Full Moon at 23°14′ Aries: Sunday Oct 16, 04:24 UTC

[Cazadora de Astros (Huntress of Stars) by Remedios Varo]
There is a strange nervous energy building as we head into this Aries Full Moon on Sunday. The following explanation may seem a bit dramatic and somewhat unnerving, but the dawning reality is that many of us already feel that that there has been a jolting shift – a complete rewiring in our relationship interdynamics, and even though the mechanics of the change have not occurred overnight, this full moon (as full moons do) only highlights the changes.  In this instance, it does this by contrasting some significant changes in both our individual, and collective nervous systems.
aries-full-moonThis Full Moon is an epochal event in that it not only combines the rebellious, lightning-bolt brilliance of Uranus, but also augurs the very distant, but strikingly phenomenal effects of a new planet, Eris, who entered our consciousness when she was discovered in 2005. Eris is the goddess of strife and discord, and she works very much to cut away at whatever is extraneous, or indulgent by catapulting our entire reality into radical forms of ego transcendence. She does this very cleverly, by throwing a spanner into the machine of convention, then sitting back and watching it unravel for a decade or so, just like her mythical interference which led to the Trojan war which lasted ten years and ended up levelling a lot of scorn-fed egos – both among mortals and among the revered gods & goddesses of the time.
Now, let us say, Full Moons alone are one thing, for they accentuate a time in our month when our most intimately personal concerns must be held in check, and (depending how they affect your chart by house/aspect) create direct awareness through mediation or conflict in the mirror of our relationships. They make us realise that matters either strongly need our full, undivided attention to bring into balance, or that something seriously needs to end in our personal routine. The Libran Sun seeks to masterfully address any such imbalances and disharmony in any of our relationships. The way he does this is by sizing up the situation between ourselves and others, postulating an appraisal, then passing fair and equal judgment.
A decision is absolutely necessary now, but the position must be measured, marked appropriately and moderated until everything is just right before a truly balanced outcome can be reached and restored.
Of course, with the emotionally impulsive and stormy Aries Moon in opposition, this balancing process could be seen as a real trial. Whilst the conscious objective is to achieve some form of a workable, sustainably balanced partnership (Libra), unconsciously something seems to be subjectively kicking against any attempts to create such a balance by blindly and willfully asserting its own self-centred needs and impulses, or to act without thinking, reacting with anger or hostility if feeling at all compromised (Aries). Both are extreme reactions, and neither serves to fully satisfy unless some genuine give and take is exercised.
This matter is only agitated further by the Moon’s near-exact conjunction (00°S46′) to Uranus, a wildly electrifying force of resistance that (in Aries) promptly seeks to intercept, deviate or negate anything that tries to hold it down away from its precious, selfish point. Mixed with the emotionally reactive lunar energy in fiery Aries, what we experience here is an incredible amount of nervous tension – an impulsively rebellious and erratic restlessness that jolts our entire nervous system with a strange, often incomprehensible sense of uneasiness about the existing state of things – the machinations of interrelations. There is an immediate urge to react against, but not knowing why.
React against what, exactly?
"Whatta ya got?" [Scene from The Wild One, 1953]
“Whatta ya got?”
[Scene from The Wild One, 1953]
Well… what is there? “What have you got” to rebel against (as Johnny says in the movie)?
Moon/Uranus in Aries will see us impulsively revolting against whatever inequities may present in the existing system, just because they are there – without filters and hesitations. Whatever previously pre-pared, pre-existing, mainstream, mildly mediocre, run-of -the-mill, mild-mannered, lame-ass, politically savvy, schmaltzy and politely sugary ploys or efforts we’ve been used to employing to argue or to justify that how things are at this very present moment are seen as acceptable to the very unsatisfactory state of affairs is fair game to rail against.
If you have a look at the noxious state of affairs today – just look anywhere (you won’t need to look far…) you will see why this time (now) is a typically, epically unstable state of affairs between us. Moon/Uranus is looking for a sudden breakthrough in existing conditions – it seeks an intuitive solution, a genius epiphany, an inspired insight into our surface problems. And in Aries, it needs this now.
It is no wonder then that the world is feeling ‘a little restless’ and on the edge at the moment. There is a strong element – the more emotional element, the internal, the environmental, the moody -the feminine – which is building up to a whoppingly sudden burst of electrical storm-power, ready to shoot bolts of fury at any attempts to size up, measure, assess, mediate, justify or restore equilibrium to a system that she (luna) senses as desperately out-dated, deliberately regressive, passively aggressive or lamely unacceptable by her restlessly progressive, innovative epiphanies.
