Solar Eclipse at 09°21′ Virgo, Sep 1 at 09:04 AM UTC

[pic: Spencer Tunick]
A solar eclipse can be a powerfully activating time.

Like New Moons, solar eclipses often augur new beginnings, fresh starts and rebirths. However, due to their close connection to the Moon’s Node (by conjunct/opposition) they tend to impact the collective as much as the individual, particularly if they are also in aspect to other planets.

This eclipse, at 09°♍21′ comes within 3°A21′ of the North Node, and in tight opposition to Neptune (1°A18′) and squared by Saturn (0A43′), and Mars (04°A47′), as well as a sesquisquare to Uranus. (see hard aspects in red below)

virgo eclipse

Whilst Saturn acts to slow down the rhythmic pulses of nature, concentrating our experience by applying frustrations, delays and all kind of pressure, Neptune acts by subtly undermining, wearing down, sensitising, refines and spiritualising matter, sending it into alternative states. The combination of these two planets upon this eclipse, along with the underlying hostility created by the Mars/Node square, sets the scene for some strange, confusing, yet necessary measures which, if taken ‘the wrong way’ could quite possibly activate suffering or depression – especially where there may be a history of prolonged delusions or disappointments over anything we trusted to provide a sense of structure or security in our lives.

Not terribly great news, and it’s cold comfort that it’s not something we are going through alone. Jupiter’s conjunction to Mercury/Venus, may provide some positive cheer, however, as cheerful as we may find ourselves at times, particularly in our blessed solitude, we may observe how things can turn relatively grim when we spend too much time around others, particularly with those whom there are expectations involved.

The true remedy is to learn to detect these, fast, or to just lay low.

For now.

Time out.

Continue to focus on ourselves. Iron out the little creases in our  precious ego desires. Learn to bring them into alignment with what our heart desires. Learn not to lean on others.

Working through releasing our emotional attachments to things we cannot control is the best way to make it through this period.

Such is the message of the Virgo Eclipse. Clean up our act; acquire enough knowledge to determine what we can use, and what must be cleared, cleaned, adjusted, purged, or purified. The square to Mars/Saturn warns to avoid engaging in broadly generalised, self-righteous judgment of others without showing how we may provide a practical solution. Similarly, we offering escape into dreamy schemes or concepts without showing a plan could lead into vexation and awful disillusionments. It is a time where ultimate realisation of truth can actually hurt, but the harsh thump down to earth has the power to eventually set us free (like all Saturn transits).

According to the Kübler-Ross – ‘5 stages of grief’ model, many of us affected by grief can be found somewhere along the scale of denial, anger, bargaining, depression, acceptance process.

So who’s is most affected?

Anyone with mutable (♊♍♐♓) personal planets/points around 09°21′ will feel this eclipse hardest.

Sun: (anyone, eps. masculine) born Feb 25-Mar 4, May 28-Jun 3, Aug 30-Sep 5, or Nov 30-Dec 5) – may be subjected to extraordinary weakness, perhaps not always visible, slowly manifesting as a feeling of being lost, weakened, incapable of holding one’s place in the universe, having to resort to strange, even deceptive practices to keep things together. On the most conscious level, heightened sensitivity can cause the individual to renounce or relinquish the ego, denounce all materialism, and become most sensitised/compassionate in their relations.

Moon: (esp feminine) sees you developing a growing reluctance to replace that which no longer support you or functions as intended. You may choose to play along with situations that serve no real purpose, or seem to vacillate between staying and going. Watch for dependency on drugs/booze to escape the harsh realities of life, and the attracting emotional suffering from absorbing negative psychic energy around you without being aware of it.

Ascendant: Being sensitive or delicate to those in your environment. Seeing through the pretensions or phony motivations of others, being affected in ways where you are in depressive or oppressive environments, feeling unable to escape.

Midheaven: Your own character may feel challenged by peculiarities or inconsistencies that you see in the world, making practical efforts to define and implement your imagination so that it may accept or encourage spiritual growth.

Remembering, of course that many people are affected now, whether first-hand or indirectly by this energy. This eclipse has the power (usually through a single impacting incident occurring on or around the exact date) to affect the disposition of many – even the entire masses. It will be a test of our emotional endurance and our capacity to show kindness and compassion, even under the most exasperating conditions and physical duress.

Of course, depending on how capable we are of handling grief, as individuals we must also be most cautious to keep our head out of any negativity.  Most people are in a blissful ignorance or denial that anything is wrong until it presents itself as a full-blown physical crisis. However, those more sensitive would sense the negativity. If engaging with people or practices whose energy seems to be drain our spirits or dragging us down, try not to judge them. The aim is to maintain our objectivity, apply some as much encouragement by shining with some authentic positivity, or make a compassionate exit to our own energetic safety house.

Blessings, and have an amazing eclipse x

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