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The Venus/Mars/Uranus effect – Sep 16-20

[art: alejandro pasquale]
[art: alejandro pasquale]

Mars (our masculine inner warrior) continues to be smouldered and tried as he travels through spirit-expanding Sagittarius during this current period. Over the next few days, his usually fiery expression of energy engages into a tender interplay with Venus (sextile) and enlightening Uranus (trine). After forming a challenging, yet transmuting T-square to the recent Lunar Eclipse, his masculinity has become quite femininely charged in recent interplays of personal relations.

Yet, it is Mars’ softening encounter with the Venus/Uranus opposition (unexpected incidents in relationship) that throws a wild card into the already most interesting mix for the divine masculine journey.

How will the Mars take it?

5 signs are affected most strongly in this evolutionary leap of personal awakening. Here is some heads up now to Sagittarius, Pisces, Aries, Virgo, and Libra – read both Sun/Moon signs and your Rising where they apply to your chart.

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Sagittarius/Sagittarius Rising

Restless and eager now, especially when stimulated or aroused, your aggressive drive can blindly flip everything if your actions turn from wilful action into wild reaction. And being how you are, one doesn’t quite know how you will behave.

Hold your horses there Sagittarius…

To enjoy the wonderful 4D experience of living large and loving all, at least just for this moment, you must stay thoroughly open to an ever-present guiding force (look to your friends and lovers) that seeks to re-mind you. Remind you of what you say, as if you won’t be told nothing by no-one…

Ok wiseguy. Mind to keep your equine spirit (or you horse-ass ego) all harnessed and channelled in the present, where you’ll be whipped to the realisation that you must let old wounds go, from whence you’ll and see, quite transparently, that when you lay angry blame, you are only hurting yourself (and most needlessly) by getting into jousts with others about feeling victimised or misunderstood.

And this can be so unappealing to those whom you want to appeal most.

Engaging in the ‘poor me’ offensive/defensive syndrome is certainly not the sexy way, but more importantly, it’s not the cosmic way – and totally not the way of the cosmic warrior. You must now stay vigilant with yourself not to become aroused or inflamed over personal matters. Work on becoming a champion of conquering the self, with view of taking on a much greater mission at hand for you.

Pisces/Pisces Rising

Reaching out to those most aligned to what you deeply desire, you stand a great opportunity to attain a much greater understanding of yourself and your greater purpose in the world, which in itself helps to activate a profoundly healing experience.

But you must be brave. Nothing you’re doing now is the result of a mere ‘accident’. Those closest to you will not care if you need to stay up crying all night long – they will pledge to stay with you regardless of you strange and whimsical ways, help to guide you through the pain. If you need medication, sex or some other crutch, go ahead and take it, they will love you through your need to get your fix. If you decide not to fall to your addictions, they will love you through the withdrawal, too.

Just know, there’s nothing you can ever do to lose their love. So long as that love is first for your own sensitivity and vulnerability of any flaws in your character, the care of those who also come to love you will be stronger than any depression, braver than any loneliness, and nothing will ever exhaust this.

Aries/Aries Rising

It’s not at all bad. Don’t look at it like that. Nothing is either good, nor bad, so slip right out of any loathing for yourself or anyone else. Heightened self-consciousness may heighten your sense of apartness, any inability to join in, any physical shame or self-loathing, but they are they are not bad at all.

Those things you hold as ‘devils’ must also become your guiding angels. Without them you might never have become introduced to erudite language, literature, the higher mind, the laughter and all the mad intensities that continue to make you and unmake you in the eternal shuttering and enlightening glimpses of your romance with the present moment.

Virgo/Virgo Rising

Did you know that it’s the way you think about yourself that actually determines your reality? In fact, you are not the one being hurt here by the way people think about you. Many of those people are simply a reflection of how you think about yourself. So if there is any pain, own it entirely as yours. Analyse how you are implicit in any negative reality you have created for yourself.

Unfortunately, the pain you may sense now is a pesky part of the human experience. It might feel like a stab wound to the heart – something we all wish we could do without in this 3D experience. If you play into it by thinking hurtful thoughts, either about yourself or about others, then pain will descend upon you so suddenly that it cannot be escaped. Perhaps now, in your projection of pain being reflected back to you through your most intimate dealings with others, you might also feel the beauty, tenderness, and freedom of that also comes from the healing.

Yes, pain can feel just like a sudden stab wound to the heart. But then, the healing that follows feels like the gentle breeze upon your face as you are spreading your wings to fly through the air. You may not see yourself as an angel, and may not have wings growing out of your back, but the healing you give and receive from others now will be the nearest thing to sensing the breeze you sorely desire under you to truly fly now.

Libra/Libra Rising

Hey, you’ve probably heard this before, but seriously – life is too short to waste any amount of time on wondering what other people think about you. Think of it this way, if those you worry about really did merit your love and approbation they would have better things going on in their lives than to sit around bitching and judging you. Similarly, why should you waste any of your precious energy discussing them.

What’s most important to you now is not the undermining or disparaging opinions of you by others, or your opinion of them for that matter, but reaching a true, objective, non-judgemental opinion of yourself.

Look at yourself for what you’re truly worth by the merit of efforts you make for you, not some perceived reaction by others. Perhaps in this approach you will come to realise that the only person who can truly drag you down or pick you up is ever yourself. So then, a perfect time to quit putting yourself into a position where you allow yourself to become upset, rejected or put down by anyone but yourself now.

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