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[pic: Frank Machalowski]
[pic: Frank Machalowski]
Key Transits: 
✺ VENUS goes into VIRGO: (not quite ready for love… yet. Little things to work on first)
✺ MERCURY/SATURN/NEPTUNE mutable T-Square: (nobody understands me)
✺ VENUS square MARS (back off, you’re cramping my style)
✺ PLUTO on ♀/♂: (indecent obsession)
✺ SUN quincunx PLUTO (working on shadow self)
With the Moon, Venus, Mercury, Jupiter and N.Node all in Virgo, the weekend continues our monthly theme of deference to the pleasure-seeking, buckling up and just ‘doing the work’.
Of course, this doesn’t mean this can’t be fun. Spending time on oneself, learning how to love yourself more effectively and how to demonstrate that love by aligning all of your actions with its energy can be the most fulfilling of joys. We must be strong though, taking a firm stance against our tendencies and temptations to seek this from others – things, substances, people…
 So what are the subtle changes?

5 Aug: Venus into Virgo (15:27 UTC)

This divinely feminine archetype is fast evolving before our eyes, bringing the warmhearted lovingness that she earned during her passage through Leo into a highly dignified moral sense, which she elevates to a point of purity of purpose by focusing her love interest on those that serve more practical considerations than merely indulging herself on wild and amorous pursuits of pleasure and self-satisfaction. Joining Mercury in Virgo, and as evening stars, Venus continues to draw warming affections and peace-loving aspirations into the more practical affairs of our lives.

Her big test will be in how she deals with the divine masculine type in her square to Mars on August 7. This is a time when she may have to defend her purity and honour from any emotional or physical bruising caused by the brash often thoughtless and selfish actions and reactions sustained from her intimate relations. In fact, by August 13, whatever is not working, or is based more just on an illusion/delusion may just have to dissolve away, hopefully not with too much heartache and pain, when Venus comes to square Saturn (and oppose Neptune).

6 Aug: Pluto on the Venus/Mars midpoint

Dealing with extremely strong, obsessive desires and passions – even envies, at a time when connections are easily threatened by the contamination of darker energies might mean we best focus these intense desires into accomplishing projects of greater scope – perhaps ones that may benefit humanity somehow.

Persons who wish to engage in seductive or flirtatious efforts, whether with direct force, or more stealthily may come across as doggedly ambitious, and if their motives are not direct, perhaps arousing suspicion or cynicism. Question their motive – ask whether their interminable drive is out achieving something high,  or more a selfish attempt to satisfy their anger towards others, or upon themselves.

6 Aug: Mercury on the Saturn/Uranus/Neptune midpoint

Mercury at mpHere, analytical and inquisitive Mercury’s passage through this highly collective cluster of energies, sees further apprehension about delving into the mystical unknowns of the 4th and 5th dimension, but at the same time, a deep inner calling to do so.

It is most likely that the mind becomes enticed in exploring cosmic realities. Many of you in the ‘Cosmic Tribe’ will have found ways to isolate yourself by now, perhaps coming to think and construct messages in highly subtle and expanded forms. You may notice that your thinking and communication is becoming more visionary, even ecstatic. Simultaneously though, as you attempt to relate your very complex ideas to others, you may question whether your mind is being fraught with strange confusions instead.

Yes, the square to Saturn and opposition to Neptune will make the linear, more conventional thinking process a little difficult to follow during this time, and you may struggle with finding practical ways to relate some very cosmic, peculiar metaphysical or supernatural interests. The real test will be maintaining a grounded footing during this time. Never has there been a stronger need to find, practice and refine a meditative practice that will allow you to stay centred and focused in order to receive some of the universe’s most amazing insights. Fight the impulse to become despondent or withdraw if there’s been any misunderstanding. It’s not personal.

There is a real need to take other planes of existence, as well as your own intuitive insights seriously. We are delving into all these things, but we need to do this gradually and slowly, through the combined use of study and meditation, mindfully questioning everything, as well as ourselves in order to keep things in check.

Keeping a journal is important, ensuring that we read back over things. This helps to discipline our communication skills so that we are able to make some sense (at least to ourselves) of the phenomenal insights coming through now. This will also helps to structure our thoughts in ways which we can communicate them rationally to others.

Be mindful not to become too contaminated or confused by the endless dross and deluge of the multimedia. Perhaps a good time to switch off the television and limit our activity on the social websites. These may not only served to confuse, but their often negative messages can often send us into a despondency or depression.

7 Aug: Sun quincunx Pluto

The fundamental urge to exert power and control over all situations may be a little out of hand at the moment. Trying to get the better of the situation using force or corrupt means needs to be harnessed and directed into more positive expressions. Know what you’re doing, be master of your ways. Work and vigilance are necessary to work through deeper desires without creating conflict. Be on guard against falling into temptation.

These noxious addictions to seek outside for some guarantee become increasingly obnoxious to the senses, and we learn to shy away.
Spending time alone, on ourselves, being creative, will help us find easier and smoother ways to get things accomplished without having to in any way slight or limit the fulfillment of our goals. If we must deal with others, be mindful to communicate in a way that is both serious and subtle. Mercury’s square to Saturn, then opp Neptune could bring in negative psychic energy, which may have mysteriously disruptive effects on the nervous system.
We can avoid frustration and chaotic situation by being vigilant to pick up on the subtleties others are trying to communicate to us.
✺ Of course, the ‘Cosmic Bus’ rule of thumb will always be “if it doesn’t sit well with you in the present/doesn’t carry itself alongside you on this journey, then release your attachment to it”.
No baggage on this journey now…
Have an amazing weekend xx
© All rights reserved, Ang Stoic 2015

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  2. Brilliant. Thank you. Awareness is up, now. Will be certain especially to remain cool and collected. The messages coming through right now are at a breakneck pace. This tells me a lot about your forecast for Sunday’s intensity. Thank you!

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