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The Week Ahead – 8-14 August

✺ (T) MERCURY conjunct N.NODE – desire to connect, discuss, analyse)
✺ (W) MERCURY trine PLUTO – sharp, deep & thorough judgment
✺ (F) JUPITER opp CHIRON – torn between the shame and the lesson to be learned
✺ (Sa) Saturn goes Direct – Judgment ready to be passed down
✺ (Sa) JUPITER quincunx URANUS – reigning in the weirdness for the sake of getting on
With all outer planets (♄ ♅ ♆ ♇) and Chiron currently in retrograde, there is plenty of soul searching going on. It has been a tumultuous few months and as Saturn prepares to go direct, many of our recent, most inexplicable and rather strange experiences will be questioned. They will be formally judged and attempts will be made by all the experts to fit them into a proper structure, squeeze them back into a box as it were, in the hope that by containing anything we found revolting we may better understand how and why our system has fallen into such a disarray.

Two planets in particular are still locking horns….

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