Jupiter conjunct the North Node

Jupiter conjunct the North Node, jupiter nodes astrology, north node jupiter astrology aspects, the nodes in relation to jupiter, astrology aspects, astrology jupiterThe more sensitive among us will sense this Jupiter conjunct the North Node as a clear, odic force which is seen to emanate out of every soul. We are most sensitive now. It’s getting so much easier to identify certain people as belonging to our tribal ilk.

Notice how we are getting more discerning about who is resonating on our frequency now – becoming highly selective with whom we choose to we enter into amicable arrangements to pave the way for more positive, healing endeavours whose aim is to clean up the mind/body/spirit imbalances and impurities that have infiltrated our lives – with particular aim to clear away any of that toxic karmic residue that is still being inflicted upon our current world from prior incarnations
So we meet up with others to clear away some of that heavily radioactive emotional baggage.
You know these folks immediately. They enter your ‘angelic radar’ as acquaintances to whom you can connect immediately. They resonate on your frequency, feel instantly familiar and so openly helpful that there is little need for any formal introduction. You just click together and roll with their intent, sharing an impeccable sense of respect for one another.
Faith in those you can trust – whose intentions for you are clear and true.
Naturally, such associations benefit everyone, and through exhibiting a sense of good-fellowship, adaptability and team-work, we are not only more personally fulfilled with a stronger sense of purpose, but equally rewarded with a greater social recognition for each others’ unique skills and talents. It is easy to immediately spring into a collaborative mode together, to work on and improve the situation at hand.
Something clearly needs cleaning up, fixing or healing.
Identifying our potential to work together with others in ways that will not only protect our sanity and well-being, but sends out a message that we are here to do the greater work – for our families, communities, society and planet – creates some hope and promise that we will endure even the most challenging of times together by banding together and doing the work that needs to be done.
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