Freedom, nervous excitement, emotional detachment from others (particularly partners), an unconditional demand for dissent towards liberation, progress and civil liberty – anything that leads us away from conventional or standard ways of solving new problems… these become the sorce of the buzz that is generated and climaxing on this Aries Full Moon.
One can feel the electricity running through their nervous system. Not only can they feel it inside themselves, they sense it running through others too. In fact, everywhere you turn, there is a strange air of nervous excitement pulsing through everyone. I don’t often refer to world politics, but what is going on in the US democratic election just one month away from polling day is electrifying. Incidentally, without any other analysis, I will mention that both candidates have a Moon/Uranus aspect (Clinton has a square, Trump an opposition). And Trump is a Sun/Uranus conjunction (he’s the shocker), so I’m afraid that these individuals are one, very magnetic embodiment of this Full Moon zeitgeist.
Moon/Uranus people are freaky in that they are largely unpredictable in how they will react. Depending on the aspect, natives either ‘act out’ or are subjected to this shocking interruption by this wildly emotional energy. So it’s fair to say that when you apply these people to the world of politics that you will see them generate enormous nervous tension in the public mood (ruled by Moon). It is no wonder then that the world is currently in a high state of anxiety about what’s going on and what is about to happen. A semi-square from Neptune to this Moon also throws an element of confusion into the mix. Enormous compassion and suspension of our tendency to personalise these energies is necessary to actually see the bigger picture of where this is all leading our humanity, particularly in how we relate to one another on the most interpersonal level.
Another phenomenon that I have covered already is the outer planet Eris inclusion into this lunation. Eris, a feminine warrior-type goddess, is full of strife and discord, and when mixed with the emotional rebelliousness of the Moon/Uranus, the revolutionary effects of this time can be far-reaching and impact our world in such provocative and irrevocably intense ways that it may be difficult to restore balance and harmony without taking a massive leap into a brave new way of dealing with the world.
Interestingly, and referring back to the US presidential campaign, it is the recent unearthing of a video of Trump in 2005, then famous for hosting the ‘Miss Universe’ contest, when Eris first entered our consciousness that acts as a catalyst, as a grenade that disembowels the whole trajectory of our existing state of affairs. This is how Eris works, since she has only moved a couple of degrees since 2005. At the time of her discovery, she was conjunct the Aries North Node and opposite Jupiter (who has now only just returned to Libra).
One thing we are observing is the phenomenal pace in which we are evolving regarding the freedom of women to assert their unconditional freedom and independence from the repugnant culture of the patriarchal masculine. It is obvious that there is still a large contingency among us (both male and female) who have a radically resistant, or conservatively antiquated approach to understanding that the needs to express one’s untarnished personal individuality as a basic, fundamental human right.
So much discussion to be made on this now. Without labouring the point too much here I might add that this lunation only indicates that the entire human race is brought to a monumental standoff. We are at a point where we will momentarily stop listening to the political clamour of outsiders, where all external props to our emotional well-being seem wholly unsatisfactory, become fiercely rejected, and the lines of dependence become interrupted or intercepted. The restlessness that you, and those around you are sensing at this very moment is the intuitive force you feel that much out there has to be detached, dropped, be instantly abandoned if anything new and deeply satisfying has any hope coming through. Only you, in your infinite internal wisdom has any hope of ever reclaiming and restoring a much needed balance and order back into your relationship with this world.
It all starts and ends with you. And you know this.
Since Libra has much to do with our ‘special’ relationships, then eventually, hopefully sooner than later, we might discover that the best relationships – the ones that really satisfy our soul – are ones that are deeply rooted in a true friendship and kinship to one another. Only in an equanimous sharing of everything this precious moment offers and everything it has to bring will we ever hope to get on amicably and peacefully. The day we look to one another and observe something more genuine than what we saw the night before – like a switch has been flicked somewhere – is the day that we realise that this person who just yesterday was just a friend (or dear enemy) is suddenly a very significant person to your overall self-understanding, perhaps even the only person you could ever imagine yourself being with.
[pic: Kasia Derwinska]

Now let’s review and ask ourselves. Are you the same person that you were in 2005?
How has your interrelationship dynamics changed – can you see? How much do you identify with any preconditioned expectations of your gender or social position and how much have you moved forward into your own unique sovereignty? How well do you relate with the opposite sex? Is the power dynamic between you and the not you different? One would argue that things are about to evolve considerably, and certainly (by Jupiter) this is for the greater benefit of all.
Blessings, and have an amazing Full Moon xx
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