Full Moon in Scorpio

Let’s talk about death.

Not as some grave, terminal event as we experience here as earthly beings, but more as a decision. An agreement that is made by the inner, ‘higher’ self to let go of some attachment and to move on.

What inner, ‘higher’ self? [you ask] Oh… that’s that pure column of intelligence – the light that illuminates your spinal column, from your asshole up to your crown. Let’s call it your ‘soul’ to make it easier. You soul is actually what calls all the shots for you here on earth whilst it inhabits that sexy body you see in the mirror every morning. (lol, and you thought it was your beautiful mind…)

Ok, so your soul exists on a completely different level of awareness. Unlike what’s happening in your linear mind, it actually knows shit. It knows that all matter is just condensed energy, that there is no such thing as ‘time’ (all ‘experiences’ are merely coinciding manifestations) and that everything you witness (including yourself) is purely a exemplification of a dream you’re having.

I know, I know… it’s like “woah”, yeah?

But yeah… what you’re experiencing is totally a dream, and what you perceive to be ‘you’ is also merely an interpretation of that dream based on the limited understanding of your mind.

…your mind (let’s not go there…)

Anyway, imagine this: that it’s your SOUL that actually makes all the big decisions – things like which BODY you will be born into, which PARENTS/CHILDHOOD you will have, what SCHOOL you will go to, which FRIENDS, TEACHERS, LOVERS you will have, which DRUGS you’ll take, which CAREER you’ll follow, who you’ll MARRY, which KIDS, what ADVENTURES you’ll go on, which ACTIVITY you will enjoy the most, become a veritable expert in….

…anyway – i hope you’re getting this. Big decisions which you THINK you’re making but are governed from a much higher place.

Late pop-star Prince (scorpio rising). Image changes of the yearsThe lower you? The one who sits here fancying themselves and all they’re worth? Well… you DO get to decide what colour sweater (or beret) you might wear, how to wear your hair and how much pocket money you might need to take along to the next activity… (better run, you’re running late!)

…oh, and you also get to decide how ATTACHED you become to any of the big things your soul decides for you (see ABOVE). Yeah, that’s right you get to engross yourself in any of those things to the point where your dreaming mind disengages from perceiving things as a WHOLE and eventually trashes that beautiful body to the point of crisis or disease… then your soul steps in and decides it’s time for CHANGE.

Now this ‘change’ is merely a decision, made from a higher place. You can call it divine INTERVENTION, a terminal ENDING of something old – which of course creates a space for something new, you can call it a RESET point or a major life TRANSITION, you can call it a DEATH (not necessarily to be taken literally of course).

See? We just spoke about death.

How connected is your ‘lower’ self to the one who makes all the big decisions for you down here? How aware are you of the dynamic inter-relationship between your earthly attachments and death, anyway? And what choices are you making that actually help to keep you aligned upon this plane for as long as possible?

Originally published 23rd April 2016

© All rights reserved, Ang Stoic 2016

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