Libra/Libra Rising

So, the challenge now lies in how to reach for the stars and achieve your highest ideals without being overcome by your little flurry of insecurities and apprehensions about being lost in space.

Yeah, you got ’em, particularly around material possessions and deep-seated issues of self-worth. They do come and go,  but of course it’s going to be difficult to achieve the big leap forward unless .…..(read more….)……you learn to make some daring compromises in your trajectory toward a brighter, more promising tomorrow (and all the future).

Firstly, you’re going to have to prove to yourself that you are not so caught up with your physical circumstances, that this three-dimensional world no longer has the power to control or limit the full scope of your full creative potential.

The sky is truly the limit there, and this is not some lofty ideal. Know yourself. Know with certainty that the only thing limiting any possibility is your reluctance to take the first step in releasing your attachment to ‘stuff’.

Nobody is able to take more of a risk about what the future may hold. But then again nobody is as certain that the future doesn’t actually exist too, and what may come to be, with any certainty, is actually in the hands of the creator.

So time now to intercept all time, by gaining mastery over your worries about things that only serve as heavy baggage rather than assets. Let go of any undue emotional hangups to the physical world, know that this has expired its value, and demonstrate to everyone in your world what true creativity is really all about.

Do you dare?

Are you capable of being that creator?

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