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Jupiter in Libra – Guidelines for growth through finding balance


The road ahead seems so exciting now, much change in the winds creates a frenzy that we are about to shift into a whole new realm of experience. Where Jupiter is involved we are always encouraged to expand our experience, take leaps of faith and let our confidence lead us into the spirit of adventure, wonderment and new opportunities.

After six full years in personal signs, Jupiter is about to move into the more social fields between the constellations of Libra to Pisces. Are you ready to for your big debut into the world of ‘other’?

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The following readings are a careful guideline on which areas are most benefited by this great benefic force, and similarly which areas to mind that we do not over-stretch our luck.

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The support is all there to help you ‘manage’ your life. You might immediately notice that those most significant in your world come to either align or malign with your storming and sometimes abrupt methods in order to restore some peace and harmony.

Essentially, anyone who comes into your world over this next year is seeking something very particular from you. Yes, they definitely want something from you, something that motivates them to grow through their experience with you.

Much as you may rail against becoming too bogged down in co-dependencies or compromised situations, or to be tangled into any dreaded ‘relationship’ by someone who enters your life, the reality is such that you may be met with a procession of individuals, where eventually someone is going to come along who is truly capable of sweeping you off your feet.

And sparks may fly. Phenomenal encounters may occur.

You might find yourself willing to explore the cooler, more moderate climes offered by some clever, tactfully tasteful someone, who seems as intrigued in your rebel rousing form that you are irrepressibly in lately. Together there may be visions of changing the world. This is possible to some degree.

However, your tendency to charge without warning, like a psychotic NYE dragon down Chinatown, could turn those mere sparks into a major fireworks disaster, which may well turn out crazier than anything either of you ever bargained for in the excitement stakes.

Whether you succumb to moderating your bad-ass ways and settling down to something more stable and ‘respectable’ is highly questionable during this time. You might decide to carry on with that blind adherence to having it your way, often for no other reason than to be contrary, and this may be quite challenging – both for you as with any hopeful contenders.

Learn to work with others in real time. You will learn much about relating and succeeding in your affairs.

Otherwise, rather than opening up to new opportunities to learn and grow within yourself, you might just end up ruining the best chance in life to stave and conquer your argumentative ways, and form lasting ties to people who are there to get the most out of you. Be mindful that too much resistance may only end up in you feeling isolated and unnecessarily distanced from the world.

But then, maybe that’s what you’re all about now. After all – who’s clever enough to teach you anything?


This is really the time to bring your daily routine back into perfect balance.

Of course, your dependence on a partner to make sure that your day-to-day matters in life are taken care of, means that you work best when you either employ the efforts of a partner, or that you work together, equally share the responsibilities that need to be met to have your everyday life work smoothly and simply.

It is possible that during this next year there is a lot more prospering through finding the right system, then implementing it somehow in order to bring your life into some peaceful and amicable state.

Focus your efforts on a program that helps to balance and diffuse any latent or hidden anger issues and also allows you to restore some harmony into your life. Health and fitness, as well as emphasis on diet are important. You may employ a personal trainer or coach, or someone who can introduce you and instruct you towards a full reconstructive regime to improve your nutrition, diet, overall well-being.

Similarly, greater opportunities arise at work to learn new skills as well as learn to work better along alongside others. Improved relations with fellow workers could offer a very soothing way to overcome any recent personal upsets in your world. Also, if you a leader or an employer yourself, this is a good chance to expand or improve the relations and procedures among your own employee base.

Remain mindful that in all practical affairs you are contributing towards a much higher cause. Exercising good moral judgement – even in the littlest of things, you will discover phenomenally insightful ways to revolutionise the way your day runs and stand to not only benefit yourself but other too others in ways which you could never even imagine.


Yeah, the push to have fun, to be in love and to be loved and stroked – that yearning hunger to be wanted and to be met.

You find the most pleasure and joy in your recreational pursuits when you able to do things with a partner, it’s true, and you may have even avoided or turned down opportunities for fun and joy in your life simply because you didn’t have a partner or companion there to join you. Jupiter in Libra is here to offset this, and your confidence will rise in your ability to attract many possible playmates, ensuring that you never need do anything recreational alone.

You may depend on a partner to help you restore confidence in your inner child, assisting you to reconnect to long absent, or undeveloped creative abilities and expression. Opportunities abound through others where you will be motivated to put your creative energy to use in the name of recreation, entertainment, and fun.

