rising

OK, gotta be cool now. Important to trust only yourself. Sure your opinions differ from others, and you need to do things differently, but if you’re going through any pain and loss now it is because though you desire to integrate fully into society, but realising that you can not. This is more than just expressing your individuality. This is much more. This is you versus the world. There is no other option.

Taurus/Taurus Rising

You are secretly blessed with an the inexplicable knowing that this dimension’s experience does not necessarily mirror all of reality. Tapping into a deeply powerful prophetic voice, one which holds great wisdom and truth, you can channel the sacred wisdom of higher realms. You don’t need guidance of the guardians from the other side to access the Akashic records. Only one problem… because your clairvoyance is out sync with the drumbeat of your time, often you are not listened to, like the mythical Cassandra of Trojan War fame.

Gemini/Gemini Rising

Either you have or you will very dramatically come to understand the necessity of being a cooperative member of the greater network. You may be confronted with situations that suddenly place you outside the circle for a time so you can experience how it feels to be “the outsider”. You will come to realise that in a cooperative society there is no room for marginalising people to an outsider’s position. Only when you come to understand this firsthand, can you begin to teach and win the respect of your whole tribe.

Cancer/Cancer Rising

You may intuitively come to the awakening about why it is some people insist on “survival of the fittest”- especially by reflecting on situations where you were not necessarily considered “fit” yourself. This could be a cue for you to step up to a role where you are taking care of the those less powerful than you. Might mean having to draw on your street-wise intuition on how to survive under the laws of the jungle. Don’t be afraid to defend others in this wisdom, you may discover your new role as the natural steward of the needs of the people.

Leo/Leo Rising

It’s virtually impossible to say where you’re headed, and what kind of mind expanding opportunities lie ahead for you now. One thing is certain, you are travelling in unbroken ground, and you are channeling knowledge that promises to expand the quality of life for everyone. Take the risks now. Don’t fucking worry about losses. They exist only in your fear to get outside your comfort zone. You may notice that wherever you go you are confronted by the economic inequities of life. It’s in your face for a reason. Find out why.

Virgo/Virgo Rising

Suddenly issues with others trying to rip away your resources – inheritances, shared funds, mortgage foreclosure, repossessions – even calamities from nature can be contentious and difficult experiences, especially if you are the custodian or broker of those funds/estates. Maybe it’s time to share a partnership role in the disbursement of funds, or risk someone else having the obstinate final word in where they are to go. Your sex life you may similarly present issues of control or demandingness, which could be a real turn off. Learn to stay in the moment in all matters of shared intimacy. Mind off.

Libra/Libra Rising

For someone whose partnerships are the royal interest, situations where there is an unequal distribution of kingdom’s power is becoming more and more vexing for you. You can’t win at this, so best not try to compete – as brilliant as you are in playing off the other side. You may have to work at finding a partner that will share your goal of sharing the work and well as the joys of partnership as you already find them, stay away from any concepts or ideals. Accept people in current terms, or suffer the consequences for being out of sync with real time. One thing is CERTAIN – if you attempt to follow traditional male/female roles, your relationship will either flop or explode.

Scorpio/Scorpio Rising

Pitting your own authority up against challenges from others trying to impose their authority on health-care decisions for you only makes you more determined to pursue any self-destructive behaviour. Watch that you don’t somehow cast yourself into a health-care crisis simply out of spite. If not managed properly, some intervention might be necessary. Don’t leave this up to others. Clarity of thinking and intervention on what’s best about how you take care of yourself is your business. Be kind to yourself.

Sagittarius/Sagittarius Rising

You alone have the power to create wonderfully divergent forms that highlight societal problems caused by unequal power distribution. Look to your art – your images, your writing, your music to inspire others with the provocative power of your message. Here is a real chance to express your gift, use it, exercise it with flair and audacity, otherwise your art will sadly devolve into recalcitrant warfare and pointless blame games. You must work hard to overcome this destructive little tendency at this time.

Capricorn/Capricorn Rising

Events conspire so that a blast of unprecedented insight serves you with just the breakthrough you need to recognise how past conditions have been/are contributing to current domestic problems you may be facing. Notice how incidents in your childhood have conditioned you to play out any inequities in power distribution in your current home life/family. You can’t ignore or pretend these don’t exist by working around them. Staying all timid and oppressed on one extreme, then on the other extreme acting like a Tyranic-sore-arse Wrecks is such ‘stone age’ behaviour. If you are wise, you will work on dealing with these dynamics so the same bitter fruit is not borne into the next generation. Avoid dealing with your toxic past, and you risk inflicting outrageous pain and misery upon yourself (and those that look up to you

Aquarius/Aquarius Rising

Suddenly, the little voice inside gets louder and most discordant against the seemingly ludicrous sounds of the collective.Use your ferocious intellect to discern what is off balance and is patently not in the interests of the society. But you must work hard to stay impartial and non-judgemental. Taking biased views could destroy you. Beware of forcing your personal opinions upon others, but know that it your job to tell society at large your perceptions in ways that makes them shift out of their positions of complacency.

Pisces/Pisces Rising

You greatest consternation, and it is uncertain how aware you are of this, is the awful management of money and other physical resources. Not just your own, but of the entire planet. You have a vastly different attitude around handling money and wealth which involves a more fluid and immediate managing of resources. Some people might think you are foolish with your use of your own money, time, body, resources. You are not. It’s just that your approach is almost revolutionary, without being too idealistic. You realize the value of sharing cooperatively, although you must be mindful of your unconscious tendencies to use your resources to dominate your social sphere.

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  1. CatherineMardling

    Astounding Ang
    Thank you

  2. On point; thank you 🙏🏼

  3. <>
    These are the words that tie the whole gruesome situation together.
    You are uncannily perceptive. Thank you for caring enough to put into cryptic terms, the road to take. <> Each of us that see in the most inner mechanism of WHAT and HOW is destroying our world, can only stay true to the ethics that have piece by piece been erased by the camoflouged power Gods.
    This is a synopsis that could not get any more clearer. Thank you, Ang Stoic.

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