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The Week Ahead- Sep 26-Oct 3

✺(M) ☉☌ ♃ (03°♎37′) – The creative ability to restore balance and justice back into your life in unprecedented ways
✺(M) ♇ SD 14°♑55′ – Forceful circumstances that occur in the untiring quest for status and recognition
✺(M) ♄ (11°♐19′) □ ☊ (11°♍19′) – Blaming others, inability to co-operate or ask for help
✺(Tu) ♂ in ♑ – 08:07 UTC – The will to climb to the top, an obstinate drive to succeed
✺(F) ☽☌☉ NEW MOON (08°♎15′) 00:13 am UTC – a fresh attempt to strike a win-win outcome
✺(Sa) ♀ (09°♏52′) △♆ (09°♓ 52’Rx) – A longing for love and romance, artistic inspirations
✺(Su) ☿ (22°♍10′) ☍ Ch (22°♓ 10’Rx) – Struggling to to keep an open mind about holistic/non-linear topics
✺(Su) ☉ (09°♎51′)⊼ ♆ (09°♓ 51’Rx) – Feeling annoyed or thrown off-balance by the mystical or absurdly abstract
✺(Su) ♀ (11°♏01′) ∗ ☊ (11°♍01′) – Wanting to stay connected, though only for certain benefits
✺(Su) ☿ (23°♍01′) ⊼ ♅ (23°♈01’Rx) – Inability to practically apply and communicate profound new ideas

It’s hard to still a mind that has been so deeply intensified to drill into all the practical aspects of what is necessary to move on in life. Last week’s stationing Mercury and Pluto, both planets in retrograde and in a rare, sustained earth trine with each other, saw us engage in a  most thorough process of practical arithmetic. We literally had to do the math to see how things were adding up. Some fine subtraction was necessary to eliminate those things that we couldn’t account for any longer. Hopefully we did not throw the baby out with the bathwater.

Mercury is now direct, harmoniously aligned (trine) with Pluto‘s massive, penetrating force. This force comes from generations before us, a transgenerational (or deeply cultural) psychological pressure, not easily identified as being specifically our own, yet if/when we succumb to it in personal ways, it surfaces through our communications, empowering or possessing our minds to somehow take control of those things that ought to make most practical sense to us in our daily lives.

As Pluto goes direct (at 14°♑55′) this week, we revisit the path of trying solve deeply ingrained problems that are much bigger than us alone. A fiercely determined force that entered our lives when Pluto was last at this degree on December 29, 2015 has been lurking about, slowly doing its thing to move us, intensely and irrevocably. Pluto will finally exit his retrograde shadow in early January 2017, by which time it would have somehow helped us eliminate the source of the drama that has surrounded our lives for this entire year. Look to which pressing, deeply disturbing matters came to a head in mid April, when he went retrograde for more clues on this struggle with extraterrestrial powers.

Much difficulty still surrounds us in our social affairs, since Saturn is square to the Nodes this week. There is a reticence or inhibition to work with others, particularly if we go blaming them for all the confusion and the disenchantment it has visited upon us as we still tussle with making our dreams into reality. Somewhere in our lives, we need to take responsibility for any indulgences, indiscretions and false projections, areas where we may have naively or idealistically embroiled ourselves – particularly highlighted through the depressions and disappointments that we may have invited in Nov 2015, June & September 2016, when Saturn squared Neptune.

Also (more unsavoury news), some irritating issues continue to confront us this week when Mercury opposes Chiron. Here we must keep things in perspective, try to talk things through, communicate with others using an open mind, particularly since they may be prone to present information which is difficult to decipher in ordinary, linear, conventional terms. It’s part of the magic of Chiron – we make more headway into healing our more rationally induced worries (stories of loss & inadequacy) by suspending our structured, conditioned minds. This will pave the way for the abstract, mystical stories that in many ways hold keys to relieving or at least soothing our mental woes.