Activities like working with kids (or even adults), teaching them to work on themselves, imparting methods and teachings which can improve their own way of relating to one another – engaging in artful and clever new ways to deal with others, especially friends who seem erratic and disruptive could see you getting the most out of everyone to benefit your talent for relating and keeping good liaisons.



A welcoming thrust of benefic energy brings a new urgency to sort out your home turf, to create a sacred, peaceful place where you can comfortably rest your weary mind – a place which is more than just an ideal but rather something that literally aspires to the old proverb of “calmliness is next to godliness”.

Indeed, the holy sanctity of your private abode as ‘temple’ to ‘hold space’ affords not only you the privilege to cleanse your own self but to also grant those closest to you permission to trust their own intuition and wisdom; to become spiritually restored and reinforced; become empowered enough to create a fresh container for complex emotions, fear, trauma, etc. to flow into and be cleared away.

You will learn much about how the foundation of your personal-private persona and your life is your relationship with your partner. You realise that without a person to share the intimate details of your life with, you find yourself often lost and deeply lonely, and opportunities come through now to open up your home to allow such a relationship.

Allow yourself to make different decisions now – ones that come deep from inside your instinctive self. Decisions that will ultimately avert you from feeling misguided or confused and open you up to experiences that you would otherwise never even imagine possible.

It may also be very important to see that your partner gets along with your family or your home environment – or that you see them as someone who is ‘family’ to you in lieu of your actual family – particularly if you do not have any actual family members left or if you have distanced yourself from your actual family for some reason.


The mind cranks into a clamouring potpourri of thoughts and ideas, a veritable hothouse of mental activity which can indeed be difficult to fuse and relate into a larger, more cohesive concept, one that’s aligned to a more vital, all-inclusive bigger picture.

You tend to think a lot about one-to-one relationships – how to get into one, how to sustain one, or maybe even how to get out of one, and your active mind is blessed with ways and means to help you work out what suits you most right now. You will be constantly seeking ways to make your partnerships and relationships better or more balanced, often intellectualising or rationalising the interdynamics of your relationships with others, sometimes too much.

Of course it’s difficult to piece together and actually believe in something that would otherwise seem completely abstract and absurd, especially if your amazing mind becomes so hyper-actively caught up in its own indecisive quandaries of even the simplest relationship – but think.

Think hard.

It is important that you explore ways to communicate your ideas, thoughts and feelings with your partner so they can follow and grow through this process with you…or at least so they can encourage you to get out of your head so you can actually be present in your relationship with them.

On the most part, you may become invigorated, even to the point where you over-think yourself and the relationship either in or out of any stagnation or oblivion. Do not overlook the opportunity to work with your partner in real time especially if the only usual place you can be in partnership with them is inside your head.

A holiday might come to mind during this part of your journey. Explore your usual surroundings with the spirit of discovery…

However, opening your clever mind to receive true alternatives to your often well-calculating and evenly-sourced views as the only sure way to grow and learn from this whole process.

In particular, accepting the very soulful purpose that you have been chosen to restore balance and to communicate openly to all of us upon this mortal plane, how on earth it is that we are going to sort ourselves out of this collective mess that lies ahead and stand together to make things good again.


An over-extension of your limited resources (or cash) could become a double-edged sword, mostly because your natural inclination will be to try to bring them into balance in areas where you waver between over-spending and penny-pinching, which, if not handled properly can cripple your ability to take action where spending (or investing) is absolutely necessary.

So needless to say, if you are overly concerned with splurging your money on frivolities one day, then the next, deprive yourself of the bare essentials, things aren’t going to earn you the self-respect and worthiness that you feel matches your esteem.

The big lesson from Jupiter over this next year is going to be how best to manage your material vestments to get maximum bang for your buck. Cultivating a more efficient system of generating an income is going to have to be high on your agenda. Enough of this prancing about, from one thing to another. It’s time that all of your self-promotion charades over the past year finally paid off. You cannot just squander yourself away any more. It may seem lots of fun and adventurous, but it isn’t wise, and it isn’t going to help your feeling secure and worthy about yourself.

Remember, spending without proper accountability can be reckless venture. As much as you might believe in the cause of helping others, it is important to understand how others need to help back, and this is is the time to be more discerning about who to help, and how to get the best back from those you do.

You may learn too, just how much your partnerships with others deeply influence your basic survival needs. This position of Jupiter tends to be a beneficial one for getting the financial-material-physical resources you need to provide for yourself and your desired lifestyle – you often don’t want to do what must be done to take care of yourself by yourself. No do you want to invest in something simply by and for yourself. So you may call upon assistance, particularly from a partner to help you bring your material concerns into a much more fruitful purpose and better managed order.

