Scorpio/Scorpio Rising

Let’s just say this – there is really little you can’t accomplish right now if you can only bring your feelings under control through a just little bit of self-discipline. The toughest roads require a superior vehicle, and you – you have such a vehicle. Just gotta understand its strengths and its limitations if you’re going to take it on the hard road.……(read more….)

Being able to handle any emotional frustration is going to give you the kind of determination that you need to withstand further conflicts, and it is conflict that will stimulate you into utilising your greatest creative potential to solve future problems.

You might be able to see a little easier now how you may eventually rise to prominence. Having the authority to motivate others towards supporting you in reaching your objectives, is essentially going to help them to reach their goal too. Of course, others may be quick to approve of or dismiss you now, so it’s important that you prepare yourself for any abrasive situations that you might encounter.

It’s important to establish some sort of boundary or defence against any emotionally painful abrasions from others, especially those closest to you, otherwise your effectiveness could be severely diminished.

People do come to expect a lot from you right now, and you are eager to reach out to them, but just make sure that you don’t slink back into any emotionally vulnerable or infantile behaviour which makes you incapable of withstanding any difficulties.

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