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Main transits this weekend:

✺ (F) ♄ ⊼ Vesta – Devotion not sitting well with one’s obligations
✺ (F) ☿ ☍ Chiron – Introduction to alternative realities
✺ (F) ☿ ⊼ ♅ – Words cannot describe unusual insights
✺ (Sa) Chiron -☿/♃ – Activating analysis into unconscious realms
✺ (M) ☿☌♃ (26°♍13′) – New cycle of analysis and integration
✺ (M) ☉ in ♍ – Careful and diligent expression
As the SUN now finalises its journey through Leo, our experience with:
  • domineering persons,
  • themes around self-confidence,  
  • tapping into formative and creative energies,
  • lessons in self-assuredness  
  • a striving to hold more creative control in the execution of our own ideas,  
  • organisation of others,
  • leadership,
  • efforts to attain advancement in life,
  • patronage and protection of those in our charge

comes to completion. How was your experience in all these areas over the last 30 days? [Sun moves into Virgo on Monday 22, 16:39 UTC]

The MOON sweeps through Pisces, triggering the MARS/SATURN conjunction, then the SATURN/NEPTUNE square, heightening awareness of the need to restrain impulsiveness towards escapism or victim light behaviour, particularly as an angry reaction to rules or restrictions. If not handled consciously these may result into a dependency or drugs or depression to escape the harsh realities of life and responsibility.
MERCURY’s applying conjunction to JUPITER in Virgo shows analytical and integrative skills developing which can potentially open new doors to synthesising scientific or business ideas into the prevailing worldviews. CHIRON’s opposition to these allows intuitive communication, using myth and storytelling to uplift and inspire the spirit towards greater faith and optimism. Whilst this often done in hidden or subtle ways, much healing is activated on the planet now through the insightful (though not always easy to understand) interception of concepts that are now, with a quincunx to URANUS shuttling nervously into our nervous systems and altering the zeitgeist.
We have learned much about sovereignty and operating from the heart over these past 3-4 weeks. The shift in these next few weeks is major, as the eclipses usher in a MIND/SPIRIT component on our evolutionary journey. You might find yourself more frequently engaging in discussion on unusual concepts of holistic healing, spiritual experiences and perceptions of non-linear time.
If such ideas have been previously uncomfortable or unacceptable for you, then you may come to contend with someone in your world or perhaps something deep inside of you that raises possibilities of alternative dimensions and experiences, particularly having to do with the 4D mind/spirit connection and the role of mind (lower/higher) in the art of spiritual or energy healing.
Needless to say, it is advisable now to keep an open, clear mind and remain emotionally balanced in how you you react to the external influences.
Have an amazing weekend x
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