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Tuesday, 11th October

Tuesday, 11th October

URANUS/ERIS Full Moon – the lead up

14707803_940155109421986_8698075729984321620_oWhat the frijoles, I say… was it too much coffee earlier today??

That peppy, bouncing restlessness i’m experiencing during the days is now following me into bed, treating me to the sort of sleep where I’m like awake every hour, thinking… am I even sleeping here at all?

It’s my dreams – they’re more like lucid reflections, or daytime thoughts that are slightly warped…

Wtf indeed. This is NOT a mind restlessness. These dreams are telling me there’s a soul restlessness here.

…then I realise, it’s only days before this URANUS/ERIS Full Moon.
Oh, boy. This is gonna be some kinda-hella week…



Sunday, 9th October

PLUTO: He wants to change the world.

He has a lot of power, mostly because he rules over a great underworld domain that not many even know exist, let alone even imagine the enormous wealth that lies there. Much of his property, assets, affluence, riches, capital comes from the inheritance of generations of deceased estates and taxing the living dead – those he enslaves by contract in exchange for protection from those he drives mad with a mania for some of his own power.

pluto astrology, pluto power struggle, pluto abuse
[art: august bradley]
He has a lot of intent, to control, the entire world (if possible). Possible too, if one probed deep enough, to find representatives who are corrupted enough to work for him in all the highest offices in the land. However, even if one did decide to go on a crusade to expose his rampantly corrupt network, it can be somehow assured
that he holds enough influence to roundly secure their untimely doom. He does not like to be exposed and every lieutenants are working under him is under a sacred (lethally bound) vow to commit whatever act, however brutal in force, to maintain secrecy in his pursuit to gain greater control. He acts under the premise that controlling his world in this way, on his own unyielding terms, ‘keeps it all together’.
Personally, he is a dark, imposing figure and though charismatic on the surface, what lies beneath is a troubled motherfucker. He holds little respect for the feminine – he fails to understand their delicate sensitivity to force, and yet he not only brutally imposes himself upon them (and their pristine beauty) in often violent or violating ways, managing to possess them with his great gift – satiating their desire for orgasmic ecstasy, allowing them (and their children) access to extraordinary material comforts and securities and symbolic power over men.Ruled by his compulsions and addictions for total [insert whatever turn-on/poison you can think of …………..], he will stop at nothing to have his way.And yet… deep, deep within…. he knows he’s fucked up and needs help.Unless he comes up to the light, fesses up to his abhorrently invasive ways, he will continue to writhe and stew in the cesspool of his own, destructive ways. And perpetuate darkness over all humankind…….see full story https://angstoic.com/2016/07/pluto-search-antidote-temptation/

Saturday, 8th October

Libra SUN square PLUTO in Capricorn

What lies on the surface is but 1% of who you are.
[art: Kota Wade]
And it lies.
On the surface.
It has to lie. It’s only a mask.
A cleverly constructed facade.
The skin you crawl around in.
Just beneath the skin, is something very beautiful and immortal,
The full you.Only you can know this
with complete certainty.Your skin will shed.
Again and again.
From time to time.
In fact, it is a daily process which you can not only observe in real time, but you can help to facilitate, every moment of your day.
How much do you allow your vastly spacious interior to shine through the facade, to liberate the manifold of your self-identifications?
How much do you allow the full scope of your expression to be free to present itself, creatively, without succumbing to the destructive forces of darkness?Let’s cut through the superficial crap, all the manipulative games that we play underneath in order to ‘survive’. These are not you. They take possession over you and they hijack your true intent.If you must fight, fight these.

When you give in to the surface world of politeness, you risk corrupting your true nature from the opportunity to express your own creative sacredness.

Come now, come up here and slay those dark dragons that threaten to take control over your prerogative to choose what you want. Make way for the full self to come to the surface. Choose only to stand upon the sacred ground of your inner being.

…. https://angstoic.com/2016/07/pluto-search-antidote-temptation/

Friday, 7th October

MERCURY in Libra (Oct 7-24)

Time to stop analysing the matter and make a decision on which way to go:


“A cup of tea? Some scones?”
– “Why thank you, don’t mind if I do 🙂

“I have a very sweet idea which I immediately thought might interest you, I’d like to hear your views.”
– “Well that sounds delightful – I’ve seen that work before, with very favourable results. I’m keen to give it a try, if you like.”

“I’m totally keen, if you are… Oh yes, and I know exactly where to source the supplies if you would like to help me engage the crew.”
– “Of course my dear, you just leave it to me, I think I know how to entice their interests. I have a most attractive offer that is sure to win them over.”

“You’re just wonderful.”
– “You are… [kiss]”

“You fancy a nap first?”
– “Sounds good to me”.

