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Mini Readings – FIRST QUARTER MOON (Scorpio) – August 8-13

[illustration: Mark Summers]
[illustration: Mark Summers]

With the SUN in LEO squaring the Scorpio Moon we are talking about one intensely charged encounter. Whatever your intention with last week’s New Moon – however your intent to shine upon others by being your best possible self, now comes the first real test: A staunch reminder that to make it, you’re going to have to prove that you not only have the passion and the temperament, but just how well can you maintain your composure and control that temper in the face of conflict…

Are you the real deal, or are you prancing about like a pussy?

The objective with both these fixed signs is to be on top – to win. Neither likes to stand down – entering the contest to lose is not an option. Emotions could run high these next couple of days, and if tempers flare, matters could easily escalate beyond the point of humiliation or repair.

They say that pride comes just before a fall, and if you sense pride entering this debate then know too that this could become a vicious struggle to the end.

High moral grounds, quick judgement upon things we barely understand, grandiose standards, to which one doesn’t meet themselves, fiercely defended biases, heated & dramatic power struggles and scathing games of oneupmanship…

Someone is bound to be stung. Nobody wins if it turns nasty.

Needless to say, if you see any of that lower end, immature, unevolved ego-based matter then back right out immediately. Even as a spectator, total descent from grace is not an easy things to see.

Very few instances where drama is deemed absolutely necessary, and always with poetic or creative license.

Why would we need the drama in our lives right now?

Well, integrity needs to be tested for authenticity – the conscious masculine will perform with heart, not dick.

Moral: Don’t be a dick.

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  1. Let’s not be discriminatory Ang! I think we can say the same to both gender! Except you wouldn’t call them dicks! There is another version of the same thing in the female gender as well which comes starts with the letter B….! Right?

  2. Wow, I am so totally seeing this being played out on the world stage right now!
    Financial ruin and humiliation for the loud cranky macho posture, and a craggy fall from grace for the pseudo-goddess portrait. It is a long way down…..

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