Planets not in direct aspect to this lunation have been omitted from this chart.
Planets not in direct aspect to this lunation have been omitted from this chart.

Friday’s New Moon at 08°♎15′ is the big ticket event this week, especially since it aligns closely (03°S37′) with Jupiter’s recent entry into Libra.

Its cardinal/air qualities usher in enormous opportunity to see things from both sides of the equation as this ultra-positive lunation blesses all those affected (esp. with cardinal planets/points in early degrees) a wonderful chance to thresh out the brighter, more constructive side of each situation. You may notice, as early as Monday (Sun conjunct Jupiter) that you are filled with an overwhelmingly   positive energy to make the most out of every challenge – to tactfully say the right things, make the sweetest gestures, add a little more honey into the mix, all with an intent to bring greater balance and harmony in your affairs.

A sextile to Saturn (in Sagittarius) adds a shrewd touch of authenticity and bare-faced honesty into the usual Libran tendency to just ‘smooth over any issues’, or be ‘politically correct’, usually just to keep a superficial sense of order or peace or ‘keep the homefires burning’. However, this is matter may become a serious point of contention if there are egos overstepping the margins of hubris or arrogance, as is common with Jupiter, as a quincunx to Neptune could see sensitive crowds become less than sympathetic; and with the Sun squaring Pluto in the ensuing days after the New Moon, there could be a raging backlash from those seeking more than just ‘sunshine, lollipops and rainbows’ being presented as real solutions to relationship/business/political demands. More on that during the week in my ‘cosmic updates’.

In all, this week injects us with a much awaited blast of solar energy to recharge our strength and confidence after what has indeed been a very draining few months for many. Let me leave you with this blessed minder:

If you hit rock bottom, lying there beaten, tired, flat on back, just look up to the skies…

Can you see the stars?
Then all is not lost, my friend…

Take strength that everything you need is all around you
to help you rise back up and see you on your feet again
to step back into your health, your wealth and joy
furnished before you, like the millions of stars
that shimmer all around to inspire you,
reminding you that after all, you are ok.

Take hope and optimism from the skies above
to look at every shining possibility your eye can see
to recognise the brighter side of everything
to see the best in everyone, to think the best of them
to do your best to work together with them
to expect the best possible outcome there can be

When we project our exuberant selves into whatever we see,
when we are just as excited about celebrating the success we see in others
we instantly become re-energised about our own good fortune
and the beloved universe smiles down at us
and holds out her stellar, infinitely benevolent hand
opening her heart to share with you the abundance of all creation.

Let’s leave behind all our mistakes, our disappointments and failures.
Let us not blame or hold ill-feelings towards anyone.
Allow yourself to step up and embrace the world of endless possibility
step into a world of greater achievement and fulfillment
with cheer and promise that whatever you do will work out for the best, as long as you have given it your best.

You have so much to give that will assure your success.
No time to grapple with or criticise yourself for any failures.
Be bigger than your worries,
more dignified than your anger and frustrations,
far more courageous than your fears and limitations,
much more exuberant than to give into the strife and the distress that lies behind you.

Come now,
Come to this place.
Look up into the skies. Can you see the stars?
They are there to remind you that the whole world is behind you.
Come to love yourself, to like everything
about who you are and all you can be.
Rise up, not just with big words about yourself
but with great actions, immense deeds.
Have faith that the entire universe is with you now
to be the best possible you that you can be.
You totally got this…

Blessings, and have an amazing week x

© All rights reserved, Ang Stoic 2016

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Ang Stoic is an intuitive astrologer, based in Byron Bay Australia. 
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  1. I am so totally sick of Saturn and it’s squaring story. Fercrissakes , someone build a bomb and blow that sucker right out of the universe.

    My life sucks

  2. TheresaEarthHeart22

    Glad to have found this Tribe after hearing Ang on the Astrology Hub summit today. My Pisces heart resonates with the evolving understandings you communicate. Namaste~

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