WEEKEND AHEAD – August 12-14

[illustration: polly nor]
[illustration: polly nor]
✺ (F) JUPITER opp CHIRON – torn between the shame and the lesson to be learned
✺ (Sa) Saturn goes Direct – Judgment ready to be passed down
✺ (Sa) JUPITER quincunx URANUS – reigning in the weirdness for the sake of getting on
✺ (T) VENUS @SATURN/NEPTUNE midpoint – suffering in love
The big theme this weekend is the Venus aspect to the Saturn/Neptune square, creating a mutable T-square (~ noon Sunday UTC). This combination of energies builds onto the greater (♄/♆) social themes the world has been experiencing over these past few months (grief of separation, renunciation), and of course into the coming weeks ahead, climaxing with the two eclipses in September.
Venus – one’s personal power of attraction, affecting our beautiful experience of love, art and appreciation – now has to answer to the stationary Saturn, who, after 4 months in retrograde, will have turned direct by the end of this weekend. The old man holds a big stick, and points to the clock, as if to say “what have you done? what did you accomplish?” She in Virgo, so really looking out for her best interests and not afraid to do a little cleansing and purging. Also with Virgo, not unlikely that she might throw the baby out with that ice-cold bucket of water.
Needless to say, especially if you have mutable planets around 8° – 12°, you may experience some coolness and reservation around all affairs of the heart – even with those whom we may love a lot. A sense of sobriety and seriousness descends and you may just find that certain little things about others are getting on your ass now. Consequently your fussy needs for peace and satisfaction may require you to buckle down and apply more discipline to obtain. Similarly, it could be you that’s killing someone else’s buzz, making things simply frustrating between you.
What sort of things to look out for?
⦾ coldness of the affections for someone/something usually cherished
⦾ jealousies, over either things real/imagined
⦾ mistaken ideas about what love actually means (expectations)
⦾ unhealthy or inappropriate cravings for sex/material things
⦾ fears of being deceived, deluded or just confused about the true nature relationship
⦾ frustration or disappointment, leading to withdrawal
⦾ sadness or depression, especially over unrequited love.
⦾ anguish or pain from not having love addiction needs met
If you find yourself suffering in love, then know that this does not come from love itself, but from feeling somehow inhibited to love fully, with the heart wide open. Own that as the source of your suffering. If you have not done so, it’s time now to get real and apply some discipline about what you want for yourself.
If you are feeling stuck in something, then know that somewhere, somehow, you have not allowed yourself to love (or be loved) fully, unconditionally – without fear, or suspicion, without limitations or expectation creeping in. You have not been able to expose your full vulnerability and total authenticity of soul without feelings of mistrust.
These things will be tested this weekend. Saturn is a hard marker, but he has been incredibly softened, his bite ameliorated by the gentle swirls of Neptunian seas and the shattering blasts of Uranian skies, particularly of these past 2-3 weeks. Matters of the heart will become a real focus and you are called to look at them from all angles.
Those you love will either begin to feel like they are the most suitable, most complimentary, most supportive person to your individual journey, or they will simply feel like they are frustrating or delaying your efforts to become the best, most authentic version of yourself. This will be a test that either makes or breaks bonds that do not align with the greater dream (being fully connected to the oneness).
If a separation has to happen, it may hurt. Make this as quick as possible and be clear – no loose ends. If you must take the bitter pill, this is the time to swallow it down, allow the medicine to do its thing and just move on. Firm, decisive endings can (in practice and in hindsight) often be the most mature, most compassionate way to deal with the inevitable consequences of Karma.
Learn your lesson in love, and move on to the next one. The sheer abundance of choices the universe has in stall for you has got you covered.
Blessings, and have an amazing weekend xx

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