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Weekend Ahead

think heart
As the Virgo Sun aligns with the North Node, the recent influence from the impending ♄□♆ is becoming subtly evident as typically masculine vitality and physical health appear weakened and possibly more easily disturbed by quite discordant or negative psychic energies in the ethers. This is part of a process which seeks to break down and re-build ego complexes, which will eventually lead to greater harmonization with the Spiritual Light.
The New Moon coasts out of Virgo and into Libra, in its pass stimulating the sweet, yet very mental ☿/♀/♃ composium that is clustered at the ♍/♎ cusp. It is bringing affirmation that our planet is now being embraced with a divinely feminine force, one which is seeking to listen and understand the problems of the masculine, create a welcoming, encouraging space for discussion and reconciliation – a process which is necessary to facilitate the global healing that is building towards the middle of this month, particularly as augured by the PISCES FULL MOON (24°♓ 20′ Sep 16).
It is a good time to look at options that will support peace-making and restoring some balance, both within oneself and then with others. Most important to lead with heart, employing yet deferring that busy mind to decisions based wholly on one’s impetus to love and accept others for who they are at this present moment (let go of past hurts and baggage).
This is not the time for ego contests. We are here to share a mutual purpose when connecting with one another. There is a rising awareness of our universal need for growth and progress, and how our usual tendencies to be attached to the past and the pain body are simply there to feed the ego and hinder true, unconditional love for all those in our world.
Let us use this weekend to step wholly into experiences with a resounding sense of certainty and self-confidence about what needs to be done to pave the way for peace now.
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