Perhaps a partner or someone else may be involved to help you do whatever it takes to get whatever you need to provide for them and yourself. You may also find that you resist partnerships until you believe you can be a financially or materially equal partner to someone in order to equally share the type of lifestyle that you want to have.

Investing into the wrong areas can leave you, or that other party in a depleted state. Also, be careful of sowing your wild oats too widely – costly consequences could ensue if your go poking around in places simply for your selfish physical or sexual gratification. Not prudent, just wise.


The trick is going to be how best to curb current tendencies to get excited, over-confident and thus overextend or exaggerate your self-importance in your affairs with others.

Arrogance is not a very sexy quality.

Others may immediately pick up on your overtly polymathic (smart-ass) personality, feeling like you are too full of yourself, either becoming turned off and suddenly cutting out without reason, or challenging you in some wild disruptive manner.

Being Libran, your sense of self is already rooted in your ability to have and sustain equal partnerships. As you seek to expand the definition of your own identity by the type of one-on-one relationships you attract, ask yourself what type of partnership you prefer to have. The placement of Venus in your chart (Venus rules Libra) will provide more insight into your unique brand of Libraness.

In any sense, with Jupiter in your sign you will exude an air of confidence and optimism that only increases your popularity with an infectious pitch. However, there may be times when your whole positivity and schmoozey film-star ways may be offensive and banal to those who can intuitively see right through your tactfully clever methods to win the favour of others.

Learning to operate in real time, engaging in present moment exchanges with others, having no expectations other than to stay open and accountable in your liaisons with those before you will be the key to your own personal evolutionary journey in any relationship, regardless how unusual, disruptive or unstable it presents itself to be.

This is a time when you can expand your superlative skills or knowledge of people into more political areas of your relationships, lend partnership to those who will quickly find very good application for your unique brand of mediating gifts, helping develop and expand these very special talents to make peace and integrate some very innovative interpersonal tools for creating a more harmonious universal synergy between people..

As long as you are aware of yourself, you will not feel as dependent on the other.

In fact, finding an outlet through someone who can assist you to connect into a vision higher than yourself is what it’s all about. Not only will this breathe some spiritual purpose into everything that you already stand for, but it ultimately helps others to realise that with the right amount of effort, the ideal can really come true.


Just when you needed a little lift, just when you thought the gods have neglected you and turned the other way….

…angels do appear.

It seems like you are being watched, and protected, like there is a small, spiritual team of servicemen working high in the ether, seeing that you have the right amount of help at your disposal, just at the right time.

This may mirror in your real-world relationships, or these ‘spirit guides’ may be working through a real person/s.

Your invisible fiancé is there too, lurking in the ethers, waiting for you to connect.

There is a lot of emotional and spiritual sensitivity in play for you over this next year, and you will usually become pretty good at meeting people who awaken and encourage your emotional and spiritual energies and needs. Your intuitive side takes off and you begin to awaken to psychic communication among others.

You may learn now that in order to maintain your intellectual objectivity and fairness (and in some cases, your sanity), you need to overcome tendencies to hide your abilities or to deny them just to keep them at bay.

Right now this may be very obviously someone who appears like a spirit guru, holy guide, and working with you actually helps you to process the pain or loss you have to clear so that you can make ready for your big renunciation (one day…).

Rejoice, reclaim, restore your love for self by opening yourself to the love of the greater unknown.


During the drudgery of the last few months where Saturn is transiting your sign, things may actually start looking up for you, and the passing of Jupiter through your 11th house is a sign that you are now starting to experience more frequent patches of bright blue skies.

It’s time to understand that you can accomplish anything, so long as you accept the responsibilities that go along with it. The trick here is to be utterly shrewd, as shrewd as even you can be, and sometimes downright ruthless in the way that you can execute restraint, both in your spending of resources, and in your devotion to anyone who seems only here to be wasting your time.

The trick now is to aim for less, and do more about what has to be done rather than simply just talk about it. The future is yours for the taking. Use it well or make it a stated point that you are purposely dismissing it in place of acting only in the now.

It is an ideal time when you and your partner can expand your world through sharing many of the same friends and acquaintances, or at least your common interests. In fact, it wouldn’t be surprising if you meet your ideal partner through friends or if you were friends before you began dating, this may be the time when your best suitor emerges from your own collective network of friends or community.

It is important in your personal relationship (marriage, partner) to learn not to be so focused on planning your entire life around your social or humanitarian efforts and group activities that you forget to attend to the relationship between the two of you alone.


