Leo/Leo Rising


Seems you’re fighting two contrary forces within you, locked in a mean, internal conflict as you struggle to achieve some love and affection for yourself this week.
On the surface you are hankering to draw much hungered attention towards your identity, whilst meanwhile your more personal, instinctive side summons you to focus on your private, domestic, family obligations – aspects of you that are screaming for your attention or to pay your dues to their intrinsic needs. These may be begging or hurting for your love, understanding and support during these challenging times, and to make amends for more neglectful days gone by.

However, you may come to argue that you have a life all of your own, that nourishing the desires of your personal identity are just as important, which tends to create resentment over seeming acts of childish selfishness on your part, or your emotional immaturity to acknowledge your family needs.

You will be challenged now to try to integrate these two seemingly disparate areas without bringing in too much guilt or shame into the discussion. Also stay mindful that you don’t slip into one of your famous spells of self-proud evasiveness or utter self-destruction by burning away your bridges to past ties. If you attend to both your own needs and to those on the home front evenly, you might just manage to achieve some guilt-free personal fulfilment. This actually helps to give others what is theirs and renders you with what is rightfully yours. One supports the other.

It’s preferable that you find ways to express yourself that give you the best possible opportunity to express your tender sensitivity and intuitive understanding. Empathy is the key to unlocking any problem here. The best solution might be that you keep to yourself, focusing on cultivating as much warm-hearted presence as possible. Although the force of your personality and your ambition to be and do something important now is mighty, you would be wise (and most comfortable) in keeping a low-key profile at this point, at least until you have explored your feelings. Finding out what actually nourishes and supports you, and what triggers you into unconscious spells of self-destructiveness when you feel most insecure can only be done with a bit of quiet, (and courageous) self-reflection.

Even though you may come across as very independent and freedom-oriented now, you have to admit that you unconsciously rely quite heavily on others for support. Neglecting this truth could cause a painful little demolition, one that holds you from understand that all your strength and confidence, in fact, comes from within and sometimes it is tending and listening to those closest to you who can make you realise (after all your brave face gestures) just how emotionally vulnerable you are to the harsh criticism and abrasiveness of the outside world when you coldly deny their support.

Stay buoyant and truly shine by managing to keep those homefires burning (don’t burn down the house).

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    It’s seems so much about me.

  2. I think the Oracle of Delphi moved to Byron Bay .. amazing clarity Ang, Thanks ..

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