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Jupiter in Libra – Sept 9, 2016 – Oct 10 2017

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Imagine the greatest life-coach you could ever ask for, a teacher, motivator, guru, physical/business coach, inspiring mentor and all-round benevolent angel hovering over your shoulders – wholly there to guide you (and only you) into being the best possible version of you that you could be.

That’s Jupiter.

Are you familiar with that energy? Perhaps you can identify someone who plays that role in your world. Someone whose influence upon you is to help you see that everything you are possibly capable of is becoming expanded and integrated into life’s complex infrastructures, systems, laws, religions, and society’s moral and ethical fabric. They know how the world works and have a definite philosophy on things that not only sees where you fit in, but also how you can grow and contribute in ways which will foster your success and prosperity. Perhaps you play that role for others…

Where is Jupiter in your chart? It’s sign and house placement tell us how and where you are assisted (and assist others) to get along in the world. Harmonious aspects to Jupiter from other planets also inform us about which energies are compliant in enhancing our personal confidence and finding contentment and harmony with nature. It blesses us with a strong career vision, defines our goals in life through gaining and understanding of law, politics and religion, higher education, and a well-functioning Jupiter also endows us with social popularity, wealth and  fame.

By sign/house/aspect, a weak or challenged Jupiter may develop our more amoral character, one that is given to blind excesses, pleasure-seeking, choosing to ignore one’s place in the greater scheme of things. In the extremely adverse manifestations, troubles could arise for us through leading an unprincipled, poorly cultured, lawless existence, where the pursuit of simply materialistic or carnal pleasures would only amount to crude, arrogant, unjust, greedy, immoral or just downright quarrelsome behaviour.

When Jupiter entered in Virgo on August 12 2015, he promised us an upgrade in refining and sorting out our moral and ethical affairs, as well as providing an opportunity for us to become better organised.

Injecting a tremendous sense of sound, earthy, practical ambition to improve ourselves (and others in our lives) the urge was to learn and teach others. Ultimately, by the time Jupiter leaves Virgo (Sept 9 2016) many of us will have learned the value of working with others in teams, think tanks, tribes.

Did you find the tribe that works best for you?

In the highest sense, an increased sense of discernment has grown within each of us. Discernment is actually a skill that, that when applied successfully allows us to choose more beneficial relationships, to be more selective with how we administer our resources (time, money, energies, etc.) and helps us to manage our practical affairs more effectively.

Of course, taken to excess, this can just develop into a sort of nit-picking pedantry or superficial criticism that has made us patently impossible to work with. Jupiter’s transit through Virgo was also in detriment due to the sign’s preoccupation with detail, an aspect which Jupiter has little time for, seeing he is a big-picture force.

We have seen much determination to grow and transform ourselves through this period, with favourable aspects to  a sustained transiting Mars in Scorpio and Pluto in Capricorn. However, Jupiter’s journey through Virgo was also severely challenged by harder aspects to Saturn in Sagittarius and Neptune in Pisces. Growth was not growth without some sad realisations that the social/spiritual infrastructure itself was in danger of disintegration and melting away (Saturn square Neptune – strongest around the mutable grand cross in early June 2016).

Jupiter’s shift into Libra on 9 September introduces us to the world of justice, fairness, harmony and amended laws. In any outcome, Jupiter’s influence through this air-sign (intellect) sees that the fairest decision will be made by bringing us to be accountable for words or actions and to be judged accordingly. Symbolically, Libra’s scales must always remain balanced. Thus, in the 12-month transit through this constellation, Jupiter sees that our goals and enterprises work out as they were meant to work out and that what manifests for us is the fairest outcome based on the decisions we make and the actions we take to see things through. In other words, we get exactly what’s coming to us over the next year.

It is important that we maintain conscious awareness that any decisions and actions we take have long-lasting consequences. In this sense we come to accept that circumstances we find ourselves in are most likely the result of decisions and actions we have taken ourselves. The laws of reciprocity (give and take) are precariously postured during this time, events that happen in our world providing valuable lessons on how there is a well-balanced mathematical equation, or a science behind our laws, business transactions, economic affairs, even religious and spiritual faiths.

Jupiter represents the quest to integrate our truth. Through Libra, we seek to know and speak the truth and to perceive it in the words and deeds of others. Being fair and just with everyone means that we quickly become able to detect dishonesty in ourselves and others. By learning the rules of social engagement, we learn to govern more fairly over the interests that we are involved with. It will be an important year to maintain objectivity and impartiality basing our judgements upon fact – not assumptions or hearsay.

There is a growing need to ‘play fair’, be courteous and polite and adhere to the ‘rules of engagement’, to achieve a positive outcome. However, with Pluto square in Capricorn (Nov, Apr, Aug) there may be efforts to avert justice via corrupt methods or massive cover-ups. An opposition to Uranus in Aries (Dec-Mar) could create revolts and uprisings against what appears to be a lot of due process, bureaucratic red tape and overt political correctness which may be considered as holding back urgent progress. These events, fomenting towards the end of 2016, early 2017 create the groundwork for a global push to permanently change structured society for good, expressed with a nearly total lack of sentimentality, or respect to any previously adhered to order. Changes arise very suddenly, even erratically. Powerfully influential individuals may incite groups to go to enormous extremes, exercising reckless exuberance and sudden furore for the efforts of bringing in a new social order. Public figures also rise out who will express an extreme uniqueness and urgency in how they pursue law and balance.

Jupiter going through Libra requires us to make decisions. If something in our lives needs urgent attention, mediation or a solution, transits from Jupiter in our chart will require us to to pass judgment, or accept difficult decisions. Of course, Libra stresses that it is important to remain as objective as possible, looking to explore the honest truth of the matter, counting on our conscience as our moral guideline. Balanced judgement is critical in legal matters of all kinds, so court hearings become a most common way to get justice, particularly when dealing with legal contracts, divorce, business contract, financial disputes, and litigation. If you become embroiled in matters where you are the one who is demanding justice, know that Jupiter in Libra will serve you with justice and your lawsuits stand a good chance of being won. Of course, if you have acted in less than honest ways or have not spoken the truth, be mindful that justice will prevail and you may have to take responsibility for your actions.


Jupiter transits will now command that you follow correct policy and procedure, always maintaining the higher moral ground, stick to the rules and follow your moral compass without bending the rules for anyone. Finding a suitable work/life balance is another area which finds it way to the fore in our lives now. Perhaps weighing up the pros and cons with present career  prospects against other potential careers as well as making decisions around what is best value for the work/effort/skill level you are applying


Libra is the natural home of relationship, particularly the one-on-one, so for some it will be time to formalise their significant relationship status – marriage, defacto agreement, prenuptial agreement, or even signing a lease or home purchase together, as well as formally finalising divorce or legal separation. It is likely that you will seek legal advice or are making a conscious decision to abide by the legal system in some way.

Assuring that we broker our implicit responsibilities within the relationship will provide better accountability and fairness in maintaining a positive and fruitful ‘marriage’. Streamlining relations between ourselves and others will provide the impetus for a much more harmonious state of affairs. Also, if the relationship seems to be flailing then this might be a time when we decide whether or not it is time to part, of course taking away lessons on how to construct more fruitful and sustainable future relationships.

So then… what are the strengths and pitfalls of this immensely benefic force that comes into our lives?


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