Pisces/Pisces Rising

Your need to be satisfied in your work-related pursuits requires that you make full use of all your creative potentials in this moment. Of course you’re good enough to do what you want to do – uniquely the best, but you can expedite the process tremendously by recognising your limitations are sometimes in your ability to take a leap of faith and broaden your own horizons. By boldly expanding your field of ……(read more….)

experience and knowledge you will immediately gain greater confidence in taking your expertise to a new dimension.

However, it takes a lot of strength for you to confess the truth  – that sometimes you don’t know everything you absolutely need to know. From time to time, we all need a little extra training. Your inquisitiveness and your ability to learn new skills is high right now. So why not use this opportunity to rise to a higher level of credibility and proficiency by opening up your mind to some needed higher learning? 

You might realise you need to go back to school, take up some extra reading, research or even travel.

You owe it to yourself, and to anyone that you may come to serve, that you will do your very best. Here is a real chance to expand your opportunities for further recognition too.

Do not underestimate your abilities, but similarly, do not overestimate your level of competency through blind conceitedness. Also, not allowing others the benefit of doubt, compensating for their inadequacies may just create more work for you than is absolutely necessary. Perhaps a good idea to keep your greater ideas to yourself, at least until you’ve had a chance to explore or develop them further.

Remain open – others (young or old) may have just the answers you need. The truth is out there. 

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