Try out both methods before deciding which works best.
Hit the playground. Ride the see-saw.
Stopcrastinating and make a call.
When in two minds, always choose love.
Pick something, trade and enjoy.
Sweet talk it, honey.
Better just shhhoosh your lips.
Partake in pleasant part-ay.
Allow, allow, allow (but don’t kowtow).
Teach them the way, but let ’em believe what they wanna believe.
Heed what the sign says (for a change).

……full scopes@ https://angstoic.com/2016/09/horoscopes-sun-libra-sep-23-oct-23/



Tuesday, 4th October

Libra SUN sextile SATURN in Sagittarius

In the physical universe, we are all subject to certain standards which, strangely, are subject to the terrain of the land and its climate, its prevailing culture, its laws, its taxes, and its (often) mean-spirited, judgemental ruler or deity. Fair enough, you might say… it’s the way the 3D experience keeps us in line. Hard, punishing, linear, often scary, but always exact and civilised, and if you study it enough – really learn its parameters and practice them – even teach them to others, it promises you some degree of safety and predictability in life.


Is it that easy to believe this any more?

From my observation, it has never been harder to determine or decide what these arbitrary ‘standards’ are, let alone ‘follow’ them any more. In a universe that is truly jolting everyone’s sense of ‘reality’, at least once a day now, it seems that the only thing we will eventually be left to believe is that there is no such thing as a ‘standard’ consensus left to follow out there.

This is obvious every time something is put to a two-party vote. The result by the populace is becoming invariably closer to 49.999999 versus 50.000001%.

However, let’s not despair. We are simply in a transitional period. So far, we have almost exclusively relied on the exterior world, and its martinet paternal types to “sell” us, teach us and enforce our ‘standards’. However, thanks to massive internal shifts to our consciousness, the way we observe things has progressed beyond what the standard reality can explain any more. In this sense, those paragons of ‘reality’; those leading proponents of the ‘standard’ world are being exposed daily as obscene hypocrites and scoundrels who have just cleverly exploited the belief system.

It has happened. ‘Reality’ is now so beyond belief, that it has become a parody of itself.

Our physical, 3D, reality TV experience can no longer keep up with our new super-sonic perception. Yet… we gotta stay grounded, right?

TIP FOR TODAY: Don’t just judge. Choose your reality.



Monday, 3rd October

MERCURY in Virgo opposite CHIRON in Pisces

14568083_933255926778571_5407932915696773218_nYour words, as analytically shrewd as they come off, can cut deeper than the sharpest of daggers into the gentle soul of others . At least with daggers, you can pull them out, and in time the wounds may heal over.

Unkind words, however astute or well-intended, can cut deep into the heart of the psyche, and they can hurt forever because once spoken, can very seldom be forgotten.

Mind to be kind now.


Friday, 30th September

PLUTO now direct @14°55′ (sextile Lilith); NODES square Saturn

Sure, you can hold on to hate, anger resentment. You can really take that shit in, repress it, let it stew for so long that it just riddles your insides like a cancer, on some level knowing that all you’re doing is avoiding having to deal with the source of your issue – your avoidance of addressing the source of your self-inflicted pain.pluto astrology, pluto lilith astrology,
You can convince yourself into believing that if you give in – either by admitting where you were wrong or by forgiving those who wronged you – that you would be allowing them to walk all over you. So instead, you hold on to the hatred and contempt.

What you don’t seem to get is that your suppressed, protracted hatred cannot just be isolated or turned off like a switch. It slowly seeps, deep into you energetic core, into your every cell, into your every thought process – surfacing through your ill-health, the choices you make, your belief systems, eventually manifesting as your darkened everyday reality.

When you repress hatred, your whole entire value system and everything you come to believe becomes tarnished by a toxic, underlying anger and resentment – to such a degree that all projections into your reality then become modified in order to deal with your negatively tainted emotions and your abuse.

It’s not much different to your computer’s operating system becoming infested by a virus. Your spirit slowly becomes corrupted and you begin to make questionable decisions, acting in ways that eventually don’t make any proper sense to anyone.

This is what hatred, spite, unresolved anger, when left unaddressed, will do. Eventually it will sabotage your operation, crash your spirit, render your soul useless, and turn you into a social pariah.

This is a good time to reboot. Unplug yourself. Don’t worry about blaming, or trying to fix others. Check out the energy streaming through you. Is it pure? Perhaps you need to either run and anti-virus, or wipe your entire memory, restore your system to factory settings and start afresh.

Maybe install a decent firewall – set some definite personal boundaries on what emotions you will and won’t accept in this great, world-wide-web of psycho-emotional streaming. And remember to clear your spiritual cache regularly.


[art: Michael MacRae]

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