[pic: chris devour]
[pic: chris devour]
Significant Transits this weekend are affecting the entire planet:

❋ (F) JUPITER goes into LIBRA – Growth through restoring Justice
❋ (F) Quarter Moon (17°♐14′) – Existential challenges, decisions
❋ (Sa) ☿(23°♍09’Rx) ☍Ch (23°♓ 09’Rx) identification of one’s rut
❋ (Sa) ♄ (10°♐25′) □ ♆ (10°♓ 25’Rx) grounding of disillusionments
❋ (Sa) ♀(14°♎59′) □ ♇ (14°♑59’Rx) power struggles with attachments
At this significant mid-eclipse Quarter Moon juncture, the Sadge Moon makes a significant contact to applying MARS sq CHIRON, which will be the main feature of next Friday’s Lunar Eclipse.
A new force is being made available to all now. It is the evolutionary ability to immediately identify those who are in pain and need healing, and to be driven into taking action. Either we can deal with other’s wounds or we find them ‘too much’. Mars’ fight or flight impulse means that we will choose whether to act or leave alone those who show overbearing suffering. Our growing relationship and experience with our own inner wounds (shame, inadequacy, feeling disconnected) will by now have equipped us with tools to be able to at least identify with the painbody symptoms we see in others.
Jupiter’s entry into Libra means that we will be meeting many people in our lives from now on. Many of us have developed exceptional skills for discernment (Jupiter in Virgo) about what we can take on, and the year -long journey through Libra will bless us with the tact and guile to bring our encounters with others into a state of balance and harmony. Much work to be done, but the immediate rewards will be huge for this planet (political relations, business, economic, environmental concerns).
However, it is this last Saturn/Neptune square that brings it home this week. We come to see through the sugar-coated veneer of reality that some things can no longer able to be supported on the premise of lies and deceptions, and take an unprecedented step into removing the veil of delusion and finally facing up to inconvenient truths. This may be accompanied with a reassurance that we are ready to deal with reality or face sliding further into depression.
Let’s not allow this to affect our disposition by taking steps to veer away from those things that serve only to undermine and discourage our true romance with reality.
Have an amazing weekend xx
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Jupiter in Libra – Guidelines for growth through finding balance


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