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Horoscopes for Sun in Libra (Sep 23-Oct 23)

[art: ravshaniya]

After a month of Virgo’s “I’m not ready yet”, “things to be sorted… worked through… fixed and adjusted”, it’s now time to come and meet the world, face to face, one-on-one.

Libra is all about striking a partnership, and even where one already exists there is room for smoother relations, mediation, bridging any gaps and restoring ‘perfect’ harmony between two sides. The Libra Sun will most significantly make the following contacts this year….

Vs Wed Sep 27 02:16 pm GMT Sun 04°40′ Conjunction Vesta 04°40′
Thu Sep 28 02:55 am GMT Moon 05°11′ Square Sun 05°11′
Thu Oct 05 06:41 pm GMT Moon 12°43′ Opposition Sun 12°43′
Sun Oct 08 08:54 pm GMT Mercury 15°46′ Conjunction Sun 15°46′
Tue Oct 10 00:08 am GMT Sun 16°53′ Square Pluto 16°53′
Thu Oct 12 12:26 pm GMT Moon 19°22′ Square Sun 19°22′
Sun Oct 15 04:58 pm GMT Sun 22°32′ Sextile Node 22°32′
Mon Oct 16 11:14 am GMT Sun 23°17′ Sextile Saturn 23°17′
Thu Oct 19 05:35 pm GMT Sun 26°31′ Opposition Uranus 26°31′
Thu Oct 19 07:13 pm GMT Moon 26°35′ Conjunction Sun 26°35′

Squares to Pluto (Oct 10) creating all kinds of power struggles, and opposition Uranus (Oct 19) forcing us to deal with all kinds of upsets and disruptions.

Mostly we will see the Libran guile and tact come into ploy in situations where a touch of balance in necessary to keep things in order. But as we are evolving in exponential bounds, our creativity will need to be at its cutting edge finest to find peaceable solutions in both our personal and political affairs.

How will the emphasis of these next 30 days affect you?

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