Moon square Neptune

Moon square Neptune

OK, ♆ Sensitive people ♆:

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Do not validate the ‘victim’ in you. This can only poison your spirit, entrapping you to become stuck in the cycle of misery and despair of the status quo.

It’s not about the faults of others and their unspeakable offences against you…

It’s about stepping up to your own plate, taking responsibility for your situation. Blaming ‘them’ for any apparent slight/abuse is a total ‘cop-out’.

This is not the time to slip into the usual routine of avoidance, passive-aggression, medication, fantasy, denial, crying, self-harm and all those other ‘self-pity’ mechanisms.

DO NOT use your blessed sensitivity to hone into the faults and the injustices of the world. This only fans the toxic flames of dysfunction, perpetuating the cycle woundedness and pain.

Come here, to the present, with me.

Choose FORGIVENESS rather than evoking pity or sympathy.
Forgive yourself.
Forgive others.
Reclaim boundaries.
Re-member you are the new warrior.
Get on with what you have to do.

This WILL guarantee victory.


  1. I have Scorpio moon square neptune does this help my to be more realistic?

    • Hi Ian. Yours is a sophisticated aspect, and without meeting you and looking at your full chart it is difficult to draw any delineation which will satisfy. This aspect does however make it challenging for you to differentiate between fantasy and facts, between reality and a preferred alternative. Somewhere in your story is a tendency to evade the abrasiveness of the harsh world. Book a session, we can have a look 🙂

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