Gemini/Gemini Rising

Could be a real, inner struggle now on how to convey your ideas to others the ‘real world’ in a palatable, effective way. Whilst your mind may be abuzz with fancy ideas and creative visions for the future, you might be faced with some challenges on how these are going to translate into some practical efforts that aim to yield tangible results. To be convincing that you have the skills to carry out the big talk will be the big challenge here ……(read more….)

Actually, come to think about it, there is really nothing you cannot accomplish with just a little self-discipline, you just have to get over any feelings of inordinate vagueness, impracticality and inadequacy. Also, if you let others get an edge over you by creating any impression that you don’t mind cutting them slack, or doing them free favours, just know that this is only going to invite them to cunningly engage in taking position over you. Stay mindful –  just because others ask something of you, or goad or dare you does not mean that you always need to indulge them. You may feel a moral obligation to do the ‘right’ thing, and sure, that is an altruistic and admirable quality, but you might find yourself feeling a bit depleted after a while. It’s best that you are clear on your boundaries about what you can or cannot do for others before you go ahead, just to avoid any resentment later on.

Of course, it is important to rise up and be of service to those who are in pain or danger, or seriously need a hand out of their own, awful mess. Since your intuitive nature reveals your full capacity for reasoning, allow it to guide you to find the purest, most effective solution to help soothe another’s problem. Be certain that you calculate the risks and costs with that, and make sure you clearly understand/discuss all the terms and conditions of what you plan to give-and-take, well in advance so there are no hard feelings or misunderstandings. If there are any grey areas, it’s best you don’t commit. Feelings could be hurt, pride can be wounded, especially if you are dealing on the ego levels. Avoid being evasive or aloof, or the use of little white lies to squelch out of a commitment either. Just make it clear (if you’re unclear) and politely declare that you are not willing to proceed with whatever is expected/demanded of you.

You may also find your partner (or significant other in your world) is probably becoming way too heavily dependent upon you for support right now. This can either bear results that can enrich your relationship in the long run (like an investment in their development that requires immense sacrifice now for some return on dividends later), or you might find yourselves being caught up in the cycle of constant emotional frustration, particularly if either or both are genuinely not completely devoted to serving ongoing future needs.

Be clear about what must be done between you.

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