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The Week Ahead: August 22-28

[pic: Alessio Albi]
[pic: Alessio Albi]
✺ (M) ☿☌♃ (26°♍13′– Thoughts that encourage growth on personal improvement
✺ (M) ☉in ♍ – Expressing oneself with care, due diligence; delays experienced due to fastidiousness
✺ (M) ☉ sqq ♇ – Secrets revealed
✺ (Tu) ♂ sqq ♅ – Unexpected incidents through sudden actions, danger when angered
✺ (Th) 3d QUARTER MOON (02°♊22′) – Clash of the mind virtuosos
✺ (Sa) ♀ ☌ ♃ (27°♍22′) – Birth of a new media darling
✺ (M) ☿ ☌♀ (29°♍00′) – Goddess of virtue speaks
As we slowly approach our last, scaffold-liquefying few weeks of this SATURN sq NEPTUNE this growing dissolution of exterior reality’s whole legal/political administration (Sep 9), it is wise to know that we are on the serious end of a tiring, energetically draining global confusion which, amongst many things, is set to sort out the men from the baby boys, and in the proceeds, hope to elevate the real women into an exalted goddess status. This whole deal is emphasised with nothing less than the upcoming, highly exacting Solar Eclipse in Virgo (Sep 1),

Several conjunctions (& stelliums) this week denote that behaviour may tend towards the blindingly one-sided, and the squares/oppositions create tensions unforeseen as we struggle to see truth, justice and some righteous action that merely destroys all hope for peace unless we take a step back and assess situations from all sides.

Of course, the Mars/Saturn conjunction is the big hitter this week, a mostly destructive and pernicious energy, raising the urgency to assertively make boundaries and to actively reign in those sanctimonious firebrand hotheads of the political and religious kind. It’s time concentrate, focusing our efforts on maintaining patience and persistence by working through any energy blockages or difficulties. These will be seen early in the week with the release of some much pent-up disgust or anger (♂ sqq ♅), though curbed and dissipated by the weekend as the world starts to grip into solution mode in the aim of consolation and healing (☿☌♀☌♃ – Aug 29).
Nothing happens by accident, and although the pent up hostility or frustration might tends to drain and debilitate our spirits it is important to stay touch and sensitive about each other’s ideals. With the Sun and other planets in Virgo now, the most appropriate attitude is to take an earthy, practical action towards actualising ideals. This means working together in mature, responsible ways, to be open to higher ways of dealing with old, lower-vibe issues, and to process, process, process. Particularly internally. Watch out for getting a bit too neurotic with the details though. Virgo energy tends to make one a bit pedantic and mind-obsessed to get things ‘just right’. This must not retard the ability to seize the opportunity when it’s up for grabs. Go for it already. Dive in when you feel it’s close enough. 
(sometimes holding ‘virginity’ itself is such a shame, other times breaking it is a shame – virgociousness can be such an anxiety). Anyway, Venus opposite Chiron this week will bring more attention to all this kind of thing.
Is most important to note that both the exterior world and the inner inhibitions which have been keeping us enslaved and encrusted in a world of fear, self-loathing and shame are now experiencing a monumental meltdown. As we head into eclipse season next month, with the blessed Sun journeying through Virgo, our only option is to clean up our act. Our physical health, our daily routines and way we work and serve one another comes into major focus. We will not stand to be told how to do this, but at the same time we need to stop being so hard upon ourselves and start to understand that true health starts with establishing a tender loving care with our own inner spirit.
Yes, nobody out there has the right to lord it over us, nor do we have the power to impose our solemn truth as gospel upon others. Watch out for this fiery element acting out in Shakespeare’s theatre this week. These are the last remaining dramas of a fast-dissolving 3D universe, one which has reigned over humankind since the fabled fall of consciousness. These can only be overcome by making a solid pact with yourself to stay firmly footed in the present moment, the 4D consciousness that comes only from a vigilance not to judge the self or others, just to observe and take appropriate, non-partial action.
All other action is viable to keep us trapped in the 3D prism, and we seriously cannot be nourished by what feeds us anything that aims to keep us miserable and low. 
Let’s keep it ‘real’ (now),
and have an amazing week x
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