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ERIS: Strife & Apple of Discord

{Pic: Eleanor Antin's "Judgment of Paris"]
{Pic: Eleanor Antin’s “Judgment of Paris”]
This Sunday, Eris conjunct Uranus will align with the Full Moon in Aries at 23°♈14′. The apple of discord is about to be thrown into the mix. How affected do you become by the apparent strife that goes on around you?
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The latest planet to be found on the periphery of our solar system was eventually named after the greek goddess of strife and discord, Eris. Her discovery and classification as a ‘dwarf planet’ in 2005 was also the reason Pluto was also demoted to ‘dwarf’ status, signalling the end of his bigshot days as our outermost connection to stellar consciousness. Aside from the jolting stir, this has created a whole new paradigm of influence to understand and to integrate into our psyche.
Mythically, Eris was said to be the one who caused all the strife when she threw ‘the apple of discord’ among goddesses Aphrodite (Venus), Hera (Juno) and Athena which, of course led to a total bitch-fight, which led to the Judgement of Paris, which later sparked off the Trojan War.
Needless to say, that through with the strife, the rivalries, the jealous envies, the obtuse incompatibilities and catty behaviour (which often leads to wars) the end result after a radically good shake-up is generally a thorough degree of ego transcendence.
Eris’ extremely inclined (44°) and radically eccentric orbit means that she often reaches far out of the ecliptic path to bring through abstract consciousness from wonderfully unusual realms. Initially these bring great discord to existing notions or structures in our consciousness, especially if we are too ego-attached during the transitionary period of her diabolical influence. Due to her ultra slow motion, her intense insistence on melting us to the bone, grinding us down to our core essence – the nothingness within – she helps expose us to a new level of universal vastness. Of course, to those who are obsessively hung up on themselves, steeped in arrogance and self-importance, she applies an intensely gradual messing with their deepest understanding, throwing their entire universe into a complete tizzy. Extensive chaos and disarray ensues until the new consciousness is accepted and integrated, eventually raising things to a new order and social stability.
Eris’ vast distance from the Sun (100 times further than earth/3 times as far as Pluto) gives Eris a ~558 year orbit, (310 more than Pluto). Interestingly, after only one full revolution, Eris has only, just this year, returned to the exact same degree(23°04′) that she was in 1492, the year Columbus discovered the New World – physically proving the world is round, and thus launching the age of discovery. Of course, this had a tremendously disruptive influence on both the inhabitants of the new and old worlds, kicking the human race into a 500 year global sprawl, which began with the formal invasion of the Americas: a pristine world of overwhelming natural beauty and abundance and precious few people; an entire hemisphere where – save perhaps for the Aztec/Mayan civilizations (Central America) and the Incans (Peru) – human beings indeed trod lightly upon the planet and were connected to their nomadic, shamanic ways.
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