Sagittarius/Sagittarius Rising

You know, as competent as you might be as everyone else in your current position, you start to feel as though you’re not. So you become reluctant or even shy to take on the responsibility that is handed to you now. The truth is, you’re probably as good as, if not better, for the task. You’re just a little….(read more….)nervous about making a fool of yourself, or feel like you are not equipped, or have the necessary qualifications to assume authority in what it is that needs to be accomplished.

So what we’re seeing from you now is an unconscious, yet powerful defence mechanism to avoid stepping up to the challenge. If you do truly feel like you don’t have what it takes, then perhaps you should explore your options more fully – perhaps do some research (get some trusted opinions, testimonials) about your overall capabilities. You might decide you need to take on a little extra training just to bolster up your arsenal or widen your repertoire of skills . You know, you can do so much for all those those who lack the ability to help themselves if you only muster up the confidence to step fully into your authority.

Time to be a real champion of the people. Learn their shortcomings and come to guide them, teach or heal them through any pain.

After all, your heart does go out to those who seemed trapped in more difficult social situations than you right now, and if you only had the confidence in your ability to extricate them from their predicament, you might find that you would easily take the necessary initiative to do what has to be done.

The most important thing to remember this week is that you have to find a way to implement your creative imagination into making a substantial contribution to improving society.

Much depends on you – don’t fight it.

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