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Week Ahead – September 5-11

[pic: Jarrad Seng]
[pic: Jarrad Seng]
To say that we are all in this together now would be a slight understatement, but to say exactly what we are in might be very well misconstrued or misinterpreted as a mere projection on the part of this author, and that may only add to the confusion and distrust that is possible this week if we are not in a place of absolute certainty about the only thing we can be certain. Our sense of self.

So we will leave all other possibilities up to the ethers of our wild imagination and see if we can make our dreams real…

☉ ☌ ☊ Sunday Sep 04 02:54 pm Sun 12°♍30′ Conjunction Node 12°♍30′
☉ △ ♇ Wednesday Sep 07 05:16 am Sun 15°♍01′ Trine Pluto 15°♑01’Rx
♀ ∗ ♄ Wednesday Sep 07 11:35 am Venus 10°♎17′ Sextile Saturn 10°♐17′
♀ ⊼ ♆ Wednesday Sep 07 03:39 pm Venus 10°♎29′ Quincunx Neptune 10°♓ 29’Rx
♃ in ♎ Friday Sep 09 11:19 am Jupiter 00°♎00′ Conjunction Saturn
☽ □ ☉ Friday Sep 09 11:50 am Moon 17°♐14′ Square Sun 17°♍14′
☿ ⊼ ♅ Friday Sep 09 06:59 pm Mercury 23°♍50’Rx Quincunx Uranus 23°♈50’Rx
☿ ☍ Ch Saturday Sep 10 11:52 am Mercury 23°♍09’Rx Opposition Chiron 23°♓ 09’Rx
♄ □ ♆ Saturday Sep 10 01:01 pm Saturn 10°♐25′ Square Neptune 10°♓ 25’Rx
♀ □ ♇ Sunday Sep 11 07:44 am Venus 14°♎59′ Square Pluto 14°♑59’Rx

The truth is that whilst we are all somehow affected by the subtle oceanic forces now engulfing the planet this week, most everyone will be affected in quite a personal way (see Major Life Activations for Virgo Solar Eclipse, 1 Sep, 2016). To be most accurate, one may have to look at how the above influences play out in the individual’s chart to see exactly how matters may manifest specifically.

It is the awkward period between eclipses, where everything seems to teeter on suspense and intrigue about how things will turn out, and often, one step out of sync could turn situations on their heads.

So a state of mindfulness is necessary at all times.

In many ways, the more we try to analyse or define something which is best left as indefinable, infinite and divinely unspoken, the better our chances of trying to understand it.

And it’s not even understanding that we’re after. Things best left unsaid – just valued and accepted, not so much about for what they are but more for what they’re not, is the key here. We are called to apply all the forgiveness and kindness we can muster just to keep matters from taking our precious spirits from a high degree of expectation to a state of feeling defrayed, disheartened and downright disappointed.

What the crivvens are we talking about?

Something shifts this week, and we are launched into an inter-dimensional, gravity-warping vortex of either sheer ecstasy or complete agony as we wrestle with that horrendous monster, Time itself.

It becomes increasingly challenging for us to remain in present time (the now). Life as we know it, or rather as we romanticised it to be, begins to dawn on us that many of the agreements we are chained to – obligations (work, commitments, debts etc.) that we have made, to either the past or the future, must either be honoured as true and worthy or abandoned outright as mere apparitions of the mind.

Whether these agreements are real or not, they mostly exist in another time (past or future). Since we are fast realising that we in neither in past or future but in the present, we must also come to be confronted with making choices that either agree to keep these agreements or just agree to let them go.

Are we getting this?

For the past few months we have been looking at our situation in an increasingly more grounded way. This means that we are seriously coming to terms about what is true for us now, and from this more determined place we are allowed to accept what is truly possible for us in a possible future moment.

Many of the things we come to realise now are unfolding as simply unsustainable and whether we have come to fully accept and let go of these or not, this week’s final instalment of Saturn squaring Neptune (Saturday 10 Sep) is promising to douse our ideals with such a critical sense of reality that some of us desperately deserve.

It has to happen.

If we have taken prudent steps, with a mature approach about how we can practically manage ourselves as a succession of ‘present moment’ realities, then we will avoid slumping into a miserable state of anxiety and despair, especially if we have somewhat delusionally placed enormous expectations on what it is we think (or dreamed) we have invested in.

Hope this is making sense.

Anyway, reality hits home is all we’re saying, and as the great benevolent one (Jupiter) hits Libra this Friday, it seems that a new judgement day is about to dawn upon us all. Jupiter in Libra wants us to grow and integrate our hopes by creating a sense of balance and harmony in all things before us. In the next 12 months we will come to experience a whole new appreciation of what it means to stay balanced and buoyant, we will develop tactfulness and guile in order to keep things in perfect harmony, or we will lose our poise and balance and keel over, then have to scramble to find new measures to restore our peace.

It all kicks off this week, and if we have not done the work to prepare our spirit for the big debut into the next dimension of mind/body experience, we may be left holding onto a most inconvenient situation which will require tremendous effort (or ballast) to bring us back to some equilibrium again.

This is it now. If you have learned to love, honour and respect yourself, then love for the other awaits.

No time left for misgivings and misconceptions.

The time to get real is here.


Have an amazing week.
Blessings x

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  1. I love your writing.its always a joy to read your words. Thank you

  2. Ang, you choose the words, despite the aspects, which is noble. To prepare must be a rational motive….you can’t sit and wait for it to smack you in the face! On balance, When Saturn and Neptune punch you in the gut–it’s a shattering blow, but we’ve been forwarned , haven’t we?
    as I write this, I wonder how many people thank the Universe for Jupiter.

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