Capricorn/Capricorn Rising

Yep. We’re at the business end of things now…

Funny, because now everybody’s watching you, looking for direction, lol. And you’re thinking “right… time for me to step up and show the world.”

However, it is through your successful partnerships that you come to define and expand your public or professional identity best of all. There is something about your partnership – maybe even the partner itself – that helps promote or encourage the way you succeed in the public and professional arena of your life. Beware though how much your base your career and professional ambitions on the dependence of your relationship with your partner.

If you find that your public persona doesn’t shine as brightly without a partner to help you shine, then this will be a time when you choose someone who expedites this. Otherwise, you may choose this as the perfect time to re-negotiate your interconnected responsibilities in your joint affairs with others. There has to be a balance there, otherwise it may simply be that you need to work more in sharing your power so you don’t have to be in the spotlight alone.

Having the ideal partner to share center stage with you will help to ease the pressure of the limelight for both of you.

On a greater, more spiritual level, you may choose to see your entire world as working together with you to share the brunt of every responsibility that emerges in every succeeding present moment. Come now. Become positive in your world view that we are all in this to work together to restore peace, harmony, balance into our lives. Ultimately, the world is watching, waiting for a sign, some guidance, direction. Time to get real with it and lead the way.


You are likely to attract wise and worldly people – teachers, gurus, guides who are in alignment with your spiritual, religious, or philosophical beliefs or who have an optimistic mind to teach you much about what you have to offer philosophically and intellectually to the world.

It will be a time when you will make tremendous leaps in understanding and integrating the skills and talents that you naturally possess to strike perfect balance and harmony in this world, whether through political activism or some kind of spiritual pursuit.

Similarly, you may tend to seek  partners who you can teach or mentor in some way – who come to you as students, and within this exchange find yourself learning more about the science of getting along with others.

Attracting a teacher/pupil energetic into your realms may see you engage in partnerships where there is a significant age difference between you and your partner. You may find that you are applying an increasing effort toward getting others to see the world the way you do – and in this journey explore new ways of making a convincing and successful effort to get your profound and often provocatively progressive ideas across. This may not always be as peaceful, even intensely argumentative at times until you learn to temper the excitement between you, and though you want them to share your views and beliefs of how the world is, you will need to be respectful to allow others to preserve their own views and personal power to decide for themselves on what is true (or false) in their own world.

You may grow to learn that you have as much to learn from those you seek to teach (or persuade) as you think they seek to learn from you in the next year or so.


Pisces/Pisces Rising

This next year is all about better economic management, which is largely drawn from your energy investments involving others. So, not necessarily as much to do your own material affairs but more in the areas where you come to share the physical resources of your life with others, particularly with partners or the most significant people in your life. In fact, isn’t it funny that when delving into matters where others entrust you on a most intimate level that you usually tend to take a very co-dependent approach? If brokered well, this can manifest as a balanced, harmonious and respectful style which complies perfectly with your inner spirit nature.

Well, that’s the theory anyway.

In truth, you might be finding that if you’ve been a bit sloppy with agreements around taking care of joint business dealings that cost could be… well… costly.

During this next 12 months, you may be encouraged to seek power or influence through your partnerships, often quite strategic in nature. There is a determined push to protect yourself from being controlled or emotionally manipulated by others – especially those most intimate, at times putting up very stringent guidelines to preserve your equal rights and privileges.

It’s easy. The desire will be such that you do not wish to encourage any assumed liberties with others – that what is shared meets some form of fairness for both parties and is divided equally. Therefore, whether you are dealing with a current partner who is pooling their resources into yours, or going through separation where you must divide, the rule may be to avoid making unreasonable expectations.

One thing that is becoming frighteningly clear at this time: That if you wait for or expect others to provide for you – whether financially, materially, sexually, you end up placing yourself in the exact position you’re trying to avoid – that of being controlled by your partners because you depend on what they provide you (i.e.- they give you money, food, shelter, and/or sex).

Also, this is not the time to secretly extrude funds from others to justify your higher causes or feed your personal fancies and predilections. Make this a time for cleaning up any unhealthy or unsavoury hang-ups, neglects and addictions that feed on a supply of resources from others.

Be a more careful, respectful manager and your shared interests will thrive and prosper.


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  1. Thank you Ang, This article has brought great clarity to this Saggie/Saggie rising…………waiting for the clouds to part, and have a reprieve from this Saturn heavy energy that my Mars now is piggy backing! 🙂

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