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The Week Ahead – August 15-21

✺ (T) VENUS conjunct N.NODE (13°♍30′) – openness to being ‘nice’
✺ (T) SUN quincunx CHIRON – reevaluating one’s ‘story’
✺ (Th) SUN trine URANUS – an awakening identity
✺ (Th) VENUS trine PLUTO – we all need a love resurrection
✺ (Th) FULL MOON (25°♒52′) – personal sovereignty vs group ideals, autocracy vs democracy,
✺ (F) MERCURY opp CHIRON – doubting the supernatural, raises discussion on alternative healing etc
✺ (F) MERCURY quincunx URANUS – any analysis fails to quite describe it

In a week where Saturn turns direct after a 4-month stint in retrograde, all attention turns toward trying to work out what the hell is going on in our reality, what to believe and what not to believe.

Saturn’s rulership over 3D-structured reality mandates that all our thoughts, opinions, beliefs, and worldviews are based on lifetimes of experience, study, and rational, objective analysis. However, when the old devil went into retrograde (March 29, his usual auditing process of ‘reality-formation’ became geared using very subjectively selective sources of fact gathering. A kind of wilful ignorance became the frenzy feeding the ‘status quo’, a motivated sense of reasoning that we prefer a certain reality over the truth.

It is mostly our tactical stupidity which has lead us to overlook what is obviously going on (from a 4D, objective perspective).

Hello people…

Your reality (whichever you fancied to faithfully chose to follow) is suffering a tremendous meltdown. And your media (mind information) sources have aided and abetted whatever beliefs you chose to espouse yourself to. Choose your reality, then swallow it down, wholesale. Pay later.

When Saturn goes retro, everybody has their version of reality, based on their confirmatory bias.

But now Saturn is going direct. And them ‘reality’ chickens are coming home to roost…

Do I sound like a bastard, telling you this? [that’s the voice of Saturn, right here already]. I’ll be talking a lot about Saturn in these coming weeks. To some, it will sound more like I’m reading out the riot act. To others (especially those following me on the Cosmic Bus), it will sound more like I’m reading the old man his last rites.

These are phenomenal times, unprecedented by any lot of folks before us, and if you are blessed enough to be alive and reading this right now, consider just how truly sanctified and consecrated a human being you are. This is not an accident that we are here, talking about the Lord of the Rings, like that. And i’m not talking Tolkien either… This is more real than reality TV.

Saturn has been in his retro shadow since the start of this year, [see more here], and will not leave the Rx shadow zone till mid-November. This means that any pressures or difficulties that may we have endured in our ‘getting of wisdom’ – through Saturn’s excruciating obstacle-course of limitation, separation, frustration and delay, will now be repeated until we fully get the point. Much of the 3D Saturnian suffering comes from our strong identification to physical form and material attachments. We are tested to see whether we are clinging unnecessarily to old, stupid, outdated or destructive beliefs’, and whether these are absolutely necessary to our ‘karmic journey’ or not…

…that’s for those who are into karma and all that.

What we are seeing now, which is quite profound really, is that certain people – ‘individuals’ of all kinds – are being awakened. Enough to know that they are not going to feed into this ‘karma’ nonsense any further. Observe our kids, for instance, who are slowly phasing out of being affected at all by the dramas and limitations of fear, judgement, hoarding of materials and harbouring insecurities.

A world without fear?

No way! Sounds out of control!!

Shut up. If you are reading this, then you have already heard of meditation. It’s a powerful tool, and it’s total 4D stuff. It’s like the opposite to pre-meditation, which is 3D’s idea of coming to any party, and moment pre-pared, pre-scribed and pre-judgementalised. Seems like that way isn’t getting us the desired results any longer. Meditation, the art of intercepting linear, 3D time (and all of its conditions) and coming into the present moment is the key to the new way.

Yes, a new way is coming… and it’s so exciting.

I’ll be spending more time talking about this stuff during the week – many of my clients and those of you who are members of the ‘Cosmic Tribe’ are already in the loop. There are special tools which I will be introducing, and coming back to video (this week), just to pick the pace up again.

Mars comes to conjunct Saturn in the next couple of weeks (24th August). Saturn, you old devil – stand still – I got you right in my crosshairs.

Have an amazing week, and it’s ‘time’ some of you long-time ‘freebie-riders’ now invested and bought yourselves a full membership to the Tribe. For $11:11 a month, not sure that you’re going to get better value for your pennies, and my work (which is really only starting to take full aim at its true trajectory) is unlike any other… Why? Because it is as exciting to me as the Source itself and comes straight to you, purely and directly from my powerfully activated heart. Support my work, and help me to continue to support you.

Blessings, and have an amazing week.

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